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Smith & Wesson Revolver and Red Jacket No.3 Revolver,
2008, Fall Firearms Sale, Oct 28 & 29
first gun .22 caliber, 3.25" barrel, serial number 5911. Marked on top of barrel Smith & Wesson Springfield, Mass. and Patent markings. Gun has blued finish and rosewood grips. Second gun is .30 RF caliber, 2.25" barrel. Marked on top of barrel Red Jacket No. 3. Marked on top of frame Lee Arms Co. Wilkes-Barre, PA. Nickel finish with rosewood grips.

First gun has some blue finish in protected areas and the rest has turned to a nice, plum brown. Missing the ejector rod. Grips are void any original finish. Second gun retaining ca 80% of original finish with some flaking and pitting. Cylinder pin is badly battered. Rosewood grips are excellent.
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French Gardes Du Roi Officer M1814 Helmet,
Lot # 442 - French Gardes Du Roi Officer M1814 Helmet,
black varnished leather body and visors trimmed entirely with silver-plated copped fixtures. The body has two large palm leaf scrolls on each side with their curls forward, and the ends terminating behind a silver band that covers the seam between skull and rear visor. The front visor is edged in si... > Item Details
Lot of Four Little Big Horn Relic Bullets,
Lot # 1278 - Lot of Four Little Big Horn Relic Bullets,
two .45-70 bullets, one paper cartridge for Sharps carbine, and one .45 caliber copper casing. All of these were found on Custer Battlefield by Frank Mercatante in 1965 across from Medicine Taol Coulee at Indian village site. > Item Details
American Standard Revolver,
Lot # 960 - American Standard Revolver,
.22 caliber, 3.25" octagonal barrel, serial number 21685. Marked on top of barrel American Standard Tool Co. Nickel finish with walnut grips. > Item Details
Prussian Enlisted Man's Cuirass,
Lot # 416 - Prussian Enlisted Man's Cuirass,
steel cuirass with large heavy brass rivets and brass front straps. With small dent in front center as part of the proofing process and final inspection. > Item Details
* Ithaca Model 72 Lever-Action Rifle,
Lot # 875 - * Ithaca Model 72 Lever-Action Rifle,
.22 LR caliber, 18" barrel, serial number 72048768. > Item Details
French Pearl Handled Bowie Knife,
Lot # 599 - French Pearl Handled Bowie Knife,
6" clip point blade. Silver quillon, with silver hilt and eagle pommel and mother of pearl side plates. Leather scabbard with silver throat and tip. > Item Details
* Smith & Wesson  Model 1917 WWII Revolver,
Lot of WWII German Headgear,
Lot # 292 - Lot of WWII German Headgear,
includes one SS enlisted man's wool brim hat, one Afrika Korps Luftwaffe enlisted man's twill brim hat, German Army eastern front SS enlisted man's fleece hat, Kreigs Marine seaman's hat with tails. PLUS a SA "Brown Shirt's" twill brim hat. > Item Details
Sharps 1A Model Pistol,
Lot # 975 - Sharps 1A Model Pistol,
.22 caliber, 2.5" barrel, four-shot, serial number 372. Brass frame. > Item Details
* Colt Single-Action Buntline Revolver,
Lot # 736 - * Colt Single-Action Buntline Revolver,
.45 caliber LC, 12" barrel, serial number SA58934. Black hard rubber grips. > Item Details
English Bowie Knife by <i>J. Rodgers,</i>
Lot # 2140 - English Bowie Knife by J. Rodgers,
8" spear point blade marked at ricasso V, crown, R, Joseph Rodgers and Sons 6 Norfolk Street, Sheffield with asterisk and Maltese cross. German silver quillon. Stag handle with German silver escutcheon. Gold embossed red leather sheath with silver throat. > Item Details
37 Great Star Pattern U.S. National Flag,
Lot # 161 - 37 Great Star Pattern U.S. National Flag,
58 x 132" all hand-sewn cotton with canton pattern having a slightly larger central star, surrounded by two rings of smaller stars with inner ring having 10 and outer having 18 with four stars near corners located between rings and four stars at corners on the outside of the rings for a total of 37 ... > Item Details
Austrian Small Hand Fighting Ax,
Lot # 335 - Austrian Small Hand Fighting Ax,
broad square head, single-edged, 4.5" wide. Wood handle with ring at end. > Item Details
Japanese <i>Tanto</i> Sword,
Lot # 1532 - Japanese Tanto Sword,
with unsigned 19.25" single edged blade with no visible Hamon (heat treatment), two open Nakago-ana (mounting holes), total length of blade without grip 23.4". Mounts include diagonally filed copper Habaki, plain wrought steel Tsuba (guard) two copper Seppa with brass reeded edging carved steel Fuch... > Item Details
WWI McClellan Saddle,
Lot # 238 - WWI McClellan Saddle,
saddle is dated on the rear 1918 with military sub-inspector's initials. Complete with leather straps and metal stirrups. > Item Details
* Eddystone Model 1917 Rifle,
Lot # 873 - * Eddystone Model 1917 Rifle,
.30-06 caliber, 24" barrel, serial number 637408. Blue finish, walnut stock. > Item Details
* German Weatherby Mark V Sporting Rifle,
Lot # 791 - * German Weatherby Mark V Sporting Rifle,
.270 Wby. caliber, 26" barrel, serial number 39373. Walnut stock. Weatherby 2-3/4x10x scope with clear optics. > Item Details
Springfield Trapdoor Bayonet,
* Bernardelli Vest Pocket Model Pistol,
Lot # 1129 - * Bernardelli Vest Pocket Model Pistol,
.25 ACP caliber, 2" barrel, serial number 71569. Blue finish, plastic grips, extended magazine, dated 1954. > Item Details
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