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Famous Maryland Patriot Family Ca 1830 Manuscript Recipe Book, Identified to Ann Cadwalader Ringgold Schley

Early 1830s manuscript cookbook entitled “Receipt Book of Mrs. Schley” (Ann Cadwalader Ringgold Schley (1801-70)). Mrs. Schley was the wife of Maryland State Senator William Schley (1799-1872) who fought a duel with US Congressman William Cost Johnson in 1837. Her father was General Samuel Ringgold (1770-1829) a US Congressman and Maryland Militia General. Her maternal grandfather was Reverend War General John Cadwalader (1742-86) a supporter of General Washington who shot General Thomas Conway in the mouth during a duel in retaliation for Conway’s participation in the "Conway Cabal” -- The attempt by Officers to remove Washington as C-I-C of the Continental Army. Her brother was Major Samuel Ringgold (1796-1846) Mexican War Hero (aka "Father of Modern Artillery") reputed to be the first US Officer to fall in the Mexican War. Her brother’s name is cited in a verse of “Maryland, My Maryland” the state song of Maryland.

The bound manuscript, approx. 80pp (40 leaves), contains 90 recipes Mrs. Schley accumulated in the early 1830s (one recipe is dated 1834, thus dating the manuscript). Presumably, most entries are in her own hand (she confuses the name recipe for receipt), but she also includes recipes from friends and relatives (attributing the source of the recipe). The handwriting differs in some places, so it may be she asked the person submitting a recipe to write it down for her. One page contains three clipped signatures of her husband, William Schley.

Included among the recipes are some unusual delights, including one entitled “Calves Head Soup.” (… after the head is well cleaned, groom the hair & put it into a large stew pan cover it with water… let them set until the head is quite tender then take out the head, put it on a dish and separate everything form the bone which is to be cut into small pieces…. Strain water… put the meat in… flour…butter…brown sugar…).

The titles of the remaining recipes are: “Force Meat Balls for Soup” “Shin of Beef Soup” “Okra Soup” “Pickling Beef” “Stewed Beef” “Pickled Cauliflower” “To Salt Tongues on Beef that you intend to Dress” “To Make Sausages” “Hand Soap” “Directions for Pickling Beef” “Pickled Tomatoes” “Irish Beef” “Tomato Sauce” “Yellow Pickles” “To Pickle Mushrooms” “To Pickle Oysters Mrs. Lyman’s Way” “Saratoga Bread” “Sugar Vinegar” “Black Cake” “Black Cake from Philadelphia” “Jumbels” “Drop Jumbles” “Genifer Cake” “Macaroon Cakes” “Rice Cakes” “Smet Breat” “Dough Nuts” “Mrs. G’s Famous Buns” “Rusk” “Buns Another Way” “Dough Nuts again” “Ginger Nuts” “Loaf Gingerbread” “My Grandmother’s Receipt For Gingerbread” [pencil note saying the grandmother was Anne Galloway (Mrs. Thomas Ringgold) as Mrs. Schley’s other grandmother (i.e., Elizabeth Lloyd Cadwalader) died in 1776 when her mother (i.e., Maria Cadwalader Ringgold) was born]; “Bread Cake” “Almond Cake” “Pound Cake” “Waffles” “Dried Peaches” “Muffin Bread” “Calves Feet Jelly” “Biscuit Bread” “Ginger Bread” “Rusk (Rurk?” “Cucumber Catsup” “Log Cabin Cake” “Waffles, Extra Fine” “Blanc Mange” “Mint Sauce” “La Grove Croquettes [Mrs. Hoffman thinks the croquettes are better made of sweetbread & tongue with a little chicken]” “Lemon Cheese Cakes” “Plumb Pudding” “Mrs. Johns Recipe for Paste” “Almond Custard” “Apple Fritters” “Sweet Meat Pudding” “Lemon Sea Cream” “Lemon Pudding” “Pancakes of Rice” “Mince Pies” “Gooseberry Pudding” “Brandy Peaches” “Snow Balls” “Sea Cream” “Rice Cups” “Puffers” “Papp [this recipe is dated June 4, 1834]” “Bavarian Cream” “Orange Jelly” “Almond Cream” “Blanc Mange” “Lady’s Cake” “Sally Lunn Bread” “Loaf Bread” “Composition Cakes” “Almond Cakes” “Soft Gingerbread” “Buckwheat Cakes” “Pink Cake” ”Sweet Biscuit” “Brown Sugar Sauce” “Corn Pudding” “Blackberry Pudding” “Oil Mangoes” “Vinegar” “Yellow Pickle” “Water Melon Rind” “Apple Jelly” “Black Cake for Summer” “To Clean Woolen Clothes”

The names (contributors) to some of the recipes include: Mrs. Hammond, Dr. William Hammond, Mrs. Eichelberger, Mrs Matthew Carroll, Mrs. E. Potts, Mrs. Hughes, E.M.A., Mrs. F.A. Schley, Mrs. Jenkins Lancaster (Lanchester?), Mrs. D. Lynn, Mrs. R.A. Taylor, E. Ringgold, A.E. (or C.) Schley, Mrs. Samuel Hoffman, Mrs. Stanley, Cornelia Potts, and Mrs. Woodville.


The front page (cover) is disbound, but other pages are intact. Very few blank pages. Typical soiling, spotting, etc.

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