Early Post-Civil War Georgia Reconstruction Broadside

8 x 8 in., LaGrange, GA, 11 Nov. 1865. Addressed To the Voters of Troup County, F.A. Frost outlines his election platform and attempts to correct [a] misrepresentation of [his] position. His first position: The Labor Question, being the most important, demands prompt and adequate legislation for the security of the people. There is one way to secure this, and that is by a stringent Vagrant Law. The negro must be compelled to enter into a contract with a responsible white man by the 15th of January next; and failing to do this, be dealt with as a vagrant.... Mr. Frost's next four positions concern the debt incurred from the war. His last three positions are indicative of much of post-war South: Being frequently asked about Negro Testimony, I wish it understood that I believe the Freedmen occupy only the position of Free Negroes before the war. The Stature settles their position, and let them remain there - never being allowed to give testimony against the white man. Seventhly - Negro Suffrage is a matter too offensive to Georgians to discuss. They should never have that privilege, at any time whatever. Eighthly - The pest of Stealing must be stopped by adopting the good old law of South Carolina: Whipping for the first offence; Branding for the second; Hanging for the third! I know of no better way of arresting this evil that threatens so much trouble. These are my main points. Do you think they are proper and right? Give me your vote then; and, if elected, I will use all my energies to have such, or similar, laws enacted for your benefit and mine. All attitudes which made Reconstruction worse than it already was becoming.

Condition:Folds, scattered foxing.

Estimate: $2,500 - $3,500


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