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Fine Jackson Photo of Petalesharo, Pawnee Chief,
2004, Fall Historic Americana / Dec 2-3
albumen mounted on cardstock, pictured in Picture Maker of the West by William Jackson. Peta lasharo - Pawnee Chief written in ink on bottom.

Petalesharo (1797-1874) was one of the most celebrated Pawnee chiefs as well as a respected warrior. His humanitarian efforts stopped the sacrifice of captured young women for the Morning Star Ceremony. He was also opposed to any violation of the Table Creek Treaty - his signature being the first on the document.

Edge wear on cardstock.
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37-Star Flag,
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<i>The Mountain Meadows Massacre</i>,
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Fine J.A. Garfield Sulfide Paperweight,
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CDV of a Cleveland Zouave Light Guard,
Lot # 343 - CDV of a Cleveland Zouave Light Guard,
unidentified company grade officer by Faljambe Bros., Cleveland, circa 1861. An obscure, short-lived militia company inspired by the 1860 Zouave craze that entered Federal service as Company A., 7th Ohio (three months) in April 1861. The company was commanded by a Captain Creighton and the roster sh... > Item Details
CDV of Colonel Ulric Dahlgren, KIA,
Lot # 84 - CDV of Colonel Ulric Dahlgren, KIA,
by Henry Ulke, Washington, D.C. A later view of the young Dahlgren as Colonel. Second son of Admiral Dahlgren, Ulric held key staff positions under Generals Siegal and Hooker and was personally promoted to Colonel by Secretary of War Stanton for his "brilliant service" following the Gettysburg campa... > Item Details
M1862 Tower Contract Rifle,
Lot # 395 - M1862 Tower Contract Rifle,
with 39" round barrel, ca 50 caliber with standing front sight, marked on left side with number 24 twice, crowned head, S.W. and other worn markings, percussion lock marked Tower 1862 with crown, brass trigger guard, butt plate and end cap with 3 steel barrel bands; full walnut stock; total length 5... > Item Details
<i>Pennsylvania Evening Post</i>, Dated March 14, 1775,
Lot # 969 - Pennsylvania Evening Post, Dated March 14, 1775,
printed just six weeks before the battles of Lexington and Concord, this issue is filled with news of the brewing crisis between Great Britain and the American colonies. Includes a letter from Edward Biddle, Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Delegates regarding the growing tensions and a letter ... > Item Details
Currier Colored Lithograph of <i>John C. Fremont</i>,
Lot # 756 - Currier Colored Lithograph of John C. Fremont,
small folio of the above title, hand colored seated portrait with window and drapes in background; 10" x 14"; mounted in period beveled pine frame; 1`3.4" x 17.2". > Item Details
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