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Historic Operation Overlord World War II P.T. Boat 520 Flag, Log Book and Photographs


Serving in the European Theater of World War Two from June to November 1944, PT-520 participated in numerous actions against German sea and air forces in the English Channel and coast of France.  This flag was present during its participation in Operation Overlord, where it was assigned to the “Mason Line”, a net of defensive measures on the western flank of the invasion preventing the attack of German ships.  PT-250 was stationed two to three miles from Omaha and Utah areas, sweeping for mines and performing search and rescue operations.  After the success of the invasion, PT-520 continued to operate along the French coast, rescuing downed pilots, fending off aerial raids and engaging German minesweepers and fast attack craft.  The log states that during its operational career, the vessel sunk two R-Boats, two E-Boats, and one "T.L.C."

The flag was used by PT-520 until August 25, when it was removed due to both it and the radio antenna suffering damage from a direct hit on the craft’s starboard side by a 40mm explosive shell during an engagement against a German convoy escorted by minesweepers.  It was removed by several sailors, including Coxwain James Marcantonio, who kept it as a memento along with a copy of the ship’s log book, which details the activities on board the vessel during its term of service.

The log covers November 1943-December 1944, detailing not only Marcantonio's career, but the daily activities of the craft, including passengers, targets engaged, damage reports and other notes of military importance.  A typed transcript is included, with additional commentary and clarification of events by Marcantonio.

Lot includes 34"x52" flag, copy of log book, transcript of log book with commentary, copies of discharge papers, and photographs of PT-520 and its crew.  Also includes notarized affidavit of authenticity.


Flag has some fading and stains.



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