Lot 129    

Dayton Toy & Specialty Co., Sonny Moving Van,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
ca 1920-30, made of heavy-gage auto steel like Buddy L, in original red and black paint with decals, working tailgate on covered bed, 26" long

From the Estate of John Auraden of Hamilton & Fairhaven, Ohio.

Rear axle detached, with all wheels, paint ca 92%, VG.
Sold: $690.00
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Three Early Cast Iron Toys,
Lot # 163 - Three Early Cast Iron Toys,
includes a police motorcycle with side car in original red and orange paint with chrome wheels, 5" long; PLUS steam shovel, marked Eaton in original red paint with chromed parts, 5.5" long, AND trolley car with No. 13 in original yellow paint, 5.75" long. > Item Details
Bellevue Brewing Co. Fisherman Chromolithographed Tin Sign,
Lot # 336 - Bellevue Brewing Co. Fisherman Chromolithographed Tin Sign,
single piece of stamped tin with edging in wood grained frame and gilt scroll decorated liner. Along lower margin of frame is The Bellevue Brewing Co./Cincinnati, O. and on lower margin of liner is Good Luck Good Cheer. Scene of an elderly gentleman, just returned from fly fishing seated at table ... > Item Details
<i>Wm Michael & Co.</i> Gumball Machine,
Lot # 936 - Wm Michael & Co. Gumball Machine,
includes a cast iron body with original red paint. Bulbous glass globe marked with raised lettering Wm. Michael & Co. Indianapolis, Ind. Segmented three-tiered base, flap with a stylized spread fan motif. Circa 1930's. 14" high x 7.5" wide. > Item Details
<i>Chesterfield</i> Cigarette Canvas Banner,
Lot # 352 - Chesterfield Cigarette Canvas Banner,
chromolithographed with text and pack of product, 43.5" x 91". > Item Details
Various Auto and Machine Part Catalogs,
Lot # 761 - Various Auto and Machine Part Catalogs,
lot of 15. Includes the following 4vo catalogs: Westcott Owners and What They Say Book, pages not numbered, obl; Master Parts Price List for Six Cylinder Models, Effective August 1, 1930, General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Michigan, 199pp; Weaver Garage and Shop Equipment, Weaver Manufacturing Co... > Item Details
Lot of Two Peanut Tins,
Lot # 240 - Lot of Two Peanut Tins,
chromolithographed Cream Dove Brand Blanched and Salted Whole Peanuts Prepared By Cream Dove Mfg. Co. Inc. Binghamton, N.Y. cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, blue, yellow and white, 10" high x 8.25" diameter; AND lithographed Mammoth Brand Salted Nuts Manufactured by The Kelly Co. Cleveland... > Item Details
<i>Hudepohl Brewing Co.</i> Chromolithographed Tin Sign,
Lot # 318 - Hudepohl Brewing Co. Chromolithographed Tin Sign,
single piece of stamped tin with margins in wood grain and The Hudepohl Brewing Co./Cincinnati, Ohio along bottom margin. German tavern scene with a couple seated on patio being served by waitress, two bottles of product in foreground and Hudepohl crest on side of tavern in background, 22.5" x 28.5... > Item Details
<i>Murine</i> and <i>Scent Livre Tonic</i> Chromolithographed Signs,
Lot # 407 - Murine and Scent Livre Tonic Chromolithographed Signs,
both on card stock includes Murine for your eyes with lady in evening attire using product with product displayed lower left, 17.5" x 28", AND Scent Livre Tonic Builds Up the System, Gives Strength and Enjoyment to Life!, with young nurse with product at left and company crest and text at right, ori... > Item Details
Lot 111a: <i>Jensen MFG. Co.</i> Electric Steam Engine,
Lot # 1002 - Lot 111a: Jensen MFG. Co. Electric Steam Engine,
with chromed brass and black painted sheet steel boiler with piping conecting it to cast iron and milled steel fly wheel, both mounted on varnish-finished pine board with decal that reads Jensen MFG. Co./Jeannette, Pa./110 Volts: A.C. or D.C., board is 9.5" x 11.5" and unit is 6.5" high. > Item Details
<i>5¢, 10¢ U.S. Postage Stamps</i> Vending Machine,
Lot # 855 - 5¢, 10¢ U.S. Postage Stamps Vending Machine,
brown and white porcelain enameled steel case displaying two- and three-cent stamps, includes key, 6.25" x 6.5" x 14" high. > Item Details
<i>Enterprise M'F'G. Co. </i> Coffee Mill
Lot # 805 - Enterprise M'F'G. Co. Coffee Mill
store-type counter top cast iron mill with original red and gold paint with stenciled decorations of the American shield and floral motif patterns throughout. Urn-shaped hopper with pivoting dome lid with porcelain handle. Mill body marked with two faded gold medallions of prior world expositions. M... > Item Details
Group of Two Tobacco Tins,
Lot # 202 - Group of Two Tobacco Tins,
chromolithographed Tiger Bright Chewing Tobacco 5¢ Packages rectangular tin with hinged lid, red, gold, black and white, 11.5" high x 8" long x 6.5" wide; AND chromolithographed Light Sweet Burley Tobacco cylindrical tin with hinged lid, yellow, red and gold, 11.5" high x 8.25" diameter. > Item Details
Porcelain Enameled Federal Signs, Chicago,
Lot # 506 - Porcelain Enameled Federal Signs, Chicago,
unsigned double-sided heavy-gauge enameled steel with scrollwork surround and stepped-in rectangular panel where actual ad for business would have been bolted with 12 incandescent bulbs on each face and iron hooks at top for hanging, 71" x 41" high and panel would take an 18" x 54" sign. Federal was... > Item Details
<i>Reel Spot</i> Slot Machine,
Lot # 890 - Reel Spot Slot Machine,
features four wheels. Three are marked with yellow dots and one is marked with numbers. Insert coin, pull lever to match up three dots, the number rolled determines how much you win. 11" x 9" x 11". > Item Details
<i>Smile</i> & <i>Cheer-Up</i> Sodas Painted Tin Signs,
Lot # 382 - Smile & Cheer-Up Sodas Painted Tin Signs,
lot of 3, includes two Smile signs, 11" x 27.5" & 19" x 27.5"; AND a Cheer-Up menu board, polychrome-painted tin with product at top and changeable menu slots below with original chain hanger. 9.25" x 25". > Item Details
A&P Wooden Coffee Bin with Original Paint,
Lot # 675 - A&P Wooden Coffee Bin with Original Paint,
with original tin liner, slant lid with A&P in circle and same on front with bands of Greek key decoration, 18" x 18" x 30". > Item Details
A&M Bisque Doll,
Lot # 72 - A&M Bisque Doll,
with sleep eyes, open mouth and auburn hair wig, jointed composition body, dressed, 20" high. > Item Details
<i>Buddy L</i> Tanker Truck,
Lot # 125 - Buddy L Tanker Truck,
ca 1930s in original black, green and red paint with chrome details and original decals, 25" long. > Item Details
Tin Lithographed Ice Cream Vendor,
Lot # 102 - Tin Lithographed Ice Cream Vendor,
unmarked chromolithographed tin and pressed board cycle-driven ice cream truck, keywind, spring-driven working motor, 9.5" long. > Item Details
Lot of Two Tip Trays,
Lot # 604 - Lot of Two Tip Trays,
chromolithographed Indianapolis Brewing Co. Lieber's Gold Medal Beer tip tray with circular form, image of a beer bottle rendered in red, gold, white, green and blue, 5" diameter, AND chromolithographed Taste The Smell Dorne's Carnation Chewing Gum tip tray in circular form, with image of a pack of ... > Item Details
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