Lot 129    

Dayton Toy & Specialty Co., Sonny Moving Van,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
ca 1920-30, made of heavy-gage auto steel like Buddy L, in original red and black paint with decals, working tailgate on covered bed, 26" long

From the Estate of John Auraden of Hamilton & Fairhaven, Ohio.

Rear axle detached, with all wheels, paint ca 92%, VG.
Sold: $690.00
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Lot of Two Tip Trays,
Lot # 604 - Lot of Two Tip Trays,
chromolithographed Indianapolis Brewing Co. Lieber's Gold Medal Beer tip tray with circular form, image of a beer bottle rendered in red, gold, white, green and blue, 5" diameter, AND chromolithographed Taste The Smell Dorne's Carnation Chewing Gum tip tray in circular form, with image of a pack of ... > Item Details
<i>Winchester Flashlights</i> Polychrome-Printed Sign,
Lot # 441 - Winchester Flashlights Polychrome-Printed Sign,
printed on heavy card stock with 4 vignettes illustrating uses of product and large image of product in center with surrounding text, 19.5" x 26.5". > Item Details
Group of Six Tobacco Tins,
Lot # 203 - Group of Six Tobacco Tins,
chromolithographed El Cruzador Hechos Expresamente Para Personas De Gusto cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, brown, white, red, blue, and gold, 5" high x 5.5" diameter; PLUS paper-labeled JBM Hugunin's Mixture cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, blue and white, 5" high x 5.5" diameter; ... > Item Details
<i>Barber Shop</i> Gas Globe Sign,
Lot # 483 - Barber Shop Gas Globe Sign,
domed reverse painted circular glass disks set in stamped steel frame in original silver paint, made to mount on ceiling. Blue lettering as above on red and white diagonal striped ground, 19" wide x 22" high x 8" deep. > Item Details
<i>Ginger</i> Five Cent Cigarette Slot Machine,
Lot # 920 - Ginger Five Cent Cigarette Slot Machine,
slot machine of the above title with three wheels featuring logos of cigarette brands. Line up 3 in a row and receive 1-10 packs of cigarettes, with key. 8" x 8" x 9". > Item Details
<i>Milwaukee Harvesting Machines</i> Tin Match Safe & Roi-Tan Cigar Toy Car,
Lot # 709 - Milwaukee Harvesting Machines Tin Match Safe & Roi-Tan Cigar Toy Car,
Tin wall hanging match safe reads Milwaukee Harvesting Machines Light Draft. Depicts western-clothed man holding woven basket that reads Always Reliable, with Milwaukee logo in center. 5.5" x 3.75". Toy Car is painted red and has sign that reads "Take a ride with Sophie," Sophie Tucker and her Roi-T... > Item Details
Light-Gauge Steel Touring Coup,
Lot # 143 - Light-Gauge Steel Touring Coup,
unmarked keywind with battery-operated lights, in original polychrome paint, with rubber tires, ca 1920-30's, 14" long. > Item Details
<i>Yeager Milling Company</i> Whole Wheat Paper Label & Bags,
Lot # 711 - Yeager Milling Company Whole Wheat Paper Label & Bags,
labels read Yeager Milling Company, Whole Wheat Flower, J.M. Yeager. Depict Indian woman with bow. 15.5" diameter in blue and red from Yeagertown, Pa. > Item Details
Honest Scrap Tin Lithographed Lift-Top Bin,
Lot # 210 - Honest Scrap Tin Lithographed Lift-Top Bin,
chromolithographed Honest Scrap An Everyday Scrap bin with hinged lid, image of white dog and black cat preparing to fight over a pack of Honest Scrap cigarettes rendered in red, white, black green and blue, 12" high x 18" long x 14" wide. > Item Details
<i>Budweiser Girl</i> Chromolithographed Sign,
Lot # 321 - Budweiser Girl Chromolithographed Sign,
printed on paper and laid on gray card stock as issued and mounted in original gesso and oak frame. Frame has gesso molding and scrip with Anheuser Busch along top and barley along upper left and lower right sides. Chromolithograph of lovely young lady in red dress holding bottle of product with Bu... > Item Details
Lot of 3 Paper Chromolithographed Signs,
Lot # 504 - Lot of 3 Paper Chromolithographed Signs,
all on card stock includes Golden Medal Hosiery folding die-cut display showing sales lady and customer with store interior marked T. Mathews & Co. Lithographers, N.Y., 13" x 9"; PLUS M. Born & Co. Tailoring, Chicago with street scene and company building, 17.5" sq.; AND Cat's Paw Neoprene Heels and... > Item Details
Tin Litho <i>Champion Bowling Alley</i>,
Lot # 110 - Tin Litho Champion Bowling Alley,
marked Gotham Pressed Steel Corp., N.Y., chromolithographed tin and pressed board bowling alley with spring-driven Euro-American as bowler and African-American painted on back as pin boy, 30" long x 8" wide. This game used a marble as a bowling ball and undoubtedly had wooden pins now missing. > Item Details
<i>Hyndman Steel Roofing Company</i> Chromolithograph Trade Sign,
Lot # 521 - Hyndman Steel Roofing Company Chromolithograph Trade Sign,
ca. late 1800's. Reads Compliments of Hyndman Steel Roofing Co., Cincinnati, O. Depicts clenched fisted young patriot bedecked in a kepi in a stylized pugnacious pose cradling an American flag rendered in brown, red, white, blue and green. In an intricately incised gilded wood frame, 17.75" x 29.5".... > Item Details
<i>Test Your Grip</i> Machine,
Lot # 898 - Test Your Grip Machine,
steel case with chromed and red-painted parts, printed white dial, made by the Holly MFG. Co., Holly, Mich., with key, 9" x 12" x 15" high. > Item Details
Bellevue Brewing Co. Fisherman Chromolithographed Tin Sign,
Lot # 336 - Bellevue Brewing Co. Fisherman Chromolithographed Tin Sign,
single piece of stamped tin with edging in wood grained frame and gilt scroll decorated liner. Along lower margin of frame is The Bellevue Brewing Co./Cincinnati, O. and on lower margin of liner is Good Luck Good Cheer. Scene of an elderly gentleman, just returned from fly fishing seated at table ... > Item Details
<i>Grip Tester</i> Strength Measuring Machine,
Lot # 853 - Grip Tester Strength Measuring Machine,
includes cast iron body with original red paint surmounted by a nickeled coin insert with Grip Tester, and ciphered 1ยข. Dial face with 0-300 lbs. increments with To Test Arms Pull Levers Apart or Push Levers Together and Mfd. By D. Gottlieb and Co. Chicago. The face also includes two zones; one for... > Item Details
<i>Durkee Seed</i> Box with Original Label,
Lot # 669 - Durkee Seed Box with Original Label,
pine box with hinged lid and original chromolithographed label on front, 15.75" x 8.5" x 4.25" high. > Item Details
<i>Tavern</i> Gum Ball Slot,
Lot # 842 - Tavern Gum Ball Slot,
all cast metal in original paint, marked Dandy Vender with U.S. shield-breasted eagle embossed on rear, three wheels, each with mug, glass or pilsner of beer, 8.5" square x 12" high. > Item Details
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