Ottoman Pattern Kubur Flintlock Pistol

.66 caliber. 12" barrel length. SN: NSN. Single-shot flintlock pistol with inlaid brass wire designs to butt and elaborate carved furniture and fittings. Item shows a bright metal finish with brass small parts and brass barrel wrap. Furniture is wood with carvings of geometric and floral patterns overall and showing brass wire patterns inlaid between tang and pommel cap components. Item lacks proofmarks and manufacturer markings. Engravings to metal components display intricate detail particularly to lockplate. Wrap to muzzle end of barrel is composed of a brass sheet soldered in place with lead to which  a fastener for ramrod has been attached. No ramrod is present with the pistol. 


Good. Bore is dark with patina throughout. Frizzen, pan, and cock show dark brown patina with patches of oxidation. Details to underside of triggerguard show weakening. Forend of stock shows weak engraving that has been ground away at muzzle end for band to be fitted. Wood furniture is discolored and shows a dark finish to right side and pale to left. Wood to metal fit is poor around pommel cap. Edges of brass pieces show oxidation while tarnish visible overall. Detailing to top of barrel has weakened. Action is able to cock and release correctly. Touch hole is not centered on pan while gaps visible around lockplate.

Estimate: $200 - $400
Price Realized Including Buyer's Premium


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