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Tesuque Wedding Jar by Lorencita Pino,
2005, American Indian Arts / Sep 7 - 8
black and red-on-micaceous white, with a stone-polished base, spherical body, and sturdy spouts. Geometric devices appear to dance around body and spouts, three bands separate body from base, "L---ncit- Pino/ Tesuque/ Pueblo," height 10.25" x width 6".

Small chip in rim of spout.
Sold: $510.00
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Northwest Coast Halibut Hook,
Lot # 681 - Northwest Coast Halibut Hook,
carved of wood with incised decorative lines, cord wrapping, and iron hook, length 10". > Item Details
Greenland Sealskin Boots,
Lot # 24 - Greenland Sealskin Boots,
thread and sinew-sewn with puckered head and toe, black wool drawstring ties, height 15" x length 9". > Item Details
Plateau Beaded Hide Bag with Date,
Lot # 77 - Plateau Beaded Hide Bag with Date,
thread-sewn and lined with blue calico. Beaded floral design on front in colors of pea green, blue, red white-heart, and yellow, all against a white ground. Upper right "Age 7 1911," soft hide handles, length 8" x width 5.75. > Item Details
Quebec Huron Embroidered Moccasins,
Lot # 949 - Quebec Huron Embroidered Moccasins,
ca 1910, thread-sewn hide beautifully embroidered with blooming flowers on vamps, cuffs outlined with red herringbone stitches on black velveteen and designed with berried vine, green plaid ribbon ties, length 9". > Item Details
Northeastern Early Belt Axe with Tack-Decorated Handle,
Lot # 957 - Northeastern Early Belt Axe with Tack-Decorated Handle,
hardwood handle with slightly flared base, three tacks at tip and double row at head, hand-forged head with maker's touch mark, length of handle 19.75" x length of head 5" x width of blade 1.75". > Item Details
<i>A Tour of Southwestern Pottery,</i>
Lot # 848 - A Tour of Southwestern Pottery,
lot of 9. Includes a Hopi creamer with feather and geometrics forming a band around body, height 2.75" x diameter 3"; PLUS an Acoma toothpick holder designed with delicate, thin lines forming eye popping squares and triangle, "Acoma/ NM" on base, height 1.75" x diameter 2"; PLUS another Acoma olla ... > Item Details
Plains Beaded Hide Pouch,
Lot # 719 - Plains Beaded Hide Pouch,
thread-sewn on rawhide, backed with hide, and edged with red wool. Rose, light blue, dark blue, white, and green seed beads create a banded design with central cross on front of pouch, finished with fringe, length w/o fringe 5". Dr. Robert Coleman James (1865-1920), an obstetrician at Belleview Hosp... > Item Details
Navajo Tumbling Block Runner,
Lot # 262 - Navajo Tumbling Block Runner,
tightly woven hand-spun wool using natural colors of dark brown, light brown, and cream creating a visually eye-popping design, length 66" x width 33". > Item Details
Crow Beaded Belt,
Lot # 452 - Crow Beaded Belt,
sinew-sewn with fine beadwork in light blue, red white-heart, pink, cobalt, greasy yellow, and translucent green. Negative areas filled with brass tacks, hide closing ties, length 33". > Item Details
San Ildefonso Double Chambered Jar,
Lot # 873 - San Ildefonso Double Chambered Jar,
red and black-on-cream, with two gourd-like bowls joined by a central handle, length 6.5" x height 3". > Item Details
Group of Beaded Items,
Lot # 716 - Group of Beaded Items,
lot of 4. Includes an Apache beaded bag with bead colors primarily of turquoise, dark cranberry, and pink executed with a whirling log on one side and a diamond on the reverse, length 7" x 4.5"; PLUS a loom-beaded belt illustrating projectile points combined with Plains motifs, all on a background o... > Item Details
Apache Child's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 735 - Apache Child's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
lot of 2. Both beaded around the cuff and down the vamp with black, pale translucent pink, rose, and clear giving an iridescent aura to the beaded lanes and edging, one pair's length 5.5"; AND the other pair's length 5.5". > Item Details
Sioux Child's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 420 - Sioux Child's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn beads in bold blocks of green divided by narrow white bands with accents of red and cobalt. Moccasins have fine red wool bands under cuff, length 8.25". > Item Details
Sioux Porcupine Hair Roach,
Lot # 760 - Sioux Porcupine Hair Roach,
made mostly of porcupine guard hair with a short outer row of red deer hair, twisted strips of fabric compose the base, length 11". > Item Details
Plateau Hide Gauntlets with Beaded Head of Plains Indians,
Lot # 694 - Plateau Hide Gauntlets with Beaded Head of Plains Indians,
each wearing eagle headdresses. Artisan created a left and right glove and lined the gauntlets with turquoise gingham, length 14.25". > Item Details
Navajo Tufted Weave Rugs,
Lot # 250 - Navajo Tufted Weave Rugs,
lot of 2. Includes a fluffy cream textile and an aniline- orange one, with a tag attached reading "The Navajo's way of having a fur rug and still having his goat," cream rug's length 35.5 x width 26.5"; orange rug's length 28.5" x width 30". > Item Details
Navajo Silver Squash Blossom Necklace and Zuni Earrings,
Lot # 284 - Navajo Silver Squash Blossom Necklace and Zuni Earrings,
lot of 3. Includes a necklace with forty delicate blossoms and elegant cast naja with single turquoise, length 31". Back has traditional string wrapping; PLUS a beautiful pair of inlay sun-face earrings surrounded by dots of turquoise, diameter .75"; AND another pair of sun-face earrings > Item Details
Large Nez Perce Corn Husk Bag,
Lot # 71 - Large Nez Perce Corn Husk Bag,
twined with Germantown wool with an intricate geometric motif on each side--one of stepped parallelograms in colors of red, black, navy, and pale sage; other of mountainous triangles in colors of black, green pale blue, and light orange, length 22.25" x width 16.5". > Item Details
Cree Beaded Canvas Moccasins,
Lot # 738 - Cree Beaded Canvas Moccasins,
ca 1930s, in overlay stitch illustrating tipis and diamonds. Mocs have leather tongues and soles. Bead colors include bright turquoise, cranberry, lime green, jade green, and old gold, length 10.5". > Item Details
Sioux Man's Hair Pipe Breastplate,
Lot # 473 - Sioux Man's Hair Pipe Breastplate,
with strips of thick rawhide separated by rows of brass beads and cow bone pipes, all strung on rawhide. Antique brass, military bridle-rosette with repoussé "US" at top of breastplate. Entire plate suspended from brass beads, length 22" x width 8.5". > Item Details
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