Collection of Civil War Patriotic and Political Envelopes

A remarkable collection of 158 unused patriotic covers, including the following highlights: two covers with images of a beardless Lincoln (AL-89, 131); one with portraits of both Lincoln and McClellan (AL-221); one depicting Lincoln as an alchemist (AL-301); covers that feature portraits of Gen. McClellean, Stephen Douglas, Winfield Scott (3), one with George Washington at his back, John Brown (2), one in which he is about to be hanged, Elmer Ellsworth, J.C. Fremont, and Gov. John A. Andrew; one envelope with portraits of Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson divided by an American Eagle destroying the snake of South Carolina; one detailed cover that includes a depiction of a slave in the lower left corner and the caption I'se De Innocent Cause Ob All Dis War Trubble; approx. 43 envelopes published and marked by Charles Magnus, NY, including fine bronze and multicolored military scenes, such as Camp Chesebrough, Baltimore, MD, as well as city scenes, such as Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, PA; 21 unsigned bronze and multicolored military and state scenes, most likely published by Magnus; 34 bronze and multicolored covers published by various manufacturers, including different patriotic scenes as well as several cartoons critical of Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy; and 44 miscellaneous, unsigned covers addressing a variety of topics including patriotism, the Union, and the Confederacy, such as one in which Jefferson Davis ponders the adoption of the Confederate Flag while the devil holds it before him. An excellent group overall, with some rare covers.

Condition:Some remnants of paper on verso of some envelopes, perhaps as a result of once being pasted into scrapbook; some toning to covers.

Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000


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