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Important Record of American Citizens Listed in the The American Artists Manual Manuscript Order Book, Ca 1812-1813, Incl. Thomas Jefferson

A subscription book for the American Artist's Manual, or, Dictionary of practical knowledge in the application of philosophy to the arts and manufactures: selected from the most complete European systems, with original improvements and appropriate engravings: adapted to the use of the manufacturers of the United States by Cutbush, James, 1788-1823. Published 1814 by Philadelphia: Johnson & Warner, and R. Fisher; W. Brown, printer.

Manuscript subscription list for the American Artist’s Manual, ca 1812-13, 45 leaves that have been separated into five columns, with the subscriber’s names, residences, number of copies purchased (usually 1), “boards”, and “bound” denoted at the top. Many of the subscribers have signed their names throughout the list, while some, like Thomas Jefferson have had their name written by a third party. Not only is this a list of the purchasers of this book, it documents a unique genealogical record for War of 1812 individuals- doctors, lawyers, artists, politicians, soldiers, businessmen, landholders, and farmers- from New York down to Virginia.

This fine record consists of 796 names, some of the most prominent, noting whether they signed themselves, and what they ordered, are as follows: Benjamin Parry. (1757-1839). Signed, bought one copy. Major Quaker citizen of New Hope; owned the Hope Flour Mill, married Jane Paxson in 1787 and built the Parry Mansion.

John Comly. (1773-1850). Signed, bought one bound copy. Prominent resident of Byberry (Philadelphia).

Asher Miner. (1778-1841) Signed, bought one bound copy. With his brother Charles, founded the Luzerne County Federalist in 1801. Later moved to Doylestown where he founded a newspaper now known as the Intelligencer, and was postmaster for several years.

Josiah Y. Shaw. (1759-1813). Signed, one copy, bound. Shaw was a prominent lawyer in Doylestown, Bucks County, PA, and the father of Francis B. Shaw, an early developer of the town.

Phineas Buckley. (1742-1826). Signed, one copy bound. Lived in Bristol, PA William Gillingham (1788-1849). Signed, one copy, boards. Lived in Baltimore and had 9 children.

MATHEW CAREY (1760-1839) Signed, 25 copies bound. The great Irish born Philadelphia printer. While trying to escape prosecution in Ireland, he fled to Paris where he met Benjamin Franklin. He worked for Franklin for a year at his printing office in Philadelphia in 1781 before returning to Ireland. In 1784 he had to leave Britain again to avoid prosecution for some of his writings; he dressed as a woman, boarded a ship and came to the United States for good. He became one of the premier printers in America, famous for his maps and magazines. Most of his papers and examples of his publications are in the American Antiquarian Society.

MIERS FISHER (1748-1819). Signed, one bound copy. A birthright Quaker, Fisher was a prominent lawyer, legislator, philanthropist, merchant, and scientist in early Federal Philadelphia. He and his wife had sixteen children. Charles Townsend (1789-1870). Signed, one bound volume. A poet, he was known for his sonnets including “Hawking”.

Samuel P(owel) Griffitts, MD (1759-1826). Signed, one bound copy. Graduated University of Pennsylvania in 1781; one of the most eminent physicians of his time. One of the founders of the Philadelphia College of Physicians, he also was a principal founder of the Philadelphia Dispensary. Dr Griffitts was active in treating patients during the 1793 Yellow Fever epidemic in Philadelphia in which his distinguished uncle Samuel Powel died, as he was during the small-pox scourge of 1797-1799 and also the further pestilence of 1802-3.

STEPHEN DUNCAN, MD (1787-1867) Signed, one bound volume. Dr. Duncan moved from Carlisle, PA to Mississippi where he became a major planter and banker and the largest slave owner (over 1000!) in the South. Opposed to secession, he moved to New York City in 1863, where he had many business interests. Captain William Vicary (1771-1842) Signed, one bound volume. A sea captain who sailed with Commodore John Barry, the founder of the American Navy, on several of his trading ventures to China. He became a captain in his own right, and built a famous home, The Vicary Mansion, in Western Pennsylvania.

THOMAS GILPIN (1776-1853) Signed, one bound volume. Gilpin and his brother Joshua built the first paper mill in Delaware near Wilmington, in 1787. In 1817, Thomas invented and patented the first continuous papermaking machine in the U.S. The first newspaper to use Gilpin's machine-made paper was Poulson's American Daily Advertiser published in Philadelphia on April 15, 1818. Probably the first American book printed on American machine-made paper was Mathew Carey’s General Atlas, Improved and Enlarged (Philadelphia: M. Carey & Son, 1818).

William Wilson Potter (1792-1839) Signed, one bound volume. William Wilson Potter was born into a distinguished Revolutionary family at Potter's Mills - in what is now Centre County, Pennsylvania - on December 18, 1792. He was one of seven siblings, which includes, George Latimer Potter, his younger brother. He attended a Lewisburg, Pennsylvania Latin School under the Reverend Thomas Hood and then, along with his brother George, entered Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania with the class of 1812. Samuel W. Fisher (1761-1817) Signed, one bound volume. Fisher was a merchant from a prominent Philadelphia Quaker family.

THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743-1826) Secretarial signature listing his residence as “Monticello”, one bound volume. Third President of the United States. Although this book does not appear in any of Jefferson’s own libraries, it was most likely purchased for his daughter, Martha Jefferson Randolph (1772-1836), who was building a library of art books.

William Rodman (1757-1824) Signed, one bound volume. Rodman was a member of the House of Representatives from Pennsylvania.

Thomas Chalkley James, MD (1766-1835) Signed, one bound volume. Born into an important Philadelphia Quaker family, Dr., James graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School in 1811, and became a Professor of Midwifery there from 1811-1834).

Laurence Washington (1728-1814) Signed, one bound volume. Son of John Washington II, lived in Virginia, relative of George Washington. Edwin Augustus Atlee, MD (1776-1852) Signed, one bound volume. Prodigious writer of essays on medicine, poetry and music.

CASPAR WISTER, MD (1761-1818). Signed, one bound copy. A graduate of the College of Philadelphia Medical School (University of Pennsylvania) Dr. Wistar became a Professor of Anatomy, midwifery, and surgery; later he was given the Chair of the Anatomy Department at Penn.

Isaac Heylin, MD. Signed, one bound volume. Dr.Heylin was an expert in vaccination. An early 19thc physician who was a frequent contributor to The Philadelphia Medical and Physical Journal.

Thomas T. Hewson, MD (1773-1849) Signed, one bound copy. His early education was in England, and he visited Dr. Franklin at Passy in the winter of 1784-85. Upon returning to America he received a B.A. degree from the College of Philadelphia (University of Pennsylvania) in 1789. After a visit to England where he stayed for several years Dr. Hewson returned to America where he served as Physician to the Walnut Street Prison, from which he resigned in 1818. He was an expert in contagious diseases and wrote many treatises on them.

Thomas Dobson (1751-1823) Signed, twelve bound copies. Dobson was one of the premier 18th and early 19th century Philadelphia printers known especially for his maps.

Solomon Conrad Signed, one bound copy. Conrad was an early Philadelphia printer.

William Rawle (1759-1836) signed, one bound copy. Rawle was an American lawyer in Philadelphia who was appointed U.S. District Attorney in Pennsylvania (1791) and prosecuted the leaders of the Whiskey Rebellion. He was the founder and President of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, President of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society, and a trustee of the University of Pennsylvania for forty years.

Benjamin S. Barton, (1766-1815) signed, one bound copy. A nephew of David Rittenhouse, he was an early anthropologist and botanist. BASS OTIS (1784-1861) signed, one bound copy. Great American artist known for his hundred of portraits.

William N. Moland (1749-1826) Signed, one bound copy. Served as a surgeon in the Revolutionary army; said to have been with Washington on several occasions; accused of treason, later pardoned.

Benjamin Hicks (1759-1835) Signed, one bound volume. Revolutionary War soldier. Mathias Pleis (1786-1844) Signed, one bound volume. Pleis was one of the founders of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

REMBRANDT PEALE (1778-1860) Signed, one bound copy. The son of the great 18th century portrait and miniature painter, Charles Willson Peale, he too was an important portraitist known for his paintings of Presidents, especially George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Also known for still life oils and miniatures, his work is in numerous museum and private collections.

WILLIAM KNEASS (1781-1840) Signed, one bound copy. Kneass was the second Chief Engraver of the United States Mint from 1824 until his death in 1840. He was famous for creating the “{classic head” motif that appeared on numerous denominations of U.S.coins including gold quarter eagles ($2.50) and half eagles ($5.00) from 1834-1839. During his tenure he modified engraver John Reich’s “Capped Bust” design on the half-dime through the half dollar. He also brought back the half-dime in 1829.

OLIVER EVANS (1755-1819) Signed, one bound copy. Extremely important American inventor, a pioneer in the fields of steam power, automation, and materials handling. Havinf a long list of accomplishments he was responsible for the first fully automated industrial process, the first high pressure steam engine, a crude amphibious vehicle, and even an automobile!

Hartman Kuhn (1784-1860) Signed, one bound copy. A Philadelphia merchant.

Nathaniel Chapman (1780-1853) Signed, one bound copy. Dr, Chapman was an important Philadelphia physician specializing in obstetrics, who served as President of both the Philadelphia Medical Society and the American Philosophical Society.

Robert Waln (1765-1836) Signed, one bound copy. A merchant who traded in China and East India, he served as a Representative in the Fifth U.S. Congress from 179-1801. He was also president of the Philadelphia Insurance Company as well as a trustee of the University of Pennsylvania.

Edward Gilfillan, MD (1790-1853) Signed, one bound copy. A Philadelphia physician.

BERNARD MCMAHON (1775-1816) Signed, one bound copy. Irish-American horticulturist, one of the stewards of the plant collection brought back from their expedition by Lewis and Clark. He circulated the first gardener’s seed list in the United States and published a calendar, which was the first comprehensive gardening book in the united States during the first half of the nineteenth century.

George F.Coffee (1772-1843) Signed, one bound copy. A Philadelphia merchant.

Ryland Randolph (1770-1815) Signed, one bound volume. A surveyor from Virginia.

Mathias Lopez (?-1833?) Signature, one bound copy. Important Philadelphia Jewish stage manager and prompter; worked with many Jewish playwrights including Mordecai Manuel Noah, and Samuel B.H. Judah. Whiteman states that Lopez was killed in a duel in New Orleans in 1833 but Rabbi Korn disputes that.

Joshua Longstreth (1775-1869) Signed, one bound volume. Important Philadelphia horticulturist.

John Wister (b?-d?) Signed, one bound copy. Philadelphia merchant; owner of “Grumblethorpe”, an historic house where the Battle of Germantown took place. An elementary school in Philadelphia is named after Wister.

Clement Biddle, Jr. (1784-1855) Signed, one bound copy. A son of Clement Biddle (1740-1814), the great Revolutionary War soldier.

Thomas Leiper (1745-1825) Signed, one bound copy. Scottish-American merchant; dealt in tobacco, owned an important quarry, built the first railroad in Pennsylvania, and rented a house in Philadelphia to Thomas Jefferson while Washington’s Secretary of State.

Samuel Hays (1783-1868) Signed, one bound copy. Irish-American politician; Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from Pennsylvania. Colonel Thomas Robinson (?-?) Signed, one bound copy. Revolutionary War soldier from Naamcom Creek, PA.

Allen McLane (1746-1829) Signed, one copy. Continental Army officer during the Revolution.

General James Wolf (1780-1858) Signed, one bound copy. Smith was a silversmith in Wilmington, Delaware.

Joseph Downing,Jr (1786-1822) Signed, one bound copy. Librarian in Wilmington, Delaware.

E.I.DuPONT (Éleuthère Irénée du Pont de Nemours) (1771-1834) Signed, one bound copy. French-American chemist who founded the gunpowder manufacturing company, E. I. DuPont de Nemours, in Wilmington Delaware in 1802. A powder making apprentice to Lavoisier in France, he decided to go into the gunpowder business when while out hunting, his gun misfired. His descendants are one of the wealthiest and politically active families in America.

James Price (1776-1840) Signed, one bound copy. Price was a miller, businessman, banker, and railroad executive based in Wilmington, Delaware.

Thomas Lea (b.?-1859) Signed, one bound copy. An important flour miller in Wilmington, Delaware.

Edward Tatnall (1782-1856) Signed, one bound copy. Tatnall was a miller and railroad executive in Wilmington, Delaware, who lived in Brandywine.

VICTOR MARIE DuPONT (1767-1827) Signed, one bound copy. Eldest son of Pierre Samuel DuPont de Nemours. Was for several years manager of the commission house of DuPont de Nemours, Fils et Cie., of New York City. In 1809 he joined his younger brother E.I.DuPont in Delaware and established a cloth manufactury. A member of the Delaware legislature he also served as a captain of one of the Delaware regiments during the War of 1812, and later served as one of the directors of the Bank of the United States.

Rumford Dawes (1741-1819) Signed, one bound volume. Dawes served in the Revolutionary War as a Private. He had run a gristmill, sawmill, and iron rolling and slitting mill from the power of the Brandywine Creek.

Joseph Depuy (1778-1818) Signed, one bound copy. Purchased for the library at Newcastle (DE) Academy.

James Tilton, MD (1745-1822) Signed, one bound copy. Known as Delaware’s greatest physician, he served in the Revolutionary army, and was one of the founders of the Medical Society of Delaware. Lived in Wilmington.

Harman Talley (1781-1821) Signed, one bound copy. Gives his address as “near Youngs paper mill in Brandywine”.

Cyrus Newlin (1750-1824) Signed, one bound copy. Lived in Wilmington Hundred, New Castle, Delaware.

Nathaniel Newlin, Jr. Signed, one bound copy. A resident of Concord Township, Delaware County, PA, Newlin owned 216 acres with two houses and a barn, and probably part of a grist mill.

William Darlington, MD (1782-1863) Signed, one bound copy. Dr. Darlington, from West Chester, PA, was involved in the development of scientific agriculture. Joseph Pennock (1754-1821) Signed, one bound copy. Lived in East Bradford, Chester Co., PA.

George G.Ashbridge (1770-1843) Signed, one bound copy. A Quaker farmer, Ashbridge’s farm, which he inherited from his father, included property that is now the site of West Chester Golf and Country Club.

Hunt Downing (1757-1834). Signed, one bound copy. A tavern keeper and first postmaster of Downingtown, PA.

Charles Mowry (1777-1838) Signed, one bound copy. Mowry came to Pennsylvania from Rhode Island around 1800 and became a teacher. He later published a newspaper, “The Downingtown American Republican” which was in opposition to the Federal policy. He was appointed a Canal Commissioner by Governor Schultze.

Joseph R. Downing (1769-1841) Signed, one bound copy. Downing was a banker in Downingtown, PA.

Richard Thomas (1750-1820) Signed, one bound copy. Thomas was a Quaker farmer in Downingtown, PA.

William Pitt Atlee (1772-1815) Signed (“W.P.Atlee”), one bound copy. Atlee was a coppersmith in Lancaster, PA, and the ancestor of W. Atlee Burpee, founder of Burpee Seed Company.

William Hamilton (?-?) Signed, one bound copy. Lists himself as “Miller, near Lancaster”.

Samuel Humes, MD (?-1852) Signed, one bound copy. Dr. Humes was elected first President of the Pennsylvania Medical Society in Lancaster in 1848.

Samuel dufresne (1788-1835) Signed, one bound copy. Homeopathic physician, associate of Samuel Hahnemann.

ANDREW ELLICOTT (1754-1820) Signed, one bound copy. Ellicott was a surveyor who mapped many of the territories west of the Appalachians, delineated the boundaries of the District of Columbia, and completed L’Enfant’s plan for Washington, DC. Despite his Quaker upbringing he enlisted in the Revolutionary army and became a Major in the Elk Ridge Battalion of the Maryland militia. He was also a mentor and teacher of Meriwether Lewis.

Abraham Carpenter (1758-1815) Signed, one bound copy. A farmer in Lancaster and a state senator.

Benjamin Ober (1776-1869) Signed, one bound copy. A farmer in Lancaster, PA

William Cooper (?-1842) Signed, one bound copy. Trustee of Franklin College, 1828-1842,

Jesse Kendall (?-?) Signed, one bound copy. Printer in Lancaster, PA. Clarkson Freeman, MD (1765-1843) Dr. Freeman was a well-travelled physician whose favorite medicine was paregoric.

Abraham Brenneman, MD (?-1819) Signed, one bound copy. Early urologist.

Jacob Lemen (1756-1835) Signed, one bound copy. A farmer and a brewer, Lemon served in a company called the Pequea Rangers during the Revolution and refused a pension.

Benjamin Musser, MD (1749-1820) Signed, one bound copy. An expert in the treatment of ulcers, Dr. Musser served in the Revolutionary War, and operated the first private hospital in Lancaster County, at a stone house called “Turkey Hill”.

Abraham Newcomer (1789-1870) Signed, one bound copy. From York, PA; married

Catharine Wolf (1803-1887) and had twelve children.

Michael Hahn (1791-1834) Signed, one bound copy. War of 1812 soldier; Captain of a Company in 1st Regiment, PA Militia, 29 August, 1814 plus one more. Resident of York, PA.

John Demuth (?-?) Signed, one bound copy. Owned a fur and felt hat factory in York, PA, around 1800-1812.

Jabez Keeler (?-?) Signed, one bound copy. A Revolutionary War soldier, Keeler lived in Kortright, Delaware County, where he built a sawmill and was a farmer.

Alexander Wilson (1766-1813) Signed, one bound copy. Ornithologist- natural history artist, weaver, peddler, poet, and teacher.

James McCammon, MD (1758-1815?) Signed, one bound copy. A doctor in Middletown, PA during the Revolutionary War.

Samuel Agnew, MD (1777-1849) Signed, one bound copy. Recived a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1800. Served as a surgeon in the War of 1812; published numerous medical articles. Dr.Agnew was an Elder of the First Presbyterian Church of Harrisburg for fifteen years and was a member of the board of trustees of Dickinson College from 1827 to 1832.

Joseph Kelso, MD (1773-1817) Signed, one bound copy. Studies under the elder Dr. Simonton, and practiced in Harrisburg.

Christopher Wiestling, MD (?-1823) Signed, one bound copy. A native of Lower Saxony, Dr.Wiestling came to America in 1783. He had served as a surgeon in the Dutch navy. He practiced in Harrisburg, PA, and had three sons who also became doctors.

Martin Luther, MD (?-?) Signed, one bound copy. A distinguished medical doctor and teacher in Harrisburg, PA.

Jacob Schneider, Esq. (?-1829) Signed, one bound copy. Schneider was the editor of the German language newspaper, Readinger Adler (“The Reading Eagle”), who, in 1799, was publicly flogged for printing a letter from an anonymous contributor criticizing the Lancaster Light Dragoons. This loose-knit group had been cutting down freedom poles, erected as symbols of resistance to the infamous “window tax”. This had been initiated by President Adams to beef up the armed forces, fearing an alliance between France and Spain meant to topple America. The “window tax” levied a figure on one’s house based on the number of windows it had. Assessors were threatened by John Fries, a Bucks County farmer, who marched on Bethlehem where a number of tax opponents were jailed. Schneider was an associate judge from 1804-1829.

John Canan (1746-1831) Signed, one bound copy. A lieutenant in the 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment in 1777, he was commissioned one of the justices of Bedford County in 1781. Also in 1781 was appointed deputy surveyor for the county of Huntington. Andrew Caruthers (1778-1836) Signed, one bound copy. His entire family was poisoned with arsenic by a servant girl and only Andrew survived. He attended Dickinson College in 1800 and became a lawyer in 1805 establishing a law firm in Carlisle. He served as board member of the Carlisle Bank and was elected to the town council. He also was a trustee of Dickinson College.

George Delap Foulke (1780-1849) Signed, one bound copy. Graduate of Dickinson College; practiced medicine in Bedford, PA.

William Chestnut Chambers (1790-1857) Signed, one bound copy. Educated at Dickinson College, receiving his MD degree from The University of Pennsylvania; practiced in Carlisle while also engaging in the iron and flour business, later moving to Philadelphia.

James Armstrong, MD (1749-1828) Signed, one bound copy. Undergraduate studies at Princeton, received his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Became a congressman from Carlisle, a trustee of Dickinson College, and and associate judge of Cumberland County, as well as being a trustee of the Old Presbyterian Church of Carlisle.

James Hamilton (1793-1873) Signed, one bound copy. A graduate of Dickinson College, Hamilton was admitted to the bar in 1816. His main course of life was philanthropy. He also authored several books.

James Gustine (?-?) Signed, one bound copy. Son of Dr. Lemuel Gustine; graduated Dickinson College in 1798, then received his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He went on to practice in Natchez, Mississippi, then returned to Carlisle; returned to the south where he lived until his death.

Alfred Foster, MD (1790-1847). Signed, one bound copy. Graduate of Dickinson; prepared as assistant to Dr. McCoskry; he entered the army during the War of 1812 and did hospital work until the war ended. He then returned to Carllisle where he practiced until his death.

John Tyler Linton (1796-1821) Signed, one bound copy. A graduate of Dickinson, he was huge Virginia land owner (Dumfries, VA), and philanthropist. At his death his daughter gave away all of his holdings which were used to establish schools for poor children. Linton Hall School (formerly Linton Hall Military School) was established on his land. Edward James Stiles (Bermuda,1786-1850) Signed, one bound copy. Lived in Carlisle, PA and was a member of the Whig Party that supported Henry Clay. John Fahnestock (1774-1842) Signed, one bound copy. Businessman, lived in Carlisle, PA, died in Miami County, Ohio. Descendants include Kevin Bacon, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan!

James Geddes (1763-1838) Signed, one bound copy. Engineer born near Carlisle, PA, farmer, soldier.

Thomas [Isaac] Wharton (1791-1856) Signed, one bound copy. Son of Thomas Wharton, Jr. (1735-1778); graduate of University of Pennsylvania in 1807, became lawyer, studied under his uncle William Rawle. Served as a Captain of Infantry in the War of 1812; wrote several books on law.


George Barnitz (1770-1844) Signed, one bound copy. A resident of Chambersburg, son of John Charles Barnitz (1722-1796).

Dr. Thomas Wood (1780-1826) Signed, one bound copy. Practiced in Muncy, PA, rode a circuit of thirty square miles to his patients.

Christian Brobst (?-?) Signed, one bound copy. Owned a tavern in Rehrersburg, PA known as the “Brobst Hotel”.

Mason Crary, MD (1780-1855) Signed, one bound copy. General physician, manufactured medicine in pill form, Wilkesboro, PA.

HENRY AUGUSTUS MUHLENBERG (1782-1844) Signed, one bound copy. American political leader and diplomat; elected to House of Representatives 1828-1829; appointed first U.S.Ambassador to Austria by Andrew Jackson, serving until 1840.

General John Doughty (1754-1826) Signed, one bound copy. Distinguished Revolutionary War soldier; fought in battles of Brandywine (1777), Germantown (1777), Monmouth (1778), and Yorktown (1781). Fort major at West Point in 1781; in 1784 became the ranking officer of the army.

Aaron Ogden (1756-1839) Signed, one bound copy. U.S. Senator and fifth governor of New Jersey.

ROBERT FULTON (1765-1815) Signed, one bound copy. Engineer; inventor of the first commercially successful steamboat, The Claremont, which carried passengers from Albany to New York and back again in 1807.

Daniel Gobrecht (1772-1842) Signed, one bound copy. Gobrecht was a gunsmith in Hanover, PA.

General Isaac Worrell (1753-1825) Signed, one bound copy. Commanded the Pennsylvania State Militia from Frankford, PA during the War of 1812, as a Major-General.

Luke Tiernan (1757-1839) Signed, one bound copy. A Baltimore commission merchant, in 1797 he was appointed one of three managers for Baltimore City by the Legislature under the act to “lay out and establish a turnpike road from the city of Baltimore through Frederick County to Elizabeth Town (now Hagerstown) and Williamsport, in Washington County. In 1802 President Jefferson appointed him Commissioner of Bankruptcy, and in 1816 he became one of the founders of the Hibernian Society. He was a personal friend of Henry Clay who often stayed at his house.

WILLIAM GIBSON, MD (1788-1868) Signed, one bound copy. Baltimore surgeon; studied at Princeton, received his medical degree from University of Edinburgh. One of earliest professors of surgery in the University of Maryland. His skills were especially utilized during the Baltimore riots in 1812. Dr. Gibson returned to Europe in 1814 and fought at the battle of Waterloo against Napoleon, where he was wounded. Took over the Chair of Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania from Dr. Physick in 1819. Wrote numerous articles and books.

John S. Barbour (1790-1855) Signed, one bound copy. Politician, lawyer. Aide to Madison in War of 1812; served five terms in congress. Last political appearance was as a dlegate to the convention that nominated Franklin Pierce for President.

ANDREW ELLICOTT (1754-1820) Signed, one bound copy. Surveyor-General under Washington in 1796; measured Niagara Rive and height of the Falls. Friend of Franklin, Washington, and Rittenhouse, he also determined the boundary between U.S. and Spanish owned lands.

AARON OGDEN (1756-1839) Signed, one bound copy. Colonel during the Revolution from Elizabethtown, New Jersey. One of the party in the winter of 1775-1776 who boarded and captured a British munitions ship bound for Boston (The Blue Mountain Valley). Was in many battles including Brandywine, Monmouth, Springfield (where he had a horse shot out from under him). Washington gave him the task of taking special papers to General Clinton in an attempt to trade the spy John Andre for Benedict Arnold. He also accompanied General Lafayette to Yorktown in 1781.


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