Lot 467    

Winchester A-5 Scope
2007, Winter Firearms Auction, Nov 7 & 8
O3 Snipers scope in the original military case with canvas sling. Correct wedge mounts.

Ex. Harry B. Andree, Jr.

Scope is in excellent condition.
Sold: $900.00
Price includes
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* Hi-Standard Double Nine Revolver,
Lot # 1221 - * Hi-Standard Double Nine Revolver,
.22 caliber, 5.5" barrel, serial number 1014272. Nickeled finish, with black plastic grips with Hi-Standard medallions. > Item Details
* Marlin Model 1894S Rifle,
Lot # 825 - * Marlin Model 1894S Rifle,
.44 Remington mag or .44 Special, 20" round barrel, full magazine, serial number 10086296. Walnut buttstock and forearm with rubber buttplate. > Item Details
Lot of Nine Little Big Horn Battlefield Relic Eagle Buttons and Rivets,
Lot # 364 - Lot of Nine Little Big Horn Battlefield Relic Eagle Buttons and Rivets,
each of the lots is numbered and has been made into eight groups, each with respective document. Five eagle buttons (one with Infantry designation) and three rivets (two pieces forming one group, with leather). Found in sections G, E, K, V and EE. > Item Details
* Stevens Single Barrel Shotgun,
Lot # 1189 - * Stevens Single Barrel Shotgun,
410 gauge, 26" barrel. Blued barrel with Stevens markings. Case colored frame. Walnut buttstock and forearm. > Item Details
Lot of Four <i>Smith & Wesson</i> Cartridge Boxes,
Lot # 1260 - Lot of Four Smith & Wesson Cartridge Boxes,
four bricks of Smith & Wesson .22 cartridges. Blue and white color. > Item Details
18th Century Iron Japanese Bit,
Lot # 1170 - 18th Century Iron Japanese Bit,
Edo period. Broken snaffle with light crosses in the side rings. 8.5" length. 3" diameter side rings. (See Grancscay;1955, Fig 41.) > Item Details
Rogers & Spencer Percussion Revolver,
Lot # 556 - Rogers & Spencer Percussion Revolver,
.44 caliber, 7.5" ocatgonal barrel, serial number 456. Walnut wood grips. Military sub-inspector's initials. > Item Details
* Browning Model 42 Grade I Limited Edition Shotgun,
Lot # 810 - * Browning Model 42 Grade I Limited Edition Shotgun,
410 gauge, 26" barrel with 3" chamber, serial number 01448NZ882. Blued finish, walnut stock. > Item Details
* Winchester Model 70 Post '64 Classic Sporter Rifle,
Lot # 937 - * Winchester Model 70 Post '64 Classic Sporter Rifle,
270 Weatherby mag caliber, 26" barrel, serial number G287702. > Item Details
E. Whitney Pocket  Revolver,
Lot # 153 - E. Whitney Pocket Revolver,
.31 caliber, 6" octagonal barrel, serial number 7353. Marked on top of barrel E. Whitney, New Haven, CT. Brass triggerguard marked on the butt Rife Adj GG. Walnut grips. > Item Details
* Interarms Silver Cup Revolver,
Lot # 1017 - * Interarms Silver Cup Revolver,
.45 caliber, 5" barrel, serial number, SC 2880. Marked on the right side of slide Remington Rand and then marked on the frame Interarms Co. Parkerizied finish with brown plastic grips. > Item Details
* Remington Model 700 BDL Single-Shot Rifle,
Lot # 853 - * Remington Model 700 BDL Single-Shot Rifle,
.300 Winchester mag caliber, 24" barrel, serial number S6355170. Black synthetic stock. Stainless steel finish. > Item Details
Lot of Sporting Gun Supplies,
Lot # 1324 - Lot of Sporting Gun Supplies,
near relic leather powder flask with image of game bird. Bullet mold with swivel handle. Lead minie ball mold marked Ideal Middlefield, Conn. U.S.A. Five tin percussion caps marked Hicks Percussion Caps the other marked Remington Arms Union Metallic Cartridge Co. Three cartridge seals all marked B.G... > Item Details
<i>First Regiment of Guards in 1745</i> Published by Ackermann,
Lot # 1135 - First Regiment of Guards in 1745 Published by Ackermann,
subtext reads London Published Aug. 31st, 1853 by Ackermann and Co. Drawn by B. Clayton and Painted by Johnson & Bessent. Three soldiers are identified from left to right as Private of the Grenadier Companies, Drummer and Sergeant. 17" x 23" without frame, 18.5" x 24" with frame. In a black wood f... > Item Details
Colt Model 1866 Gatling Gun,
Lot # 279 - Colt Model 1866 Gatling Gun,
serial number 22. 45/70 caliber, 10 barrel gun complete with 1877 style carriage. Brass plaque affixed on breech of cannon reads Gatling Battery Gun #22 Patented May 3, 1865 by Colt's Patented Manufacturing Co. Hartford, Conn, U.S.A. Ten 32" barrels. Barrels and breech casing are of steel compositi... > Item Details
Henry Rifle,
Lot # 103 - Henry Rifle,
.44 rf, 24" barrel, serial number 7556. Henry markings on the top of barrel. 900 yard rear barrel sight, sling swivels, walnut buttstock. > Item Details
* Colt 25 Automatic Pistol in Box,
Lot # 1210 - * Colt 25 Automatic Pistol in Box,
.25 ACP caliber, 2.25" barrel, serial number 0D09841. Housed in an original Colt box. Serial number has been added to box with a magic marker. > Item Details
Winchester Model 1894 Rifle,
Lot # 946 - Winchester Model 1894 Rifle,
.30 WCF caliber, 26" octagonal barrel, serial number 360687. Winchester markings on the barrel and tang. Buckhorn rear sight with a Lyman jack front sight. Walnut buttstock and forearm. > Item Details
Palmetto Arsenal Musket,
Lot # 79 - Palmetto Arsenal Musket,
.69 caliber, 42" round barrel. Lockplate marked Palmetto Armory. Rear of lockplate marked Columbia and dated 1853. Barrel has V. P. and eagle proofs. > Item Details
Military Chapeau and Tin Case by <i>Wm. H. Horstmann & Co. Philadephia,</i>
Lot # 254 - Military Chapeau and Tin Case by Wm. H. Horstmann & Co. Philadephia,
pair of gold bullion epaulets with silver fouled anchor, brass naval buttons and bronze bullion lieutenant's rank bar. With pendant gold bullion tassels. Underside of epaulets with brass strap marked France with respective Left and Right designations. Plus, beaverskin officer's chapeau with grosgra... > Item Details
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