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Donaldson Litho, Count the First Monkey Poster,
2008, Toy & Advertising Auction, Jan 26 & 27
27" x 40" (w/o frame), 28.4" x 42.4" (w/frame), with printer's company noted on bottom right The Donaldson Litho Co, Newport, KY. Rendered in yellow, red, green, blue, brown, grey, and black with five vignettes of anthropomorphic monkeys in various activities. Top left with medallion portrait of Harry DeRosa. Prof. Harry DeRosa Presents, Count the First A Living Proof of the Darwin Theory. America's Greatest Monkey Contest.

Light toning and short tears along margins with slight loss at blank margins.
Sold: $180.00
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Hansel & Gretel Child's Sewing Machine,
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Polychrome Enameled Steel <i>Replace with Delco</i> Battery Sign,
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Steiff <i>Mecki & Micki</i> Hedgehogs Stuffed Animals, Plus,
Lot # 251 - Steiff Mecki & Micki Hedgehogs Stuffed Animals, Plus,
ca 1954, both with pressed heads and excelsior-stuffed bodies, original printed paper tags, button and silk tag on left wrist, original outfits, 6.5" tall, illustrated in Steiff Catalogue E 57, 58, page 55. Lot also includes a 6pp illustrated pamphlet, 2.8" x 4.15". > Item Details
<i>Chew Lamp Post Plug Tobacco</i> Chromolithographed Sign,
Lot # 986 - Chew Lamp Post Plug Tobacco Chromolithographed Sign,
on canvas showing bar of product behind a street lamp post with text, mounted in original oak frame, 27.5" x 33.5". > Item Details
Shepard 1889 Cast Iron <i>Santa Claus</i> Mechanical Bank,
Lot # 359 - Shepard 1889 Cast Iron Santa Claus Mechanical Bank,
patented by Charles Shepard and Peter Adams, in 1889, in original polychrome painted finish, marked Santa Claus on top of base and Pat. Appd. For on underside of base, (G-236; Norman 5010), 4.18" x 3.1" x 6" high. > Item Details
Four Japanned & Chromolithograph Tin Counter Dispensers,
Lot # 877 - Four Japanned & Chromolithograph Tin Counter Dispensers,
includes a pair made by A.B. Wood...N.Y., with canted fronts and slant lids, each with different central portrait of lovely young lady in historical dresses, flanked by white cranes in marsh landscape, one with Mustard and one with Nutmeg on front, 7.6" x 7.5" x 9" high, PLUS tin with front hinged d... > Item Details
<i>Louis Marx Joy-Rider</i> Chromolithographed Tin Windup Automobile,
Lot # 634 - Louis Marx Joy-Rider Chromolithographed Tin Windup Automobile,
eccentric jalopy car with comically-dressed driver, trunk mounted on rear, satchel hanging from hook on left side with extensive printed comic text covering car and luggage, fixed key on underside which operates the spring-driven motor. Vehicle rears up as rider's head spins, a colorful tin lithogra... > Item Details
Wyandotte <i>Humphrey Mobile</i>, Tin Chromolithograph Windup Toy,
Lot # 709 - Wyandotte Humphrey Mobile, Tin Chromolithograph Windup Toy,
in original polychrome paint, marked Wyandotte Toys/Made In U.S.A. in circle on roof with fixed key on right side, spring-driven mechanism, 8.5" x 7.25" high. > Item Details
Eleven Cast Iron Starter Pistols With Original Tags,
Lot # 384 - Eleven Cast Iron Starter Pistols With Original Tags,
cast iron starter pistols, all plated in nickel, with a fold-down trigger and embossed grips, all include a blank cartridge only Warning tag, all 4" long. > Item Details
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