Daddy Rice CDV, Plus Other Pioneering Blackface Minstrels

lot of ten CDV photographs of some of the early blackface minstrels as well as female opera stars of the 19th century. All cartes have been laid down on paper. Includes portraits of the following identified by the manuscript captions below each image: Daddy Rice, First Minstrel; Neil Bryant; Dan Bryant, in blackface; Eph Horn; Eph Horn, George Christy & Dan Bryant; J.E. Green, also signed by Green; Mr. Copps; Isabelle Hinckley (2), both probably taken by Mathew Brady; and Adelina Patti.

Thomas Dartmouth, Daddy Rice, was one of the first entertainers to wear blackface makeup, and he became popular in the 1830s before the rise of blackface minstrel shows. His performances were typically part of a variety show or included between acts in a play. Rice's act included the song and dance Jump Jim Crow, which would later lend its name to the Jim Crow Laws in the U.S.

Cornelius and Dan O'Neill, who took the stage name Bryant, led a troup of blackface minstrels that performed primarily in New York during the mid-19th century. Bryant's Minstrels were a hit amongst both critics and audiences alike, and they were one of the longest-running minstrel troupes that formed before the Civil War, next to Christy's Minstrels, another blackface group that became popular in New York and throughout the U.S. in the mid-19th century. George Christy, the stepson of the group's founder, was considered one of the greatest blackface comics of the era, and earned a fortune performing his routine. Eph Horn was another well-known blackface comedian who performed with a number of minstrel troupes throughout his career, including Bryant's Minstrels. J.E. Green was another significant figure in the minstrel show circuit.

Both Adelina Patti and Isabelle Hinckley were highly regarded opera singers during the 19th century.

Condition:Even toning; scattered soiling to CDVs; VG to VG+.

Estimate: $1,000 - $1,500


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