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Donaldson Litho, Count the First Monkey Poster,
2008, Toy & Advertising Auction, Jan 26 & 27
27" x 40" (w/o frame), 28.4" x 42.4" (w/frame), with printer's company noted on bottom right The Donaldson Litho Co, Newport, KY. Rendered in yellow, red, green, blue, brown, grey, and black with five vignettes of anthropomorphic monkeys in various activities. Top left with medallion portrait of Harry DeRosa. Prof. Harry DeRosa Presents, Count the First A Living Proof of the Darwin Theory. America's Greatest Monkey Contest.

Light toning and short tears along margins with slight loss at blank margins.
Sold: $180.00
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Four Magic Lantern Projectors,
Lot # 775 - Four Magic Lantern Projectors,
includes two, one unmarked, tin and cast cylindrical drum-types with brass oil burner for light source, will use rectangular slides, lens is braced on a tin sheet bracket, mounted on original painted wood board, the 1st, 6" x 3.25" x 9" high, the 2nd, 9.5" x 4.5" x 12" high; PLUS an unmarked, tin a... > Item Details
Scarce Schoenhut Early Santa Roly-Poly,
Lot # 294 - Scarce Schoenhut Early Santa Roly-Poly,
papier-mache in original polychrome painted finish with red suit, unmarked but possibly Schoenhut, 4.2" high. > Item Details
Porcelain Enameled Steel Sargents Paint Sign,
Lot # 958 - Porcelain Enameled Steel Sargents Paint Sign,
red with black on white enameled ground, with Sargents/Paint Products, with mounting holes at margins, 60" x 16" high. > Item Details
Papier-Mâché Countertop Cigar Store Indian,
Lot # 909 - Papier-Mâché Countertop Cigar Store Indian,
in original colors with felt on base, and marked ALFCO-NY on back of pedestal, ca 1910, 29.5" high. > Item Details
Boxed Set of French Composition Soldiers & Child's Book on Soldiers,
Lot # 603 - Boxed Set of French Composition Soldiers & Child's Book on Soldiers,
includes a box with printed label on lid reading Soldats Francais/Incassables/Couleurs inoffensives/S.F.B.J., with eight painted composition soldiers in bearskin head gear, 5.5" high. Interior of box printed with Mediterranean landscapes, 9" x 9.5" x 2" high, AND a children’s book with chromolithogr... > Item Details
Three Early Tin Carnival-Type Toys,
Lot # 677 - Three Early Tin Carnival-Type Toys,
includes a marked Gibbs Toys polychrome painted tin teeter-totter or seesaw toy, unmarked in original polychrome painted finish, boy and girl on green teeter-totter with ocher, green and red tower. Object is to move them to top of tower and once action starts they slowly make their way to the bottom... > Item Details
Four Tin & Steel Trains & Trolleys,
Lot # 700 - Four Tin & Steel Trains & Trolleys,
includes an attributed Dayton friction Toy Co. sheet steel and cast iron trolley, 13.5" long, PLUS a marked Verona chromolithograph tin cable car with Powell & Mason Sts. on top mounted sign and San Francisco Cable Car 514 on sides with friction engine that rings bell, 8.2" long, PLUS marked MSK Jap... > Item Details
Six Japanese Chromolithograph Tin Toys,
Lot # 665 - Six Japanese Chromolithograph Tin Toys,
ca 1950s, includes a T.P.S windup of a black bear dressed as a golfer mounted on a grassy base. When wound up, his upper body articulates and swings a golf club from right to left, with stop lever, 4.5" high x 2.5" square base; a T.K.S.G. windup of a Poochie Peddler hauling an Orange Cart that is mo... > Item Details
Thirty Ethnic Dolls,
Lot # 96 - Thirty Ethnic Dolls,
this lot is an around the world tour in dolls. It includes 1st and 2nd a pair of corn husk dolls each with pack on their backs of wood, painted in red and blue dyes and marked Made in Mexico, 9" and 9.5" tall, PLUS 3rd and 4th a pair of Haitian cloth dolls, stuffed with straw, embroidered faces and ... > Item Details
<i>Coca-Cola</i> Bottle Thermometer,
Lot # 1008 - Coca-Cola Bottle Thermometer,
in original polychrome paint with intact thermometer, grey painted back, 17" high. > Item Details
Five <i>Skookum</i> Indian Dolls,
Lot # 41 - Five Skookum Indian Dolls,
includes a male, 16.5" tall, PLUS a family with male, 11.5" tall and female with child, 11" tall, AND two children, each 7.5" tall. > Item Details
Hard Rubber Donald Duck Car & Two Still Banks,
Lot # 353 - Hard Rubber Donald Duck Car & Two Still Banks,
copper-plated white metal still bank of the U.S. Capital Washington D.C. sitting atop plinth base with eagle feet and shallow relief White House, Mt. Vernon, Union Station & Lincoln Memorial, 4.25" x 3.25" high, PLUS key lock rectangular Budget Bank, lithographed steel with red, white and blue and U... > Item Details
Four Original Chromolithographed <i>Coca-Cola</i> Trays,
Lot # 1007 - Four Original Chromolithographed Coca-Cola Trays,
all rectangular and marked along lower margins American Art Works Inc. Coshocton, O. Made In The U.S.A. and at lower left corner copyright symbol with Coca-Cola Co. and dates of 1937, 1938, 1940 and 1942, with dark green, grey, grey and dark green painted backs, all 10.5" x 13.25". > Item Details
Japanese Battery <i>Photoing Car</i> in Original Box,
Lot # 721 - Japanese Battery Photoing Car in Original Box,
tin with plastic male driver and female passenger with flask camera, unmarked on toy, 12" long. Chromolithograph card stock box marked ME630 and reading Horn Sounding and Headlights Flashing When It Starts. The Girl Taking Photo When It Stops, box is 5.25" x 13.75" x 6" high. > Item Details
Two Tinplate Toys,
Lot # 726 - Two Tinplate Toys,
includes Home Run King baseball toy marked Selrite Products Inc., N.Y., with batter in pinstripe swinging bat to strike a ball that elevates from pedestal in front just in time for him to swing and strike it, mounted on rectangular tinplate base with baseball scenes lithographed on sides that houses... > Item Details
Four Japanned & Chromolithograph Tin Counter Dispensers,
Lot # 877 - Four Japanned & Chromolithograph Tin Counter Dispensers,
includes a pair made by A.B. Wood...N.Y., with canted fronts and slant lids, each with different central portrait of lovely young lady in historical dresses, flanked by white cranes in marsh landscape, one with Mustard and one with Nutmeg on front, 7.6" x 7.5" x 9" high, PLUS tin with front hinged d... > Item Details
Steiff Comic Charactor Doll,
Lot # 266 - Steiff Comic Charactor Doll,
wonderful comic gentleman with pronounced nose, black bead eyes, original blonde mohair hair and brown mohair mustache with button in left ear and other painted facial features, felt and cloth excelsior-stuffed body in original outfit including white shirt with collar and black bow tie, plaid jacket... > Item Details
Three Turtle Mark Cello Dolls,
Lot # 69 - Three Turtle Mark Cello Dolls,
include a boy doll, shoulder plate marked on back with turtle mark and No.10 on newer cloth body with bisque hands and nicer new outfit, 14" tall, AND a pair, boy and girl in German alpine outfits also with turtle marks on original card stock torsos with cello limbs, 10" tall. > Item Details
Seven Folk Art Toys,
Lot # 300 - Seven Folk Art Toys,
lot of 7, includes a carved and painted wood and bent wire cat on a pole that climbs and jumps over top, with leather tail, cat is 7" and shaft is 17", PLUS carved and painted wooden cat in the top of a wooden shoe, original white, black and gold paint with fabric edging and worn red ribbon around c... > Item Details
Hershey Chocolate Coin-Op Wall Mount Deco Machine,
Lot # 801 - Hershey Chocolate Coin-Op Wall Mount Deco Machine,
with Hershey's and 5Ct on front with colorful geometric designs, chromed coin drop marked Pat'd 4-24-23 & 11-5-12, other patent numbers printed on underside, 7" x 5" x 33" high. > Item Details
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