11/1/2017 - Historic Firearms and Early Militaria: Live Salesroom Auction - Day 1

Upcoming Auction

November 01, 2017 10:00 AM EDT Cincinnati


Cowan's two-day Fall Firearms and Historic Militaria auction features two days of high-quality historical items. This auction will include items from the collections of Richard Hill III, Neil Ferrell, Mike James, and Vincent Rausch, including early American martial long arms and pistols, and an impressive variety of Winchester rifles and carbines. 

Day One of the auction will feature some outstanding examples of the gunsmith’s art, including an exquisite set of presentation grade German dueling pistols (Lot 479), a cased Rigby double rifle (Lot 51), a Marlin #7 A-1 Creedmoor Long Range Rifle (Lot 420) and an exceptional flintlock rifle by Robert Woods, previously featured in John G.W. Dillin’s work, The Kentucky Rifle (Lot 163).  Also included in the first day of auction are the bowie knife of legendary mountain man and showman Seth Kinman (Lot 293), and two well-documented paintings by German dictator Adolf Hitler (Lots 378, 379).  Offering a comprehensive selection of historic firearms, the Fall auction includes items from nearly every stage of firearm development, from the wheellock blunderbuss (Lot 460), early Borchart pistol (Lot 81), and 1900 Swiss Luger (Lot 80), to the modern H&K MP5 (Class III, Lots 13, 14) and Barret M82A1 (Lot 467). Not only are firearms featured, but an impressive variety of high-quality swords and edged weapons, including a Napoleonic era officer’s saber (Lot 208).


Day Two includes a wide range of excellent Winchester rifles, pistols, and edged weapons.  Items such as an Ames marked Dahlgren bayonet (Lot 588), Springfield marked iron-guard 1880 bowie knife (Lot 614) and two German Luftwaffe swords (Lots 703, 704) represent some of the best offerings of historic edged weapons of the day.  These fine items are accompanied by a selection of Winchester sporting arms such as an exceptional 1894 saddle ring carbine (Lot 970), sure to attract any collector looking to complete their collection.  Also featured are several high-quality Remington hunting rifles (Lots 1092, 1093, 1094) , as well as an array handguns from the legendary Smith and Wesson trademark.

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