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Raised Carved Hudson Valley Flintlock Fowler
10/25/2011 - Historic Firearms & Historic Militaria
.79 caliber, 52" barrel. Thick barrel with flared muzzle made to shoot a musket ball as well as shot. Long oval blade sight. Two faint (possibly Dutch) proof marks are obscured under old patina. Dutch styled furniture and locks. Raised carving around the lock and sideplate features a rear teardrop lobe and a forward arrowhead. Firearm is further embellished with raised carved three-fold floral devices at the entry pipe in front of the triggerguard and at the breech tang. Raised scalloped moldings border the rear of the barrel and the entire ramrod channel. Ca 1750.

Excellent original surface. The firearm has never been cleaned or altered. Minor old wood losses alongside the barrel. The front tip of the brass front trigger-guard tang has long been missing. Ramrod's thimble missing as well.
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* Springfield Model 1903 Style
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Full-Stock Flintlock
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M1850 Staff & Field Officer's Sword Identified  to <i>Brig. Genl.  A.J. Hamilton</i>
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Japanese Wakizashi Blade And Scabbard
Lot # 445 - Japanese Wakizashi Blade And Scabbard
Great wak blade measures 20.75", no signature. Blade style is late Kotto-early Edo. Tang has three punched keeper holes. Blade is in good polish. Nicely enameled scabbard. > Item Details
German WWII M-1942 Single-Decal SS Helmet
Lot # 452 - German WWII M-1942 Single-Decal SS Helmet
M-42 unrolled edge with chin strap and liner. Single-decal SS helmet. > Item Details
Warren Percussion Target Rifle
Lot # 98 - Warren Percussion Target Rifle
.45 caliber, 30.5" octagonal-to-round barrel. Brass furniture. Missing ramrod. > Item Details
*Springfield Armory XD9 Compact Pistol
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9mm caliber, 3.75" barrel, S/N MG809567. Matte black finish, polymer frame. Includes one factory 12-rd. magazine, one factory 19-rd. magazine, loader, double magazine pouch, holster, extra back straps, 2 magazine extensions, and lock. > Item Details
*WWI German  P08 Luger Pistol with Holster
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3rd Model/India Pattern Brown Bess Flintlock Rifle with <i>Tower</i> Stampings
Lot # 24 - 3rd Model/India Pattern Brown Bess Flintlock Rifle with Tower Stampings
.75 caliber, 39" round barrel with bayonet lug on top of barrel. Birmingham proofs on the top of barrel at breech on left side. Lockplate marked Tower with crown GR. Brass furniture with brass sideplate. Beaver tail behind tang. Walnut stock with the name Clare* M 25* B carved into the left si... > Item Details
*Colt Bisley Single Action Revolver
Lot # 562 - *Colt Bisley Single Action Revolver
.45 l.c. caliber, 7.5" barrel, S/N 250543.Blue finish with case hardened frame, black rubber grips, added adjustable sights (Micro front sight, unmarked adjustable rear sight), modified hammer and firing pin. > Item Details
*Benet Arms SIG Model AMT Semi-Auto Rifle
Lot # 715 - *Benet Arms SIG Model AMT Semi-Auto Rifle
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*Military Rifles, Lot of Two
Lot # 407 - *Military Rifles, Lot of Two
1) Czech CZ Model VZ-24, 8mm caliber, 24" barrel, S/N 1604Z4. Blue finish, walnut stock. The VZ-24 is excellent with an excellent bore. It is CAI import marked and has been refinished to like-new condition. 2) British Enfield jungle carbine, .308 caliber, 20.5" barrel, S/N AA1066. Matte black fini... > Item Details
Burnside Fourth Model Percussion Carbine
Lot # 217 - Burnside Fourth Model Percussion Carbine
.54 caliber, 21" round barrel, S/N 24359 on breech and frame. Lockplate marked Burnside Rifle Co, Providence RI. Walnut buttstock and forearm. Sling swivel on the bottom of buttstock. Name Martines carved in left side of buttstock. > Item Details
*Ruger Mini-14 Rifle
Lot # 835 - *Ruger Mini-14 Rifle
.223 caliber, 18" barrel, S/N 182-75651. Stainless steel finish, hardwood stocks; 30-rd. aftermarket magazine. > Item Details
Remington-Beals 2d Model Percussion Pocket Revolve
Lot # 155 - Remington-Beals 2d Model Percussion Pocket Revolve
.31 caliber, 3" octagonal barrel, S/N 593. Checkered gutta percha two-piece grips. > Item Details
Sharps & Hankins Navy Carbine
Lot # 226 - Sharps & Hankins Navy Carbine
.52 caliber rimfire, 24" leather covered barrel, S/N 8970. Left side of frame marked Sharps Patent and dated 1859, with a large P over WCW. On the right side marked Sharps and Hankins Phila. Walnut buttstock with brass buttplate. > Item Details
Remington Vest Pocket  Deringer
Lot # 294 - Remington Vest Pocket Deringer
.22 caliber, 3.25" barrel, S/N 1868. Remington address on top of barrel. Blued finish with walnut grips. > Item Details
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