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Reproduction The Hickman-Ebbert Co. Wagon Chromolithographed Tin Sign,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
Owensboro, Ky., stamped tin with pseudo-framing in black and gold with above inscription along lower margin, scene of harvesting apples and loading onto the product, 34.7" x 23.4".

Slight soil, and minor bend in upper left corner, VG+.
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Cast Iron Sulky Racer,
Lot # 159 - Cast Iron Sulky Racer,
in original silver and red paint, 7" long. > Item Details
<i>Buddy L</i> Cement Mixer,
Lot # 138 - Buddy L Cement Mixer,
no. 832, ca 1950-51, in original green paint and decals, 11" long. > Item Details
<i>Clark's ONT</i> Chromolithograph Advertising Poster,
Lot # 428 - Clark's ONT Chromolithograph Advertising Poster,
entitled My Momma Wants A Spool of ONT country store interior with little girl asking female clerk for product, various products scattered throughout interior of store, 15" x 20" in newer frame and mat, 22.5" x 28". > Item Details
<i>Buddy L</i> Dredge,
Lot # 136 - Buddy L Dredge,
no. 270, ca 1926-30, in original red and black paint with decals, steam boiler with working door, 18" high x 27.75" long with crane up. > Item Details
<i>Double Nugget</i> Gumball Machine,
Lot # 862 - Double Nugget Gumball Machine,
two glass gumball machines side by side. Costs one cent. 10.25" x 6" x 17". > Item Details
<i>Fidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance</i> Thermometer,
Lot # 575 - Fidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance Thermometer,
factory painted Safety First Fidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance Co. of New York porcelain-enameled thermometer with tombstone form, blue and white, complete with two mounting holes, 26.5" high x 7" wide. > Item Details
<i>Donaldson Litho. Co. Newport, Ky.</i> Bock Beer Poster,
Lot # 283 - Donaldson Litho. Co. Newport, Ky. Bock Beer Poster,
ca 1912-14 stone chromolithograph scene with Wright Flier in which goat with beer glass is piloting while lovely young lady with scarf and beer glass has her arm around the goat, on yellow ground with Bock along bottom and hanger ad at top, 19" x 25". > Item Details
<i>Ball Gum One Cent</i> Slot Machine,
Lot # 840 - Ball Gum One Cent Slot Machine,
cast metal case with wood sides and locking metal back, 3 wheels with various old cigarette logos, 8" x 11" x 11.5" high. > Item Details
<i>Coca Cola</i> Thermometer,
Lot # 590 - Coca Cola Thermometer,
chromolithographed Coca Cola Trade Mark Registered Bottle Pat'd Dec. 25, 1923 oval-shaped tin sign with image of a figural Coca Cola bottle rendered in red, bronze and black, complete with two mounting holes, 15.5" high x 6.5" wide. > Item Details
<i>Mountain Dew</i> Tin Advertising Sign,
Lot # 383 - Mountain Dew Tin Advertising Sign,
stamped and polychrome-painted tin with wood bracing in rear, 34.5" x 58". > Item Details
Lot of Three Building Cast Iron Still Banks,
Lot # 7 - Lot of Three Building Cast Iron Still Banks,
includes Moore 1098 in original copper finish, PLUS Moore 1000, One Story House in original polychrome paint, AND Moore 1080 State Bank lacks paint. > Item Details
Group of Three Round Thermometers,
Lot # 571 - Group of Three Round Thermometers,
chromolithographed PM With That Clear Clean Taste Blended Whiskey. 86 Proof. 70% Grain Neutral Spirits. National Distillers Products Corp., New York, N.Y., copper thermometer with disk shape, image of a bartender and a bell-hop serving PM Whiskey and a gift rendered in white, red, blue, yellow and b... > Item Details
1925 Coca-Cola Calendar & 1927 Coca-Cola Calendar,
Lot # 539 - 1925 Coca-Cola Calendar & 1927 Coca-Cola Calendar,
1925 Calendar depicts pretty woman with a fur shawl, holding product in hand. 12" x 24"; AND 1927 calendar depicts pretty woman in dress holding product in hand. 12" x 24". > Item Details
Three <i>We Sell Duesseldorfer Beer</i> Porcelain Signs,
Lot # 315 - Three We Sell Duesseldorfer Beer Porcelain Signs,
blue and white with angle so sign is at right angle to wall on which it is mounted with above text and Indianapolis Brewing Co. below, 7" high x 16" long, marked Quaylke, Chicago on lower margin. > Item Details
<i>Automic Receiving Teller</i> Bank
Lot # 16 - Automic Receiving Teller Bank
stamped sheet steel of the above name made by the American Banking Machine Company, Saginaw, Mich. Front has embossed Greek temple-style building front with Door To Success above the central arched doors, shelf below with 4 slots to deposit various-sized coins, in old silver paint, made to hang on ... > Item Details
<i>Old Pepper Whiskey</i> Chromolithograph Tray,
Lot # 617 - Old Pepper Whiskey Chromolithograph Tray,
tray depicts product in the center, surrounded by colonial soldiers drinking. American flag border that reads Established 1780, Jas. E. Pepper & Co. Lexington, Ky. 13.75" x 16.75". > Item Details
<i>The Donaldson Litho. Co. Newport, Ky.</i> Bock Beer Poster,
Lot # 278 - The Donaldson Litho. Co. Newport, Ky. Bock Beer Poster,
ca 1912-14 stone chromolithograph scene with central glass beer stein, flanked by U.S. shield at right with barley and Imperial German shield with goat head surmount at left and Bock on ribbon banner below with hanger ad along top margin, 18.5" x 25". > Item Details
<i>Doan's Pills & Indian Gloves</i> Wooden Thermometers,
Lot # 586 - Doan's Pills & Indian Gloves Wooden Thermometers,
chromolithographed Indianapolis Glove Company, Indian AppleUs Gloves, The Workman is Entitled to the Best, rectangular wood thermometer, image of an apple rendered in green, white, and yellow, 10.5" high x 3" wide; AND lithographed Is Your Back Bad Today? Backache is Usually Kidney-Ache and Makes Yo... > Item Details
<i>Brucks</i> & <i>Pabst</i> Trays,
Lot # 633 - Brucks & Pabst Trays,
Pabst tray depicts people in front of giant Pabst barrels. Reads Pabst Milwaukee, Perfection and Purity Make Pabst the Popular Beer. 15.25" x 18.5". Rectangular Brucks tray reads Over 80 Years, Brucks Cincinnati. Black, red, white and blue. 10.75" x 13.75". > Item Details
Butler County, Ohio Fair Poster, 1899,
Lot # 690 - Butler County, Ohio Fair Poster, 1899,
with engraving of sulky racing, in red and black with extensive text, 14" x 22", framed. > Item Details
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