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[Martinique Volcano Disaster] Lot of Eight Stereoviews
9/26/2011 - Curved-Mount Stereoview Collection
Lot of 8 of the Martinique Mt. Pelee Volcano Eruption, May 1902 where town of St. Pierre was destroyed. 6 by Underwood & Underwood during the eruption and 2 Keystone View Co. shortly afterward showing blight where thousands had lived. Buff curved mounts.

The Ed Burchard Stereoview Collection

Overall bright and clear. LO ne Keystone mount slight soiled.
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[Industries and Occupation] 50 Stereoviews
Lot # 81 - [Industries and Occupation] 50 Stereoviews
Lot of 50 by Keystone View Co. of various worldwide industries and occupational views showing people at work. Nice variety of industries including the salt industry, cotton, printing, silk including spinning room in Philadelphia. woolen and worsted mills, shoes including factory interiors, oil, jew... > Item Details
[Famous People-Booker T. Washington] Two Stereoviews
Lot # 139 - [Famous People-Booker T. Washington] Two Stereoviews
Lot of 2 scarce Underwood & Underwood views of Booker T. Washington, President of the Tuskegee Insitute in Alabama. Including a close full-length portrait of Washington posed outside at Tuskegee and #11151 of Booker T. Washington with distinguished guests standing on the steps of the Institute. Wit... > Item Details
[St. Louis World's Fair, 1904] Lot of 28 Stereoviews
Lot # 178 - [St. Louis World's Fair, 1904] Lot of 28 Stereoviews
Lot of 28 of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, 1904. Makers include H.C. White; Universal Photo Art; Underwood & Underwood; Keystone View Co.; C.L. Wasson (International View Co. and International Stereograph Co.); Wiilliam H. Rau (Universal View Co.) and 1 anonymous maker of people on ... > Item Details
[Warships-Foreign] 13 Stereoviews
Lot # 114 - [Warships-Foreign] 13 Stereoviews
Lot of 13 of foreign warships including Keystone View Co.--Russian Battleship "Petropavlovsk" which was sunk by Japanese in Russo-Japanese War plus 5 from WWI: British Cruiser "Indomitable;" German "Blucher" which was sunk by "Indomitable;" German fleet on high sea; and an unnamed French Battleship ... > Item Details
[T. Roosevelt] Roosevelt Mini-Collection
Lot # 161 - [T. Roosevelt] Roosevelt Mini-Collection
Large lot of 62. An outstanding mini-collection of Teddy Roosevelt plus scenes of crowds watching him speak. All but 2 are by Underwood & Underwood. Includes TR with family at Sagamore Hill; On horseback in Dewey Celebration as Governor of New York; Alice Roosevelt with Prince Henry; large groupi... > Item Details
[Chicago-Chicago Day 1899] Lot of Nine Stereoviews
Lot # 32 - [Chicago-Chicago Day 1899] Lot of Nine Stereoviews
Lot of 9 of the Chicago Day celebration in the Fall of 1899. Lot includes 8 by or attributed to Gates, Photographer, Chicago and one from a Gates negative copyrighted 1903 and published by E.M. Brown for Greater New York Stereo Co. #3008, 3010, 3011, 3013, 3015, 3016(2, one with different title), 3... > Item Details
[Famous People-Truman]
Lot # 170 - [Famous People-Truman]
Scarce Keystone View Co. #37903 Close portrait of President Harry S. Truman seated at his desk. Gray curved mount with Burchard penned notations, "E. Burchard Collection" imprint and a 20 cent Truman postage stamp affixed to the verso. > Item Details
[Famous People-Joaquin Miller]
Lot # 132 - [Famous People-Joaquin Miller]
Scarce portrait by C.L. Wasson (International Stereograph Co.) #20573 "Famous 'Poet of the Sierras' Joaquin Miller before his interesting home 'The Heights' near Oakland," 1906. Nice view of Cincinnatus Hiner (1839-1913) who used the pseudonym Joaquin Miller. Nice 3-D effect. Gray curved mount. > Item Details
[Railroads-Miniature] Six Stereoviews
Lot # 17 - [Railroads-Miniature] Six Stereoviews
Lot of 6 views of miniature live-steam locomotives and trains--B.W. Kilburn #14466 of train at Pan American Exposition, Buffalo, 1901; Keystone #9482 of train owned by Cagney Brothers, New York City which won the Gold Medal at the Trans-Mississippi Exposition in Omaha. It ran for several years in C... > Item Details
[Wyoming-Yellowstone] 49 Stereoviews
Lot # 50 - [Wyoming-Yellowstone] 49 Stereoviews
Lot of 49 of Yellowstone National Park including views by Keystone View Co. (27); Underwood & Underwood (19) and one each by Griffith & Griffith, E.W. Kelley and Universal Photo Art. An attractive lot of all the major sites, some beautifully hand-colored. Also woman photographing at Old Faithful; t... > Item Details
[Famous People-Lincoln] Keystone #28016
Lot # 148 - [Famous People-Lincoln] Keystone #28016
Keystone View Co. #28016 "Abraham Lincoln." Often called the Frizzy Hair Lincoln, this portrait was made c. February, 1865 by Lewis Emory Walker. It was copied from the original in the Library of Congress in the 1930s and issued by Keystone. Gray curved mount. > Item Details
[Famous People-Longfellow]
Lot # 131 - [Famous People-Longfellow]
Keystone View Co. #32727 Nice portrait of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882, the noted American poet seated in his study, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Great 3-D effect. Gray curved mount. > Item Details
[Pennsylvania] Nine Steroviews
Lot # 49 - [Pennsylvania] Nine Steroviews
Lot of 9 of Pennsylvania including 2 Universal Photo Art Co. views(#s 3 & 4) of the visit of Prince Henry to Independence Hall, 1902 in Philadelphia. Also 2 views of the Peace Jubilee military parade in Philadelphia, 1898, one of Marines Marching by William H. Rau & Keystone #9422 of crushing crowds... > Item Details
[Alaska-Kilburn] 16 <i>Klondyke</i> Stereoviews by Kilburn
Lot # 22 - [Alaska-Kilburn] 16 Klondyke Stereoviews by Kilburn
Lot of 16 of the Alaska Gold Rush by B.W. Kilburn. Scenes of miners, mining for gold, dog teams bring supplies and mail, etc. Some show women prospectors. Scenes in the Klondyke at Dawson City, on the Yukon, Bennett City, Chilcoot Trail & Pass, and #12722 of a trading village showing Geo. L Rice ... > Item Details
[Foreign] Mixed Group of 38 Stereoviews of Foreign Scenes
Lot # 68 - [Foreign] Mixed Group of 38 Stereoviews of Foreign Scenes
Lot of 38 of various foreign countries including 6 flat mount views--3 London Stereoscopic Co. (2 of London & 1 of men smoking pipes; anonymous (not a copy view) of carriages at Hyde Park, London; William England Alpine Club viewat Hanbeck, Wwitzerland and Lamy view of St. Mauruce, Switzerland. Nic... > Item Details
[Famous People-British Royalty & Notables] Lot of 22 Stereoviews
Lot # 146 - [Famous People-British Royalty & Notables] Lot of 22 Stereoviews
Lot of 22 of Royalty. Makers include Underwood & Underwood; B.W. Kilburn; Realistic Travels; Excelsior Stereoscopic Tours; Keystone View Co.; and Webster & Albee. Queen Victoria at breakfast with Princesses Beatrice and Victoria in 60th year of reign; King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra plus corona... > Item Details
[Famous People-Miscellaneous] Lot of 16 Stereoviews
Lot # 174 - [Famous People-Miscellaneous] Lot of 16 Stereoviews
Lot of 16 of famous people including U&U of Portugal's Crown Prince Felipe and his brother Emanuel with their tutor Maj. Mouzinho d' Abuquergue of S. Africa fame, 1902; Keystone #11074 close portrait of His Majesty, the Sultan of Zanzibar, East Africa; U&U #9981 of King Gutav V of Sweden with Prince... > Item Details
[Yellowstone] Boxed Set of 30 Underwood & Underwood Views of Yellowstone
Lot # 55 - [Yellowstone] Boxed Set of 30 Underwood & Underwood Views of Yellowstone
A boxed set of 30 Underwood & Underwood views of Yellowstone National Park, numbered 1-30 before the title and 1904 copyright line in the lower margin, and with a printed description and title translations on verso. > Item Details
[William McKinley-Funeral] Lot of 30 Stereoviews
Lot # 159 - [William McKinley-Funeral] Lot of 30 Stereoviews
Lot of 30 of President McKinley's funeral. 9 (including a slight variant) in Washington, D,C. and 21 (including 2 duplicates) in Canton, Ohio. Makers include Keystone View Co.; B.W. Kilburn; International View Co; Universal Photo Art and Underwood & Underwood. Covers all aspects of the funeral wi... > Item Details
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