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Engraved Powder Horn from Lake George ID'd to Ambrose Nicholson Dated 1755
10/25/2011 - Historic Firearms & Historic Militaria
13" length, with crude raised ring and flats on spout. Original wood plug with wire loop. Dark horn is engraved Ofs Nicholsons Horn [Ma]d at Lake Gorge, [Oct]ober the 24th 1755.

A fine horn with documented French & Indian War service by its owner Ambrose Nicholson. At age 23, Nicholson enlisted as a private in Col. Goodrich's 2nd Regiment, Captain Starr's 1st Company and served from May 14th to November 27, 1755. Most of his fellow soldiers went home, but Nicholson spent the winter at Ft. William Henry and Ft. Edward (November 27, 1755 - May 30, 1756) in Lt. Col. Whiting's Company of Col. Bagley's Regiment. In the summer of 1756 Nicholson advanced to corporal in Nathan Hawley's 7th Company of Colonel Whiting's 3rd Regiment. He then returned to his birthplace, Glastonbury, CT and married. In 1757 he marched to the alarm and relief of Ft. William Henry.

Ex Bill Guthmann

Horn has a nice dark untouched patina. Some of the lettering at the base of the horn has been cut off. The horn likely sustained damage and was trimmed and the base plug was reset.
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