9/23/2017 - American Indian and Western Art: Live Salesroom Auction

Past Auction

September 23, 2017 10:00 AM EDT Cincinnati


Cowan’s Fall American Indian & Western Art Auction features two prominent prehistoric collections: Part II of the Jan W. Sorgenfrei collection of Prehistoric Art and the start of the impressive Copper Culture collection of Roger “Buzzy” Mussatti. Part II of the Sorgenfrei collection features more birdstones from the famed collector as well as prehistoric blades, axes, and other tools. 

Although also from prehistoric times, the Mussatti collection is very different from Sorgenfrei’s. Mussatti favored artifacts from the Copper Culture (4000 – 1000 BCE) and his collection features bird darts, spear points, ulu blades, gorgets, and various tools used for hunting and fishing.

The highlight of the auction is an extraordinary 18th Century Eastern Woodlands Pipe, from the collection of Clem Caldwell, Kentucky. This exquisitely carved and decorated pipe bowl depicts a nearly naked man sitting, his torso reclining, his hands resting on his hips, and his legs extended with slightly flexed knees.

Other highlights include a Haudenosaunee Ball Club with Human Effigy (Lot 122), a Crow painted Parfleche cylinder (Lot 188), a Blackfoot beaded hide war shirt, collected by John M. Phillips (1861-1953) (Lot 225), and Yupik carved walrus ivory dancers (Lot 503).

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