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Jade Lidded Vessel
10/17/2012 - Continental and Asian Decorative Art: Online Auction
20th century. A jade lidded vessel, one side with a ship carving, on a wooden stand; ht. 5 in.
Sold: $192.00
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Japanese Woodblock Prints
Lot # 302 - Japanese Woodblock Prints
Japanese.  Six  woodblock prints including a wave print by Hokusai, a mountainous landscape by Hiroshige, a geisha and man, a standing geisha with instrument, a mountain print by Hiroshige, and a print of a samurai by Hasegawa, all but one signed with cal... > Item Details
Staffordshire Creamer and Sugar
Lot # 161 - Staffordshire Creamer and Sugar
England, mid-19th century. A dark blue Staffordshire creamer and covered sugar, both with transfer floral and fruit basket print on pearlware bodies, unmarked; sugar ht. 5.5 in. > Item Details
Heriberto Juarez (Mexican, 1932-2008), Bronze Bull and Elephant
Lot # 281 - Heriberto Juarez (Mexican, 1932-2008), Bronze Bull and Elephant
Bronze sculpture, one depicting a bull on a black marble base, the other depicting an elephant on a white marble base, H.Juarez impressed into bronze on both and each having a plaque affixed to marble base reading Escultor/H. JUAREZ; tallest ht. 10.5 in. Heriberto Juarez, a celebrated Mexican sculpt... > Item Details
Lalique Dampierre Vase
Lot # 236 - Lalique Dampierre Vase
Glass, 20th century, signed Lalique, France on underside; ht. 4.75 in. > Item Details
English Pewter Pitchers and Chargers
Lot # 212 - English Pewter Pitchers and Chargers
English, 19th century. An assembled group of pewter including two pitchers, unmarked, and two chargers, one with a scalloped rim, both marked for London; tallest pitcher ht. 9.25, largest charger dia. 12.75 in. > Item Details
English and American Pewter
Lot # 221 - English and American Pewter
English and American, 19th/20th century. An assembled group of ten pewter pieces including eight plates, marked for London, a jug with hinged lid and acorn finial, marked CB on handle and B.F.A. under a crossed fork and spoon symbol, and a coffee pot with hinged lid and scrolled handle, unmarked; ta... > Item Details
Waterford Crystal Brandy Snifters
Lot # 243 - Waterford Crystal Brandy Snifters
Irish, 20th century. A set of six Waterford crystal brandy snifters in the Lismore pattern, marked Waterford on bottom; ht. 5.25 in. > Item Details
Mythological Bronze Figurine
Lot # 284 - Mythological Bronze Figurine
Continental, a hollow bronze figurine of a pan playing a triangle instrument, unmarked; ht. 6.75 in.  > Item Details
Capodimonte-Style Urns
Lot # 162 - Capodimonte-Style Urns
French.  A pair of Capodimonte-style urns with decorative beast-headed handles, the body having painted putti in relief within a processional scene with gilding, each with "N" and crown for Capodimonte and painted Made in France on bottom;&... > Item Details
Chinese Carved Ivory Figures, Plus
Lot # 23 - Chinese Carved Ivory Figures, Plus
Chinese. A group of three assembled Chinese carved ivory figures, including two female figures in long flowing robes on carved wood stands and one male figure on a carved ivory pedestal, PLUS four carved wood stands; tallest figure ht. 6 in. > Item Details
Indian Bronze <i>Ganesha</i>
Lot # 117 - Indian Bronze Ganesha
Indian.  A cast bronze figure of a seated Ganesha wearing necklaces and a five-tiered crown, unmarked; ht. 8.5, wd. 9.25 in. > Item Details
Chinese Ivory Puzzle Balls
Lot # 3 - Chinese Ivory Puzzle Balls
China. A pair of puzzle ball carvings, each on graduated ivory stands; ht. of tallest 10.25 in. > Item Details
Chinese Bowanite and Soapstone Carving
Lot # 129 - Chinese Bowanite and Soapstone Carving
Chinese.  A bowanite carving depicting deer and cranes in a flowering landscape, on a soapstone stand, unmarked; ht. 22 in. > Item Details
Egyptian-style Black Slate Mantel Clock
Lot # 266 - Egyptian-style Black Slate Mantel Clock
Probably Chinese made, late 20th century, a mantel clock surmounted by a Sphinx, the movement flanked by enameled columns; ht. 15 in. > Item Details
French Gilt Bronze Three Arm Candelabra
Lot # 275 - French Gilt Bronze Three Arm Candelabra
French, 19th century. A pair of French gilt-bronze three arm candelabras. Shades included; ht. 15.5 in. (without candle lights). > Item Details
Parian Vases
Lot # 176 - Parian Vases
Continental. A group of five Parian cabinet vases all having molded design of fruit or flowers, all unmarked; largest ht. 8.5 in. > Item Details
Porter Pewter Coffee Pots
Lot # 231 - Porter Pewter Coffee Pots
American (Maine), 19th century. Two pewter coffee pots, one with hinged lid and wooden finial and scrolled handle,  marked A. Porter, the other with hinged lid and leaf finial and scrolled handle, marked F. Porter / Westbrook; tallest ht. 11.5 in. > Item Details
Kurd Shiraz Rug
Lot # 333 - Kurd Shiraz Rug
Iranian, 20th century, a Kurd Shiraz rug; 6 ft. 2 in. x 4 ft. 3 in. (74 x 51 in., 188 x 129.5 cm) > Item Details
After Franz Defregger (German, 1835-1921), Genre Scene
Lot # 186 - After Franz Defregger (German, 1835-1921), Genre Scene
Ink on ivory, 20th century, with F. Defregger l.l.; plaque 3.75 x 6 in. > Item Details
Chinese Carved Ivory Towers
Lot # 24 - Chinese Carved Ivory Towers
Chinese. Early 20th century, a pair of well carved ivory towers and mountainous scenes; tallest ht. 9.75 in. > Item Details
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