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Tesuque Wedding Jar by Lorencita Pino,
2005, American Indian Arts / Sep 7 - 8
black and red-on-micaceous white, with a stone-polished base, spherical body, and sturdy spouts. Geometric devices appear to dance around body and spouts, three bands separate body from base, "L---ncit- Pino/ Tesuque/ Pueblo," height 10.25" x width 6".

Small chip in rim of spout.
Sold: $510.00
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Room Size Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 248 - Room Size Navajo Regional Weaving,
hand-spun wool woven in a natural palette of cream and mottled browns. Design consists of three central outlined and serrated diamonds with a saw-toothed border, length 117.5" x width 71.5". > Item Details
Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 902 - Navajo Regional Weaving,
softly woven wool in colors of cream, grey, dark brown, and aniline red forming two large, terraced diamonds in center offset by zigzags in each corner, length 69.5" x width 54.5". > Item Details
Crow Wooden Quirt,
Lot # 489 - Crow Wooden Quirt,
formed with a smooth wooden handle and red wool wrist strap. Wrist strap has blue sateen edging and is decorated with a string of black beads zigzagging between a border of parallel white beads, lined with calico. Two thick leather whips, total length 38", whip length 20". > Item Details
Zuni Bola Ties,
Lot # 296 - Zuni Bola Ties,
lot of 3. Includes a sun-face bola inlaid with jet, red shell, mother-of-pearl, and turquoise and with silver tips, diameter 2.75"; PLUS a detailed hoop-dancer inlaid with shell, turquoise, and jet and with tips inlaid with carved turquoise, height 3"; AND a thunderbird inlaid with jet, shell, and t... > Item Details
Sioux Bear Skin Bandoleer Sash,
Lot # 757 - Sioux Bear Skin Bandoleer Sash,
with nineteen tin-encased trade mirrors (diameter 2"). Orange, red, and cream quillwork near tapered end and red, purple, and cream quill-wrapped rawhide slats at other end. Beaded strip attached to skin and slats; slats terminate in tin cones inserted with aniline-dyed red feathers, length w/o co... > Item Details
Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 238 - Navajo Regional Weaving,
woven of hand-spun wool in colors of dark brown, cream, and aniline red against a mottled light brown. Two stacked diamonds are located in each corner surrounding a central, serrated and outlined diamond, with bold red, cream, and brown border, length 97" x width 85.5". > Item Details
Eskimo Fossilized Ivory and Bone Tools,
Lot # 657 - Eskimo Fossilized Ivory and Bone Tools,
lot of 6. Includes a net-making implement with a hook at each end, length 6.5"; PLUS a stone piece probably for a kayak, length 1.5"; PLUS a harpoon point, length 5"; PLUS a harpoon point, length 5"; PLUS a toggle, with a hole drilled in each end, length 2.5"; AND a comb with incised motif, length ... > Item Details
<i>Ute Chief Sevara and Family</i> by William H. Jackson,
Lot # 646 - Ute Chief Sevara and Family by William H. Jackson,
chromolithograph, titled stamped in left bottom corner, and "Copyright 1900, by Detroit Photographic Co." in bottom right, framed length 17.25" x width 20.5". > Item Details
Apache Diamond Head Drum,
Lot # 317 - Apache Diamond Head Drum,
with bands of file branding on wooden handle and diamond shaped butt. Diamond head is covered on both sides with hide and laced together with a rawhide thong. Dragonfly flanked by two half moon shapes is painted in green on top of head, length 29" x width of head 10". > Item Details
Cayuse/ Umatilla Beaded Hide Cradleboard,
Lot # 702 - Cayuse/ Umatilla Beaded Hide Cradleboard,
has wooden frame and hide bag to hold baby. Bead "star" motifs in colors of orange, green, and black; beaded band in same colors. Cradleboard with hide-covered wooden bow for protecting the baby's face. Bow embellishments include loom-beaded strip, cowry shells and trade bead trinkets. Cradle bag... > Item Details
Apache Awl Case,
Lot # 315 - Apache Awl Case,
beaded in bold zigzag pattern in colors of red white-heart, white, blue, and green with additional embellishments of beaded leather fringe and red yarn, length w/o fringe 6.7". Wooden dowel in case helps case retain its shape, > Item Details
Prairie Hide Moccasins with Satin Ribbonwork Cuffs,
Lot # 594 - Prairie Hide Moccasins with Satin Ribbonwork Cuffs,
Potawatomi or Shawnee, in colors of cream, violet, salmon, celery, and yellow. Edging in tan satin finished with white beads, length 10.75". > Item Details
Candelario the Curio Man's Tesuque Rain God,
Lot # 212 - Candelario the Curio Man's Tesuque Rain God,
ca 1900-1925, cream-slipped and painted with red and blue feathers on chest and cheeks, and rain dots and clouds on bowl. Back signed "CTCM" for J.S. Candelario, the Curio Man, who commissioned Tesuque women to create rain gods for his shop in Santa Fe, (Anderson 2002, 74), height 6.5". > Item Details
Three Indian Handmade Silver Bead Necklaces,
Lot # 294 - Three Indian Handmade Silver Bead Necklaces,
lot of 3, all strung on silver chain. Includes a graduated bead necklace, length 19.25"; PLUS another with slightly larger beads, 19.25"; AND one with elegant beads, each stamped with scallops, length 19.25". > Item Details
Blackfoot Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag,
Lot # 379 - Blackfoot Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag,
ca 1900, sinew-sewn and edge-beaded along sides with light blue seed beads. Bottom third of bag beaded with two stacked, terraced triangles executed in cobalt, greasy yellow, red white heart, and pink against a light blue ground. Brass bells on bottom corners of bag mark the beginning of the long fr... > Item Details
Iroquois Beaded Purses,
Lot # 940 - Iroquois Beaded Purses,
lot of 3. All designed with typical floral motifs using multiple shades of white, red, yellow, green, and blue seed beads on black velveteen and edged with red wool, glazed cotton linings; smaller bags with brown twill straps, length 7" x width 7.5; PLUS length 4.5" x width 4.25"; AND length 3.75" ... > Item Details
Navajo Pictorial Weaving,
Lot # 890 - Navajo Pictorial Weaving,
woven using a soft pallet of light browns, gray, and cream to form bands of arrows, length 60" x width 30". > Item Details
Plains Pipe Tomahawk with Cast Brass Head,
Lot # 535 - Plains Pipe Tomahawk with Cast Brass Head,
with saddle-shaped bowl base and "John Porter" written on blade, length 7.25" x width of blade 2.75". Oak or hickory handle decorated with bands of file-branding, total length 24.25". > Item Details
Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 903 - Navajo Regional Weaving,
woven with a cream ground and detailed with black and aniline red serrated, diagonal bands, with twisted fringe at one end, length 58" x width 33". > Item Details
Plains Fixed-Stone-Head Club,
Lot # 524 - Plains Fixed-Stone-Head Club,
with wood haft covered with red ocher rubbed rawhide extending into tab and decorated with red broadcloth, length w/o tab 22.5". Club is illustrated in photo of "The Greene's Indian Display" in Knode (1968: 23). > Item Details
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