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Dayton Toy & Specialty Co., Sonny Moving Van,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
ca 1920-30, made of heavy-gage auto steel like Buddy L, in original red and black paint with decals, working tailgate on covered bed, 26" long

From the Estate of John Auraden of Hamilton & Fairhaven, Ohio.

Rear axle detached, with all wheels, paint ca 92%, VG.
Sold: $690.00
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<i>Champions</i> Basketball Shot Machine,
Lot # 923 - Champions Basketball Shot Machine,
to play machine, insert coin and flip handle to shoot ping pong balls into a hoop. Comes with 2 balls and painted background. Red. 20.75" x 26". > Item Details
Wooden Shoe Beer Oval Tray from Minster, OH,
Lot # 625 - Wooden Shoe Beer Oval Tray from Minster, OH,
Tray reads Wooden Shoe Lager Beer, The Star Beverage Co., Minster Ohio. Shows Dutch girls on beach carrying a bucket of product. 12.5" x 15.5". > Item Details
<i>Grip Tester</i> Strength Measuring Machine,
Lot # 950 - Grip Tester Strength Measuring Machine,
includes cast iron body with original red paint surmounted by a nickeled coin insert with Grip Tester, and ciphered 1¢. Dial face with 0-300 lbs. increments with To Test Arms Pull Levers Apart or Push Levers Together and Mfd. By D. Gottlieb and Co. Chicago. The face also includes two zones; one for... > Item Details
Painted Wood Trade Sign,
Lot # 510 - Painted Wood Trade Sign,
with Guaranteed For The Life Of Your Car in black lettering on white ground, single pine board with saw-tooth ends, 11.5" x 84". > Item Details
<i>Budweiser</i> & <i>Arrow</i> Tin Trays,
Lot # 628 - Budweiser & Arrow Tin Trays,
lot of 2. First with text Ask Your Customers to Make the Budweiser Test, Anheuser-Busch St. louis, MO, red, white and black, 13" diameter. Arrow Beer tray features Gambrinus King of Lager, and reads Arrow Beer, Mellowed by Nature...Strenghtened by Repeal, 13" diameter. > Item Details
<i>Whiting's Sculptoscope</i> Coin Operated Stereo Viewer,
Lot # 929 - Whiting's Sculptoscope Coin Operated Stereo Viewer,
marked as above and Cincinnati, O. on sides, drum-form cast iron and sheet steel with coin slot at top to right of optics is marked Made by the American Novelty Co. Cincinnati, O. with patent dates of 1910 and 13, revolving cylinder of stereo cards, in original red and black paint, 8" x 12.5" x 14.5... > Item Details
<i>Brookfield  Rye</i>  Whisky  Stoneware Jug,
Lot # 737 - Brookfield Rye Whisky Stoneware Jug,
includes disk-shaped brown stoneware body complete with spout and original cork stopper. Front marked with raised lettering The Geo. Bieler Sons Co. Cincinnati Brookfield Rye with pair of griffins clutching the letter B. Reverse side with original printed dark paper label. Side of jug complete with... > Item Details
Light-Gauge Steel Coupe Touring Car,
Lot # 145 - Light-Gauge Steel Coupe Touring Car,
unmarked, in original green and white paint with spare wheel on trunk, pull-string driven, 18" long. > Item Details
Light-Gauge Steel Touring Coup,
Lot # 143 - Light-Gauge Steel Touring Coup,
unmarked keywind with battery-operated lights, in original polychrome paint, with rubber tires, ca 1920-30's, 14" long. > Item Details
Cincinnati Baking Powder Tin,
Lot # 250 - Cincinnati Baking Powder Tin,
chromolithographed Heekin's White Cap Baking Powder The Heekin Company Cincinnati, O. cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, red, white, blue, yellow and black, 26.5" high x 15" diameter. > Item Details
<i>Beechnut Chewing Tobacco</i> Chromolithographed Card Stock Baseball Sign,
Lot # 350 - Beechnut Chewing Tobacco Chromolithographed Card Stock Baseball Sign,
with 1/2 length uniformed Cardinals, Paul & Dizzy Dean with printed signatures below and large glove with pouch of product in background, 31" x 43", framed, 34.5" x 48". > Item Details
Two Fish Fertilizer Stamped Tin Signs,
Lot # 418 - Two Fish Fertilizer Stamped Tin Signs,
both light tin stamped and painted, includes Lake Eire Fish Guano, Sandusky, Ohio, in black and white with large fish in center, 6.5" x 14"; AND Fish & Bone Fertilizers...Jarecki Chemical Co., Sandusky, O. blue and white with large fish at top, 9.75" x 13.75". > Item Details
German China Head Doll,
Lot # 71 - German China Head Doll,
black head with leather jointed body, marked on chest Washable/Germany, 14" high. > Item Details
<i>Ohio Matches 1¢</i> Coin-Op Vending Machine,
Lot # 916 - Ohio Matches 1¢ Coin-Op Vending Machine,
streamline-style baked enameled finish in maroon with white vertical striping and original decals on steel, 4.25" x 5.25" x 13.5" high. > Item Details
<i>Get It</i> Mirrored Counter Top Sign & Other Advertisements,
Lot # 494 - Get It Mirrored Counter Top Sign & Other Advertisements,
Lot of 4 includes a mirrored countertop sign that reads "Gets-It", Removes Corns and Callouses. 8" x 11". Also includes a tin matchbook holder that reads Oldest & Best, Chancellor Cigar. 1.75" x 2.5". Also includes a china ashtray that reads Fatima Turkish Blend Cigarettes, Cameron & Cameron Co., Ri... > Item Details
<i>Bryce Bros. & Co.</i> Advertising Mirror,
Lot # 420 - Bryce Bros. & Co. Advertising Mirror,
Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Furnishing Goods, stamped tin folded over wood back with scalloped edge 8" square mirror in center with Washington with crossed flags surmount flanked by railroad engine and sailing ship, with above inscription and shield and spread-winged eagle below, with porcelain buttons a... > Item Details
Butler County, Ohio Fair Poster, 1899,
Lot # 690 - Butler County, Ohio Fair Poster, 1899,
with engraving of sulky racing, in red and black with extensive text, 14" x 22", framed. > Item Details
Five Architectural Cast Iron Bars,
Lot # 733 - Five Architectural Cast Iron Bars,
each item includes a single raised leaf decoration on both ends of the bar. Four of the bars are marked with raised lettering CFD, CFD, CFD,& CP&FD. Complete with mounting holes. 26" high x 7" wide. > Item Details
<i>Puritan Girl</i> Slot Machine,
Lot # 828 - Puritan Girl Slot Machine,
cast aluminum slot machine features three reels with bars, bells, cherries, lemons, plums, and oranges. Reads Puritan Girl at the top with patent number 1552771 at the bottom. Costs 5 cents to play with prizes ranging from two to twenty cents. 10.25" x 7.25" x 10". > Item Details
<i>Penny</i> Gumball Machine,
Lot # 946 - Penny Gumball Machine,
includes chromium-finished body with octagonal globe. Art Deco streamlined and stylized features on a four-sided swiveling base mounted on a stand. Base marked with raised lettering The 4 in 1 and EHL on all four sides. 18" high x 7.5" diameter. Ca 1935. > Item Details
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