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Hitler Youth Desk Ornament
Lot # 485 - Hitler Youth Desk Ornament
6" tall, brass eagle in flight on a marble base with applied painted metal Hitler Youth diamond-shaped insignia.
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Chinese Woman's Ceremonial Robe
Lot # 413 - Chinese Woman's Ceremonial Robe
Chinese, 19th century. A ceremonial robe with a Fenghuan, or Chinese phoenix, birds and flower motifs embroidered on a black sating ground. Ht. 40.25 in.
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[California] Yosemite Valley and San Francisco
Lot # 197 - [California] Yosemite Valley and San Francisco
Lot of 30 views from the Continent Stereoscopic Company and the New York View Company. Various scenes from the Yosemite Valley and San Francisco.  Many of the views published by the Continent Stereoscopic Company were pirated from other well known photographers. Ivory mounts, both rounded and square corners. 

One view stamped on recto margins, The New York View Co. Identified as Three Brothers, Yosemite Valley. Dark tan mount with rounded corners.
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Grey Jade Brush Washer
Lot # 195 - Grey Jade Brush Washer
Chinese, mid-20th century, People's Republic era. A grey jade brush washer, well polished, uncarved. Ht. 1.75 in.; dia. 2 in.
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Mahogany Drop Leaf Table
Lot # 66 - Mahogany Drop Leaf Table
American, 19th century. A single drawer drop leaf table in mahogany having shaped leaves and one false drawer, rising on tapering legs and crossed stretchers; ht. 29, dp. 30.5, wd. 17.5 in (leaves closed).
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Chinese Fan-Shaped Box with Cover and Stand
Lot # 302 - Chinese Fan-Shaped Box with Cover and Stand
Chinese, 19th century.  A red fan-shaped box with gilt decoration, the top adorned with a fan-shaped panel enclosing two figures in an outdoor setting with a bat flying overhead, surrounded by a band of floral and scholarly motifs. An incised metal latch joins the box with its cover; the interior is lined with blue fabric and contains a label with Chinese script. Also includes a wooden stand painted black with carved floral decorations; lg. 26 in. (box).
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Threen Daguerreotypes of Children
Lot # 22 - Threen Daguerreotypes of Children
Lot of 3, including:

Sixth plate daguerreotype of a young child with curls.  Housed in a pressed paper case with the imprinted pad of Willard / Market St AB-16th / Philad'a, with a period inked label on the glass reading Norman A. Osbourne died on his 4th birthday May 3, 1856, and with a similar inked label on the cover.

Sixth plate daguerreotype of two young boys in matching striped shirts, belts, and checkered pants,  Housed in a half case.

Sixth plate daguerreotype of a young brother and sister, the boy holding a photograph case and the girl holding an umbrella or parasol.  Housed in a half case, penciled under the plate May/53.
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Pair of Chinese Yellow Baluster Vases
Lot # 70 - Pair of Chinese Yellow Baluster Vases
Chinese, 19th-20th century. Two yellow porcelain baluster vases, with decorative relief floral motifs. Both vases come with wood stands. Ht. of each: 8.25 in.
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Group of Confederate Currency
Lot # 122 - Group of Confederate Currency
Lot of 19, including several pieces of Confederate currency in very good condition.  Additionally, there is a Canal Bank twenty dollar bill (unissued), which was created because Canal Bank provided loans to plantations in the mid-1800s prior to the Civil War. There is also a note from the Northern Bank of Alabama ($10, July 1, 1856).  One of the CSA notes is an advertising piece, with "Woolson Spice Co.'s Famous Lion Coffee" on verso.

Other bills include:

Virginia - $1 - July 2, 1862 issue

CSA - $100 - Oct 15, 1862 issue

CSA - $1 - Dec. 2, 1862 issue

CSA - $100 - Jan. 2, 1863 issue

CSA - $10 - April 6, 1863 issue

CSA - Feb. 17, 1864 issue - $2, $5 (2), $10, $20 (2), $50, $100.
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Chinese Han Dynasty Proto-Porcelain Jar
Lot # 56 - Chinese Han Dynasty Proto-Porcelain Jar
Chinese, Han Dynasty.  A rare Proto-Porcelain jar, with well potted spherical body, having three glaze surrounding bands.  Top two band with incised dragons, the mouth with flat molded lip, with two mask handles, with the amber glaze ending at the widest part of the body revealing the buff ware lower half of the vessel burnt brown in the firing; ht. 12 in.

Compare with similar jars in Dekai Toji Zenshu, vol. 8, pg. 218, fig. 147; and illustrations by Karlbeck, Proto Porcelaine and Yueh Ware.

For a similar example, see: Sotheby's, New York, Nov. 8, 1980, Lot 76.

For another example without incised lines, see: Sotheby's, New York, December 4, 1984, Lot 127.
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