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Woodruff & Edwards Co. Elgin National Cast Iron Coffee Mill,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
store-type counter top cast iron mill in original red and gold paint with stenciled decorations and cast brass eagle surmount. The mill is marked 44 and has stencil of a eagle atop an American shield. Two flywheels marked with raised lettering Woodruff and Edwards Co. Elgin, Ill. and Elgin National Coffee Mill. Urn-shaped coffee hopper with pivoting domed lid. Tin oval pan. Total height 26" with 15" diameter wheels. Complete with two mounting holes.

With minor scratches, red paint circa 95%, VG.
Sold: $920.00
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Lot 760a: <i>Great American Jewelry Catalogue 1912</i>,
Lot # 1018 - Lot 760a: Great American Jewelry Catalogue 1912,
4to volume in illustrated paper wraps, fully illustrated 748pp. > Item Details
Two <i>Northwestern Litho. Co. Milwaukee</i> Bock Beer Posters,
Lot # 297 - Two Northwestern Litho. Co. Milwaukee Bock Beer Posters,
both ca 1912-14 stone chromolithographs. Includes scene with white-haired happy gentleman with tankard, and pipe, hops and barley wreath surround with Bock on scroll banner below and hanger ad above, 18.5" x 25"; AND scene of four men drinking at tavern table with hops and barley wreath surround and... > Item Details
<i>Selz Shoes Make Your Selz Shoes Feet Glad</i> Mirrored Glass Sign,
Lot # 432 - Selz Shoes Make Your Selz Shoes Feet Glad Mirrored Glass Sign,
with above text in blue and white, original chain hanger, 11" x 24". > Item Details
Tobacco Paper Window Signs,
Lot # 339 - Tobacco Paper Window Signs,
lot of 3, includes 4-color printed Chew Pinch Hit The Hit of the Day, with baseball base runner, ball in flight and product, 10.65" x 13.75"; AND two Pay Car Scrap, 3-color with street car, 15" x 19.75. > Item Details
<i>Kelley Chicago</i> Chewing Gum Machine and a Coin-Op Wood Box,
Lot # 953 - Kelley Chicago Chewing Gum Machine and a Coin-Op Wood Box,
first item consists of a wood box with a metal escutcheon marked with raised lettering The Kelley Chicago Ill. Front side also includes circular window with No. 5 No Gambling A Stick of Kelley's Chewing Gum (Not Made by a Trust) For Every Coin Played in This Machine. Drop a Penny in the Slot, Extra ... > Item Details
<i>Coca Cola</i> Thermometer,
Lot # 590 - Coca Cola Thermometer,
chromolithographed Coca Cola Trade Mark Registered Bottle Pat'd Dec. 25, 1923 oval-shaped tin sign with image of a figural Coca Cola bottle rendered in red, bronze and black, complete with two mounting holes, 15.5" high x 6.5" wide. > Item Details
<i>Star Bread</i> Counter Display Case,
Lot # 670 - Star Bread Counter Display Case,
oak in original finish with polychrome stencil on drawer front below two glass doors with interior shelving, 22" x 12 x 26". > Item Details
<i>5¢, 10¢ U.S. Postage Stamps</i> Vending Machine,
Lot # 914 - 5¢, 10¢ U.S. Postage Stamps Vending Machine,
porcelain-enameled on steel in red, white and blue with head of Uncle Sam, includes key, 8" x 4.5" x 20.5". > Item Details
Group of Two Tobacco Tins,
Lot # 202 - Group of Two Tobacco Tins,
chromolithographed Tiger Bright Chewing Tobacco 5¢ Packages rectangular tin with hinged lid, red, gold, black and white, 11.5" high x 8" long x 6.5" wide; AND chromolithographed Light Sweet Burley Tobacco cylindrical tin with hinged lid, yellow, red and gold, 11.5" high x 8.25" diameter. > Item Details
<i> Diamond Book Matches 2 For 1¢</i> Vending Machine,
Lot # 927 - Diamond Book Matches 2 For 1¢ Vending Machine,
baked enamel paint on steel in blue and white, 7.5" x 4.5" x 13" high. > Item Details
<i>Mar Toys</i> Tin Dump Truck,
Lot # 94 - Mar Toys Tin Dump Truck,
keywind, spring-driven with #7 on door and dumping bed, 9" long. > Item Details
Lot of Japanese Chromolithographed Tin Toys in Original Boxes,
Lot # 105 - Lot of Japanese Chromolithographed Tin Toys in Original Boxes,
all keywind. Includes Crawling Baby by Suzuki, 4" long; PLUS Santa Claus Cycle by Suzuki, 4" high; PLUS Mechanical Walking Car marked with leaf and Y, 4.5" long; AND Wonda-Scope, 10-in-1 multi-purpose tool, compass, magnifier, etc. made by N.K.Morris Mfg. Co., Avon, NJ, 3" long closed. > Item Details
<i>Northwestern Litho. Co. Milwaukee</i> Bock Beer Poster,
Lot # 286 - Northwestern Litho. Co. Milwaukee Bock Beer Poster,
ca 1912-14 stone chromolithograph with lightly clad young lady holding on to horn of a goat with blue ribbons in horns, the two appear to be exiting field of both hops and barley, Bock Beer below, 22" x 32". > Item Details
Trading Card Coin-Op,
Lot # 913 - Trading Card Coin-Op,
cast metal with original paint two front windows with Tales of Wells Fargo & Wagon Train cards flanking larger central window showing card dispenser, 13" x 6" x 14" high. > Item Details
<i>Cottolene</i> Racial Advertising Tip Tray,
Lot # 605 - Cottolene Racial Advertising Tip Tray,
chromolithographed tin with African-American mother and daughter picking cotton with cottage in background, printed inscription around rim in yellow on black The Source of Cottolene "Nature's gift from the Sunny South"; reverse with can of Cottolene and The N.K. Fairbanks Company; 4.25" diameter. > Item Details
<i>Ohio Matches 1¢</i> Coin-Op Vending Machine,
Lot # 916 - Ohio Matches 1¢ Coin-Op Vending Machine,
streamline-style baked enameled finish in maroon with white vertical striping and original decals on steel, 4.25" x 5.25" x 13.5" high. > Item Details
Lot of 80 Tin, Wood & Card Stock Cigar Boxes,
Lot # 222 - Lot of 80 Tin, Wood & Card Stock Cigar Boxes,
includes tin Niles & Moser's Factory Smokers, wooden examples include the following: A.F. Graessle's Commercial, Havana Cloreo, Red Dot, Wm. Penn, La Maceda, El Producto, Don Sebastian, Little Oden, Deisel-Wemmer-Gilbert Seconds, La Fendrich, Dutch Masters, Lindner's Havana Cheroots, Margate, El Ric... > Item Details
<i>Budweiser</i> Chromolithographed Tin Beer Tray,
Lot # 616 - Budweiser Chromolithographed Tin Beer Tray,
rectangular with English hunt scene showing after-hunt activities in front of fire with product on table, woodgrain border with hunting equipment, 10.5" x 13.25". > Item Details
<i>Seeburg Stereo Showcase</i> Jukebox,
Lot # 982 - Seeburg Stereo Showcase Jukebox,
Seeburg Model SS-160 Stereo Showcase Jukebox. Features artists such as Aerosmith, Stevie Wonder, and Rod Stewart. Holds 80 records and has 160 song selections. 24.8" x 40.25" x 52.8". Weighs 375lbs. > Item Details
Early  Female Figural Cigar Lighter,
Lot # 540 - Early Female Figural Cigar Lighter,
bronze mythological-like statue of a woman with a raised torch in a gloved left hand and clenching a dove in her right hand. Bedecked in a classical headdress and finery in a sinuous stance. Complete with cast iron octagonal base and spout for gas hose line. 18" high x 6" diameter. > Item Details
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