South Carolina Ordinance of Secession / Scroll of Treason, 1865

Approx 24 x 31.5 in. framed and glazed. A printed copy of the South Carolina Ordinance of Secession. In a box at lower center: This Scroll of "Treason" was found in the house of Dr. Lamb, Secretary of State, together with other records of the State Department, while out on a two days Scout. The party consisted of the following commands:... Maybe fittingly, the scouting party consisted of four companies (A, F, G, K) of the 102nd U.S.C.T., March 3, 1865. All under the command of Maj. N. Clark, 102nd USCT and G.A. Southworth commanding Co. G, 102nd USCT. Southworth then copyrighted the print of the ordinance with George De Baptiste in Michigan in 1865, according to the note in the lower left of the print.

The print is set up much like other government documents and facsimiles of them. The statement of secession and 5 columns of signers, retaining the ink "blobs" and smears to give it an appearance of authenticity.

South Carolina was the first state to sever its ties to the United States in December 1860. Within six weeks, representatives of the first seven states met to form a central government, the Confederate States of America. After Fort Sumter and Lincoln's call for troops, four more states followed.

Apparently what Southworth and company found was a lithographic copy, made just weeks after the original was announced. The original Ordinance is now, and always has been, in state custody, according to the South Carolina State Archives. These copies are often mistaken for the original, just as copies of the Declaration of Independence are mistaken for originals to this day. It is thought that the copy Southworth found was located was not Dr. Lamb's home, but in Soldier's Retreat, a plantation across the river from Drayton Hall in Charleston.

Condition:A few minor margin tears and scuffs, but this copy is in better shape than most that are encountered. Minor spots of toning, but overall very good. Not removed from frame for examination.

Estimate: $10,000 - $15,000


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