Lot 803    

Woodruff & Edwards Co. Elgin National Cast Iron Coffee Mill,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
store-type counter top cast iron mill in original red and gold paint with stenciled decorations and cast brass eagle surmount. The mill is marked 44 and has stencil of a eagle atop an American shield. Two flywheels marked with raised lettering Woodruff and Edwards Co. Elgin, Ill. and Elgin National Coffee Mill. Urn-shaped coffee hopper with pivoting domed lid. Tin oval pan. Total height 26" with 15" diameter wheels. Complete with two mounting holes.

With minor scratches, red paint circa 95%, VG.
Sold: $920.00
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Cigar & Beer Chromolithographed Tin Tip Trays,
Lot # 637 - Cigar & Beer Chromolithographed Tin Tip Trays,
lot of 3. Includes 2 different rectangular 7-20-4 Cigar, 4.2" x 6.2" & 4.7" x 6.7", AND round Indianapolis Brewing Co. Lieber's Gold Medal Beer, 5.2" diameter. > Item Details
<i>Tickette</i> Trade Stimulator Machine,
Lot # 892 - Tickette Trade Stimulator Machine,
punch-card-type gambling device in metallic enamel-painted finish used 5¢, 7" x 15" x 14" high. > Item Details
<i>Races Win, Place, Show</i> Slot,
Lot # 836 - Races Win, Place, Show Slot,
die cast metal 3-reel shot of the above name with embossed race horses on front, curved deco form, with key, 8.5" square x 10" high. > Item Details
<i>Exhibit Supply</i> Card Machine &  Coin Operated Match or Cigarette Vendor,
Lot # 889 - Exhibit Supply Card Machine & Coin Operated Match or Cigarette Vendor,
reads Exhibit Supply Co's Cards. Put a penny in the slot then slide all the way in. Pull out slowly and receive card. 7" x 9.5" x 10.75". The coin operated match or cigarette vendor is painted green and features bells, cherries and oranges that determined how many matches/cigarettes you won. 5.5" x ... > Item Details
Large <i>Woolson's Coffee</i> Tin,
Lot # 237 - Large Woolson's Coffee Tin,
lithographed Woolson's Fresh Roasted Coffee The Woolson Spice Co. Toledo, Ohio Famous for Coffees for Fifty Years. cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, yellow and navy blue, 20.5" high x 15.5" diameter. > Item Details
Nickeled Cast Iron Cash Register Slot Machine,
Lot # 844 - Nickeled Cast Iron Cash Register Slot Machine,
ornate floral pattern, cast iron with 3 reels, nickel finish, 8" x 9" x 11" high. > Item Details
Old <i>Contact Master</i> Pinball Machine,
Lot # 882 - Old Contact Master Pinball Machine,
wooden case with slant glass top, battery powered made by Pacific Amusement MFG. Co., 18.5" x 39.5" x 10.5" high. > Item Details
<i>South Bend Plows</i> Tin Sign, PLUS,
Lot # 465 - South Bend Plows Tin Sign, PLUS,
stamped sheet tin in black lettering on yellow ground, 6.5" x 28". > Item Details
<i>Mentholatum</i> Thermometer,
Lot # 600 - Mentholatum Thermometer,
stenciled After Shaving Mentholatum Cooling Refreshing Mentholatum Relieves Headache and Catarrh All Druggists wood thermometer with tombstone form, regimental stripes rendered in white, red and black, reverse side Dorfman Bros Corona, N.Y. 20.5" high x 5" wide, complete with two mounting holes. > Item Details
<i>The Swift Mill,  Lane Brothers</i> Cast Iron Coffee Mill,
Lot # 802 - The Swift Mill, Lane Brothers Cast Iron Coffee Mill,
store-type counter top cast iron mill with original black and gilt paint. Urn-shaped hopper with ball finial with pivoting dome lid. Mill marked with raised lettering Pat'd Feb, 9 1875. Tandem flywheels on one side marked with raised lettering The Swift Mill, Lane Brothers Poughkeepsie, N.Y.. Boxed... > Item Details
Pair of Court  Jester Profile  Tobacco Cutters,
Lot # 555 - Pair of Court Jester Profile Tobacco Cutters,
includes two cast iron cutters with original black paint with a profiles of court jesters thumbing their noses. First cutter 8" high x 13" long and includes stylized vine and scroll motifs, second cutter 8.5" high x 13.5" long. > Item Details
<i>Kenton Toys</i> Cast Iron Horse and Wagon,
Lot # 155 - Kenton Toys Cast Iron Horse and Wagon,
marked as above with single horse and driver in original polychrome paint, 14.4" long. > Item Details
Toy Cast Iron <i>Prize</i> Cookstove,
Lot # 167 - Toy Cast Iron Prize Cookstove,
quite ornate with removable back/chimney, side shelf and lids, working grate-cleaner and two working doors, all nickeled, 11.25" long x 6.25" deep x 11.75" high. Includes matching kettle and fry pan. > Item Details
Cast Iron Tobacco Cutters,
Lot # 545 - Cast Iron Tobacco Cutters,
includes a cast iron cutter with portions of original red paint. Lever and base have a more recent coat of sky blue paint. Base marked with raised lettering P.J. Sorg & Co. Pat Dec 11, 1886. 10" high x 21" long. AND cast iron cutter with figural halberd shaped lever with wooden handle. Very worn Bat... > Item Details
<i>Coca-Cola & Marathon</i> Thermometers
Lot # 576 - Coca-Cola & Marathon Thermometers
both chromolithographed tin, includes a bottle shaped coca-cola, marked Robertson, 17.2" high, AND red, white and blue Marathon The Ohio Oil Co. Lima, Ohio, 5" x 16". > Item Details
<i>Buddy L</i> Hoisting Tower,
Lot # 139 - Buddy L Hoisting Tower,
no 350, ca 1926-29, in original black and red paint, 29" high. > Item Details
<i>Vest Pocket Basket Ball</i>, Trade Stimulator,
Lot # 956 - Vest Pocket Basket Ball, Trade Stimulator,
pinball-type single marble shooter with wood case, cast metal name plate atop, chromolithographed player and court behind cover glass, uses penny, 9" x 7.25" x 16.75" high. > Item Details
Group of Nine Tobacco Tins,
Lot # 184 - Group of Nine Tobacco Tins,
chromolithographed Justrite For High Class Smokers cylinder form tin with friction-fitted lid, brown, gold, red, white and black, 5" high x 3.5" diameter; PLUS chromolithographed Charles Thomson 5C Londres squared-shape tobacco tin with friction-fitted lid, yellow, orange, blue, black, white and gre... > Item Details
Tin Lithographed Ice Cream Vendor,
Lot # 102 - Tin Lithographed Ice Cream Vendor,
unmarked chromolithographed tin and pressed board cycle-driven ice cream truck, keywind, spring-driven working motor, 9.5" long. > Item Details
<i>1¢ Hershey's Mr. Goodbar & Milk Chocolate Bar</i> Vending Machine,
Lot # 894 - 1¢ Hershey's Mr. Goodbar & Milk Chocolate Bar Vending Machine,
metal with textures brown painted and chromed finish with glass front with original decals, made by Shipmann MFG. Co., L.A., 6.75" x 7" x 19.25" high. > Item Details
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