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Dayton Toy & Specialty Co., Sonny Moving Van,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
ca 1920-30, made of heavy-gage auto steel like Buddy L, in original red and black paint with decals, working tailgate on covered bed, 26" long

From the Estate of John Auraden of Hamilton & Fairhaven, Ohio.

Rear axle detached, with all wheels, paint ca 92%, VG.
Sold: $690.00
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<i>National Specialty M'F'G. Co.</i> Small Counter Top Coffee Mill,
Lot # 798 - National Specialty M'F'G. Co. Small Counter Top Coffee Mill,
store-type counter top cast iron mill with original red paint and stenciled gilded intricate scrolling decorations. Urn-shaped hopper with pivoting domed lid. Mill base marked with raised lettering National Specialty M'F'G. Co. Philadelphia, U.S.A. Two flywheels marked with raised lettering National... > Item Details
Porcelain <i>French Bauer Ice Cream</i> Double-Sided Sign,
<i>Mills</i> Early One Cent Draw Poker Machine,
Lot # 878 - Mills Early One Cent Draw Poker Machine,
slot-type trade stimulator made by the Mills Novelty Co., Chicago. Oak case with 5 wheels, with chromolithographed playing cards, top mounted instruction card that lists winnings for each hand and extra card, 12.75" x 8" x 22.25". In original finish. > Item Details
<i>Smiley</i> Clown Coin-Op,
Lot # 925 - Smiley Clown Coin-Op,
pinball-type with glass front in polychrome reverse painting of clown, wood case, 15.5" x 7.75" x 25.25" high. > Item Details
<i>Pulver Chewing Gum</i> Vending Machine,
Lot # 910 - Pulver Chewing Gum Vending Machine,
enameled steel case with glass front in red and white with Cop & Robber on interior, selling Hot Chu & Joy Mints, 9" x 4.5" x 20.75". > Item Details
<i>T. Cohn</i> Chromolithographed Tin Beach Pail,
Lot # 101 - T. Cohn Chromolithographed Tin Beach Pail,
with little boys and girl in patriotic bathing outfits and text Three Cheers for the Red White and Blue, with swing handle, 5.5" diameter and high, less handle. > Item Details
<i>Yeager Milling Company</i> Whole Wheat Paper Label & Bags,
Lot # 711 - Yeager Milling Company Whole Wheat Paper Label & Bags,
labels read Yeager Milling Company, Whole Wheat Flower, J.M. Yeager. Depict Indian woman with bow. 15.5" diameter in blue and red from Yeagertown, Pa. > Item Details
<i>Crowley's</i> Walnut Needle Cabinet,
Lot # 658 - Crowley's Walnut Needle Cabinet,
in original finish with 19 drawers and gilt stencils, 19.5" x 10" x 10" high. > Item Details
<i>Sterling Beer</i> Figural Beer Counter Display,
Lot # 313 - Sterling Beer Figural Beer Counter Display,
cast white metal in original polychrome-painted finish, figure of young lady in '50s drive-through restaurant car-hop uniform with arms raised above head on plinth base with above text. When you lift and shake the figure a bell rings in base, 15" high. > Item Details
Group of Seven Coffee Tins,
Lot # 243 - Group of Seven Coffee Tins,
chromolithographed Golden Dream Brand Coffee cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, red, yellow, blue, green, and black, 4" high x 5" diameter; PLUS chromolithographed Lipton's Finest Yellow Label Brand Steel Cut Coffee cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, yellow, red, white and gold, 6" hig... > Item Details
<i>Fidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance</i> Thermometer,
Lot # 575 - Fidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance Thermometer,
factory painted Safety First Fidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance Co. of New York porcelain-enameled thermometer with tombstone form, blue and white, complete with two mounting holes, 26.5" high x 7" wide. > Item Details
Tin Beer Trays, <i>Kingsbury</i> & <i>Brucks</i>,
Lot # 626 - Tin Beer Trays, Kingsbury & Brucks,
text reads Aristocrat of Beer, Kingsbury Brewing Co, Manitowoc and Sheboygan, Wisconsin, red, gold and black, 12" diameter. Larger tray reads Brucks Jubilee, Over 86 Years Continuous Brewing, The Bruckmann Breweries, Cincinnati's Oldest, red, white and cream, 13.5" diameter. > Item Details
Lot 111a: <i>Jensen MFG. Co.</i> Electric Steam Engine,
Lot # 1002 - Lot 111a: Jensen MFG. Co. Electric Steam Engine,
with chromed brass and black painted sheet steel boiler with piping conecting it to cast iron and milled steel fly wheel, both mounted on varnish-finished pine board with decal that reads Jensen MFG. Co./Jeannette, Pa./110 Volts: A.C. or D.C., board is 9.5" x 11.5" and unit is 6.5" high. > Item Details
<i>Sherwin-Williams Paints</i>  Porcelain  Enamel Sign,
Lot # 479 - Sherwin-Williams Paints Porcelain Enamel Sign,
heavy-gauge steel with Cover The Earth in polychrome colors, 35.5" x 63.5". > Item Details
Five Die-cut Cardboard <i>Butter-Nut Bread</i> Door Hanger Signs,
Lot # 390 - Five Die-cut Cardboard Butter-Nut Bread Door Hanger Signs,
3 alike and 2 different, total of 3 types, all chromolithographed on card stock with original string hangers, 14" x 11", and 11" x 7". > Item Details
Guns, Woodworking Machinery, Toys, Power Tools and Theatre Equipment Catalogs,
Lot # 768 - Guns, Woodworking Machinery, Toys, Power Tools and Theatre Equipment Catalogs,
lot of 15 includes the following 4to catalogs: The Gun Digest 1944 Edition, 162pp; Second Annual Convention and Shoe Rebuilders Show Program, June 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, Cincinnati, Ohio, 18pp; Delta Power Tools 1940 Catalog Q-3, The Delta Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 47pp; Woodworkin... > Item Details
Store Counter Mustard Tin,
Lot # 262 - Store Counter Mustard Tin,
chromolithographed Mustard Dilworth Bro's Pittsburgh, PA tin storage bin with hinged lid, image of Eastern European dressed young lady rendered in white, green, red, gold, and brown, 13" high x 10.5" long x 8" wide. > Item Details
Counter Top Wood & Glass Potato Chip Display,
Lot # 667 - Counter Top Wood & Glass Potato Chip Display,
mixed woods with circular wood lid in top and lift door at front, 12" wide x 17" deep x 12.75" high. > Item Details
<i>Burdsal's</i>  Paint Sign,
Lot # 477 - Burdsal's Paint Sign,
double-sided porcelain-enameled on heavy-gauge steel entitled Burdsal's Paints of Quality, 1867, in red, white, blue & yellow with can of product at top flanked by mounting holes, 16.75" x 30". > Item Details
Lot of Advertising Ceramics,
Lot # 696 - Lot of Advertising Ceramics,
lot of 6, includes Doe-Wah-Jack Round Oak Stove advertising plate with Native American, 9" diameter, PLUS Lion Store Kaufaman & Wolf, Hammond, Ind. plate with transfer of building, 10" diameter, PLUS Odd Fellows Home, Springfield, Ohio with sepia transfer of building, 7" diameter, PLUS Morton Salt c... > Item Details
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