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Donaldson Litho, Count the First Monkey Poster,
2008, Toy & Advertising Auction, Jan 26 & 27
27" x 40" (w/o frame), 28.4" x 42.4" (w/frame), with printer's company noted on bottom right The Donaldson Litho Co, Newport, KY. Rendered in yellow, red, green, blue, brown, grey, and black with five vignettes of anthropomorphic monkeys in various activities. Top left with medallion portrait of Harry DeRosa. Prof. Harry DeRosa Presents, Count the First A Living Proof of the Darwin Theory. America's Greatest Monkey Contest.

Light toning and short tears along margins with slight loss at blank margins.
Sold: $180.00
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Cast Iron Mechanical Banks, <i>I Always Did Spise a Mule</i>,
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Cast Iron <i>Navy</i> Cap Gun, Long Barrel,
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single cap revolver with Navy embossed between cylinder and grip on the left side, and U.S.A. embossed on the right side, includes two embossed five-point stars on grip, in original reddish brown finish, 7.75" long. > Item Details
<i>Madame Alexander</i> Hard Plastic <i>Snow White & Cinderella</i> in Original Boxes,
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both mint, not played with, 12" tall in original outfits and original 12" x 15" x 6" high box with tags. > Item Details
Hickok Belts Advertising Chromolithograph in Original Frame,
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fine chromo on heavy card stock of handsome young couple, with gentleman wearing a Hickok belt, mounted in original frame with raised lettering along top and bottom Hickok, by Cornell Litho Co., artist signed in print, 28.25" x 33.5". > Item Details
Parkroger Collar Button Display Case,
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mahogany with hinged glass front slant lid, with gold decal Parkroger One Piece Every Button Insured with illustration of a collar stud or button, divided interior with 12 compartments, original finish, 9" x 9.75" x 3.75" high. > Item Details
13  Ceramic African American Spice Racks, Muffineers, Pie Birds Etc.,
Lot # 792 - 13 Ceramic African American Spice Racks, Muffineers, Pie Birds Etc.,
all either Japanese or American hand-painted whiteware, most are comic racial images, from 4" to 6" high, most ca 1930s-50s. > Item Details
Three German Doll Bodies,
Lot # 223 - Three German Doll Bodies,
includes a dark skinned body, likely for an Asian or South Asian character doll, lacking arms and 13" tall, PLUS a bent limb baby body, 12" tall, AND a child body 18" tall. > Item Details
Two Hubley Cast Kiddie Toy WWII Warplanes,
Lot # 786 - Two Hubley Cast Kiddie Toy WWII Warplanes,
both cast metal in original polychrome paint and marked Hubley Kiddie Toy on underside, each with folding landing gear, one with folding wings, carrier-type WWII fighter, and other with embossed U.S. Army on tail, 6.5" long. > Item Details
Cast Iron Elgin National Coffee Mill,
Lot # 853 - Cast Iron Elgin National Coffee Mill,
in red and black repainted finish, missing lid and pan, 17" x 24" high. > Item Details
Embossed <i>Lion Brewing</i> Brass Beer Tray,
Lot # 968 - Embossed Lion Brewing Brass Beer Tray,
brass tray with Lion Export crest flanked by rampant lions, hops and barley border, 12" diameter. > Item Details
Eight Large Die-Cuts,
Lot # 502 - Eight Large Die-Cuts,
includes four pony carts being driven by bull dog with second bull chasing, marked 515, 11.5" x 3" high, PLUS horse race, 11" x 2.5", PLUS a boy and his dog, 4.5" x 11", PLUS pair of fighting stag, 11" x 5.25", PLUS sacred elephant being escorted under elaborate canopy held aloft by South Asian men,... > Item Details
Five Tin Toy Typewriters Including <i>Mouseketeers</i> & <i>American Flyer</i>,
Lot # 730 - Five Tin Toy Typewriters Including Mouseketeers & American Flyer,
all chromolithographed tinplate, including Mouseketeers with Mickey's head, made by T. Cohn Inc. Brooklyn, N.Y., 7" x 10.25" x 5" high, PLUS Marx Junior Dial Typewriter, 8" x 11" x 7" high, PLUS American Flyer typewriter with patent date of 1907, 6.75" x 10.5" x 5" high, PLUS an earlier version of M... > Item Details
Four Tinplate Toys,
Lot # 638 - Four Tinplate Toys,
includes a marked Marx Milk & Cream delivery wagon with single horse, spring-driven motor with fixed key on right side also with Toyland Farm Products on each side, 9.75" long, PLUS tinplate Ford Mobile Gas delivery tanker truck, by B.C. and marked Made In Japan, with working friction drive and rubb... > Item Details
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