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Woodruff & Edwards Co. Elgin National Cast Iron Coffee Mill,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
store-type counter top cast iron mill in original red and gold paint with stenciled decorations and cast brass eagle surmount. The mill is marked 44 and has stencil of a eagle atop an American shield. Two flywheels marked with raised lettering Woodruff and Edwards Co. Elgin, Ill. and Elgin National Coffee Mill. Urn-shaped coffee hopper with pivoting domed lid. Tin oval pan. Total height 26" with 15" diameter wheels. Complete with two mounting holes.

With minor scratches, red paint circa 95%, VG.
Sold: $920.00
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Gumball Machine,
Lot # 932 - Gumball Machine,
includes a cast metal body with baked metallic blue enamel paint. Squared glass globe with yellow and red acorn decal with black 1¢ denomination. Nickeled flap with engraved stylized acorn. Complete with functional key for lock on top. 14"5" high x 6" wide. > Item Details
Cast Iron Guillotine Shaped Tobacco Cutter,
Lot # 546 - Cast Iron Guillotine Shaped Tobacco Cutter,
includes a cast iron tobacco cutter with marked raised lettering on both sides of top mount Wilson McCallay Tobacco Co. Middletown, Ohio. On both sides of blade movement wheel a stylized bell with Big Ring. Underside of cutter base marked with a raised numbered 3. Complete with two mounting holes. 1... > Item Details
<i>John Deere</i> Cast Iron Wall Pocket,
Lot # 699 - John Deere Cast Iron Wall Pocket,
figural cast iron with leaping deer inside buckled garter on which is embossed John Deere Molline, Ill 1847, above a pocket with embossed plow on front and scrollwork at sides, with screw mount holes at top and bottom, 10.75" wide x 17.75" long. This is either a later recast by Deere or a fake. > Item Details
Tin Lithographed Ice Cream Vendor,
Lot # 102 - Tin Lithographed Ice Cream Vendor,
unmarked chromolithographed tin and pressed board cycle-driven ice cream truck, keywind, spring-driven working motor, 9.5" long. > Item Details
<i>The Yankee</i> Cigar Cutter,
Lot # 557 - The Yankee Cigar Cutter,
includes a cast iron bank with original silver paint. American shield marked with raised lettering The Yankee. Side walls with floral scrolled motifs. Base walls with cast triangle pattern. Underside of base marked with raised lettering Pat July. 13.09. 7" high x 8" long. > Item Details
<i>Coca-Cola & Marathon</i> Thermometers
Lot # 576 - Coca-Cola & Marathon Thermometers
both chromolithographed tin, includes a bottle shaped coca-cola, marked Robertson, 17.2" high, AND red, white and blue Marathon The Ohio Oil Co. Lima, Ohio, 5" x 16". > Item Details
<i>Clark's</i> Six-Drawer Spool Cabinet,
Lot # 641 - Clark's Six-Drawer Spool Cabinet,
oak with poplar and pine secondary woods, molded base and cornice, and paneled ends. Six drawers have foil-backed glass panels and black-painted letters reading, CLARK'S / O.N.T. / GEORGE A. CLARK / SOLE AGENT. / FAST BLACK, / WHITE,. Appears to retain its original brass pulls. 23" high x 26" wid... > Item Details
National Clock Company Time Clock,
Lot # 683 - National Clock Company Time Clock,
time punch-type housed in a cast iron frame embossed A.S.T. Co. Boston Automatic in original black paint with gold scrollwork, keywind spring-driven movement with access on under side of round base, adjustable days of the week, month and day of the month with time. Clock mounted in front with silver... > Item Details
Football Arcade Game,
Lot # 931 - Football Arcade Game,
coin-operated football skill game. Insert coin and try to shoot balls into holes. Still works. 39.25" x 21" x 40.25" > Item Details
Two Still Banks, Cast Iron Lion and White Metal Globe Stove,
Lot # 12 - Two Still Banks, Cast Iron Lion and White Metal Globe Stove,
includes Moore 756, Lion Haired Mane, in original gold paint, PLUS Globe Heat Stove in bronzed finish, marked on rear Globe Stove & Range/Company/Kokomo, Ind., 2.75" square x 5.5" high, with key. > Item Details
Lot of Toy Soldiers and Animals,
Lot # 86 - Lot of Toy Soldiers and Animals,
lot of 40. Includes 24 cast metal soldiers, sailors & nurses, most in original paint, various makers, between 2" and 4.25" high; PLUS 2 cast metal scarecrows and Indian in original paint, 2.75" & 2" high; PLUS 5 cast metal ducklings in original paint, 1" long; AND 6 hand-blown glass birds, geese, st... > Item Details
Group of Eight Coffee Tins,
Lot # 228 - Group of Eight Coffee Tins,
chromolithographed The Morey Mills Mocha & Java Coffee Denver, Colo. rectangular tin with hinged lid, blue, silver and black, 7" high x 6" long x 4" wide; PLUS chromolithographed Glendora Brand Coffee Roasted and Packaged by Glendora Products Co. Warren, PA cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, ... > Item Details
Lot 416a: Dr. Miles Patent Meds. Die Cut Dolls
Lot # 1012 - Lot 416a: Dr. Miles Patent Meds. Die Cut Dolls
38 pieces, includes 5 different die-cut dolls with interchangeable outfits. Each named doll has a kickstand back and advertises a different Dr. Miles product, such as Katrina for Dr. Miles Heart Cure, Grace for Dr. Miles Nervine, 2 Edith dolls for Dr. Miles Heart Cure, and Dorothy (Dolly) Quincy for... > Item Details
Early China Doll with Original Costume,
Lot # 73 - Early China Doll with Original Costume,
unmarked painted china head with black molded hair and blue eyes on a sewn kid leather body in all period clothing, 23" high. > Item Details
Shepard Cast Iron Mechanical <i>Artillery Bank</i>,
Lot # 29 - Shepard Cast Iron Mechanical Artillery Bank,
Norman 1060-e (G-4), red coated Confederate version, with bronzed finished cannon. > Item Details
Four <i>John Kauffman Brewing Co.</i> Glasses,
Lot # 697 - Four John Kauffman Brewing Co. Glasses,
all acid-etched with the above and Cupid atop eagle logo with Gilt Edge Cincinnati, O., below, 2.25" diameter x 3.5" high. > Item Details
Lot of Early Board Games & Puzzles,
Lot # 44 - Lot of Early Board Games & Puzzles,
lot of 5, includes 2 early Sohio Gas boxed humorous puzzles; PLUS Mystic Tray boxed board game; PLUS Mandarins, renamed Mahjongg in original box by Piroxloid Prod. Corp, N.Y.; AND Davis Felt & Flannel boxed game. > Item Details
Two Match Vending Machines,
Lot # 919 - Two Match Vending Machines,
includes one with label reading Book Matches 2 for 1¢, wood case, 6.5" x 4" x 14" high; AND a heavy sheet steel example with peaked top in old blue repaint, 6" x 6" x 16" high. > Item Details
<i>Edna  Smelting and Refining Co.</i> Novelty Clock and Inkwell,
Lot # 680 - Edna Smelting and Refining Co. Novelty Clock and Inkwell,
includes brass body with circular clock with ciphered CW on face, manufactured by the Waterbury Company. Exterior marked with raised lettering Porteous Graphite Babbitt Edna Smelt and Refining Co. Cincinnati, O. in addition marked with engraved lettering Porteous Locomotive and Stationary Injectors ... > Item Details
<i>The Spearhead</i> and <i>Black Beauty</i> Tobacco Cutters,
Lot # 549 - The Spearhead and Black Beauty Tobacco Cutters,
includes a cast iron cutter with original red paint. Spear shaped base marked with raised lettering P.J. Sorg Co. Spearhead. Underside marked Made by the Rogers Iron Co. Springfield, Ohio.. 5" high x 16" long. AND cast iron cutter with original black paint with figural shaped lever of a horse's head... > Item Details
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