Lot 645    

Sharp Shooters Sniper's Glasses Plus,
2007, Winter Firearms Auction, Nov 7 & 8
cased pair of Civil War Sharpshooters Sniper's glasses with two grades of orange lenses. Two sword strap hooks. One tin can full of old matchsticks. Brass militia ball button ca 1812. 2.25" x 1.75" belt marked 99. Tin cap marked United States Army Caps U.M.C Co. Bridgeport, Conn. Plus 1.5" oval brass plates marled L with brass U-shaped holder.

Ex. Robert R. Routhier
Sold: $172.50
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Steel Cuirass and Backplate,
Lot # 1134 - Steel Cuirass and Backplate,
breastplate is 15.25" in height and the backplate is 15.75". With brass fittings and rivets as well as leather belt, interlocking brass chains and brass fasteners. > Item Details
I.N. Johnson Percussion Pistol,
Lot # 43 - I.N. Johnson Percussion Pistol,
.54 caliber smooth bore, 8.5" barrel, lockplate marked I.N. Johnson, top of barrel with military sub-inspector's initials. Walnut stock with brass furniture. > Item Details
Lot of <i>Police Match</i> and <i>Peters Match</i> Cartridge Boxes,
Lot # 1052 - Lot of Police Match and Peters Match Cartridge Boxes,
two full bricks of .22 caliber cartridges by Peters. One is a Police Match and the other is a Dewar Match. > Item Details
* Colt Mark IV Series 70 Pistol in Original Box,
Archive Of WWI Big Red One Soldier Plus 10 Related Books,
Lot # 461 - Archive Of WWI Big Red One Soldier Plus 10 Related Books,
2nd Lt. Samuel Smith, Field Artillery of the First Infantry Division. His M1902 sword and a miniature of an M1902 having 30" etched blade with metal scabbard. Pair of leather leggings, olive drab green wool leg wraps, leather field artillery officer's map case, web belt with cartridge pouch, oversea... > Item Details
Winchester-Lee Straight Pull Rifle,
Lot # 785 - Winchester-Lee Straight Pull Rifle,
6.5mm caliber, 28" barrel, serial number 18984. USN marked top of receiver. Blued finish. Walnut stock. > Item Details
Bell Crown Militia Helmet,
Lot # 64 - Bell Crown Militia Helmet,
brass planchet marked E. Pluribus Unum with patrioric eagle with arrows in left talon and olive branch in right talon. Gold cord draped across the front and back terminating in pair of tassels. Complete with red and white wool plume. Brass fish scale chinstrap terminating in five star brass buttons.... > Item Details
* Weatherby Mark V Laser Rifle,
Lot # 892 - * Weatherby Mark V Laser Rifle,
.270 Weatherby mag caliber, 26" barrel, serial number SB019420. Made in the U.S. > Item Details
Non-Regulation  <i>Collins & Hunt</i> M1850 Staff and Field Officer's Sword,
Lot # 573 - Non-Regulation Collins & Hunt M1850 Staff and Field Officer's Sword,
31" blade, with etchings. Import blade marked Collins & Hunt. Brass wire wraps, leather handle with brass knuckle bow. > Item Details
16th Maine Gettysburg Flag Fragment Presented to <i>Ambrose Palmer, </i>16th Maine,
Lot # 644 - 16th Maine Gettysburg Flag Fragment Presented to Ambrose Palmer, 16th Maine,
comprising a 4" by 4" fragment of the regiment's National Colors, a segment of blue silk field with single pained white framed with an old inked descriptive note, plus Private Ambrose H. Palmer's GAR hat, belt and 7" by 9" photo, circa 1890s, of an elderly Palmer wearing the hat. The note details th... > Item Details
English Flintlock Blunderbuss by <i>Twig,</i>
Lot # 1138 - English Flintlock Blunderbuss by Twig,
11" cannon style brass barrel, with folding bayonet on the top of barrel. Birmingham proofs on the left flat of barrel. Brass triggerguard and buttplate. Lock with safety on it. Walnut stock with checkered wrist. > Item Details
* Browning Nomad .22 Semi-Automatic Pistol,
* Colt Mark IV Semi-Automatic Pistol,
Lot # 1240 - * Colt Mark IV Semi-Automatic Pistol,
.45 caliber, 5" barrel, serial number 70G21826. Marked Colt's MK IV Series 70. Blued finish with brown plastic grips. Plus, .22 caliber conversion kit. > Item Details
Military Belt  with Cartridge Box and Holster,
Lot # 240 - Military Belt with Cartridge Box and Holster,
brown leather belt with brass oval US beltplate. Calvary holster marked Newark, NJ for an Colt Army revolver. Plus leather cartridge box. > Item Details
Frank Wesson Single-Shot Rifle,
Lot # 710 - Frank Wesson Single-Shot Rifle,
20 gauge shotshell, 26" octagonal barrel, no serial number. Frank Wesson markings on the top of barrel. > Item Details
American Wrought Iron Revolutionary War Halberd Head,
Lot # 1316 - American Wrought Iron Revolutionary War Halberd Head,
17" overall length, with cruciform 9" spear, 4.25" blade, 3.5" beak. Conical base with two mounting holes. > Item Details
Early Militia Knapsack Marked <i>13,</i>
Lot # 65 - Early Militia Knapsack Marked 13,
14" x 15" x 4.25" black leather knapsack with white painted 13 on front cover flap. Left side with faint lettering Co. F 22. Interior with square wood supporting frame. > Item Details
ID'd Civil War Canteen,
Lot # 1363 - ID'd Civil War Canteen,
typical M1858 "bulleye" canteen with remants of brown cloth cover having large white painted initials W.H.W. Missing chain and strap. Modern tag with identifying the canteen to William H. Wieand(sic), probably William Wiant of the 192nd OVI. > Item Details
* Colt Single-Action Army Engraved Sampler Revolver,
Lot # 1001 - * Colt Single-Action Army Engraved Sampler Revolver,
.45 long Colt, 5.5" barrel, serial number Sampler0011. Nickel finish, buffalo horn grips. Engraved in the four styles of L.D. Nimschke, G.Young, C.Helfricht and R. Kornbrath and so designated in butt of gun. > Item Details
Lot of Two Socket Bayonets,
Lot # 7 - Lot of Two Socket Bayonets,
bayonet for Brown Bess with 15" blade and 18" overall. Bottom of blade with XX. With original leather scabbard, brass throat and drag, but with replacement frog. Second bayonet with 14.5" blade and 17" overall. Sub-inspector's initial G. > Item Details
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