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[Martinique Volcano Disaster] Lot of Eight Stereoviews
9/26/2011 - Curved-Mount Stereoview Collection
Lot of 8 of the Martinique Mt. Pelee Volcano Eruption, May 1902 where town of St. Pierre was destroyed. 6 by Underwood & Underwood during the eruption and 2 Keystone View Co. shortly afterward showing blight where thousands had lived. Buff curved mounts.

The Ed Burchard Stereoview Collection

Overall bright and clear. LO ne Keystone mount slight soiled.
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[Comic Humor] 46 Streoviews
Lot # 191 - [Comic Humor] 46 Streoviews
Lot of 46 comic views by various makers including Berry, Kelley & Chadwick; T.W. Ingersoll; Keystone View Co.; Underwood & Underwood; H.C. White; Universal Photo Art; Webster & Albee; Griffith & Griffith; 2 Popular Series" pirated copies and European Series VII No. 2530 "Embarrasment." c. 1870. Wid... > Item Details
[Mining] Eight Stereoviews
Lot # 89 - [Mining] Eight Stereoviews
Lot of 8 better mining views including 6 by Underwood & Underwood including #79739(c) Men by car of copper plates and bars at Calumet and Hecla Mines, Michigan; 3 of the Detroit Copper Company's mine at Morenci, Arizona including scarce view of the miner's quarters/camp and train climbing at loop ou... > Item Details
[Photographers at Work-Curved Mount] Group of 11 Stereoviews
Lot # 90 - [Photographers at Work-Curved Mount] Group of 11 Stereoviews
Lot of 11 photographic-related views including 4 Keystone View Co. views-- #043-B-4261 from the Eye-Testing series, close of a monkey sitting on a stereo-camera (convergence lines on camera); #18770 Queen of Belgium using stereo camera w/early motion picture camera behind her; #9654 of 3 cameras on ... > Item Details
[Wyoming-Yellowstone] 49 Stereoviews
Lot # 50 - [Wyoming-Yellowstone] 49 Stereoviews
Lot of 49 of Yellowstone National Park including views by Keystone View Co. (27); Underwood & Underwood (19) and one each by Griffith & Griffith, E.W. Kelley and Universal Photo Art. An attractive lot of all the major sites, some beautifully hand-colored. Also woman photographing at Old Faithful; t... > Item Details
[England] Lot of 66 Stereoviews
Lot # 66 - [England] Lot of 66 Stereoviews
Lot of 66 of England including 3 older views: 2 London Stereoscioc Co. views from "Rustic Scenes of Old England"--#7 "Rest by the Way & #22 "Rest at the Stile" of hunters (one with shotgun) and G.W. Wilson #16 of men at Clamshell Cave, Staffa. Variety of better curved mount views including Keystone... > Item Details
[African American-Racist Humor] Six Stereoviews
Lot # 182 - [African American-Racist Humor] Six Stereoviews
Lot of 6 views of racist humor including 2 by Underwood & Underwood "Jes dis Niggah's fool luck!--bofe arms full an' dat rooster a beggin' to be took along," showing African-American stealing 2 large watermelons and regretting he can't take the rooster. The second view "the end of Mistah 'Possum--a ... > Item Details
[Australia & Canada] 21 Stereoviews
Lot # 59 - [Australia & Canada] 21 Stereoviews
Lot of 21 Keystone View Co. views of Australia (17) and Canada (4). Australian natives hunting with spears; Military Review, Melbourne of Great White Fleet visit; overview of Melbourne; harvest scenes in Australia; farm scenes (one with Massey-Harris horsedrawn wheat harvester); Jenolan Caves; etc.... > Item Details
[Railroads-B&O Centennial] 16 Stereoviews
Lot # 15 - [Railroads-B&O Centennial] 16 Stereoviews
Lot of 16 of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Centenary, 1927. 15 are by an anonymous accomplished stereo photography plus one that was issued by Keystone View Co. in their "Iron Horse" set. The anonymous views are all of locomotives, trains and a car interior and different from those made by the Key... > Item Details
[Famous People-Miscellaneous] Seven Stereoviews
Lot # 141 - [Famous People-Miscellaneous] Seven Stereoviews
Lot of 7 nice views of famous people including Keystone View Co. #11832 "Dr. A. Conan Doyle in his tent at Bloemfontein, South Africa," 1900. Burchard has noted on verso "Sir Arthur Conan Duyle (1859-1930), creator of 'Sherlock Holmes,' born in Edinburgh, Scotland. This shot shows him as Senior Phys... > Item Details
[Warships-Battleship Texas] Lot of 11 Stereoviews
Lot # 103 - [Warships-Battleship Texas] Lot of 11 Stereoviews
Lot of 11 of the Battleship Texas including 2 of the ship in drydock by Underwood & Underwood with a close view of Capt "Jack" Philip. 5 of "Texas" underway--3 Underwoods, 1 Universal Photo Art and 1 B.W. Kilburn. 2 of crew by 12-inch guns, 1 Greater New York Stereo Co. & 1 International View Co.; ... > Item Details
[Alaska] Group of 14 Klondike Stereoviews
Lot # 24 - [Alaska] Group of 14 Klondike Stereoviews
Lot of 14 views of the Alaska Gold Rush by various makers including William H. Rau, George W. Griffith, C.H. Graves (Universal Photo Art Co.), B.L. Singley(Keystone View Co.)and Universal Stereoscopic View Co., Chicago. Better subjects including street scenes in Dawson City; Grand Forks, Klondike; ... > Item Details
[Warships-Battleship Maine] 14 Stereoviews of the <i>Maine</i>, Including Divers
Lot # 102 - [Warships-Battleship Maine] 14 Stereoviews of the Maine, Including Divers
Lot of 14 of the Battleship Maine including C.H. Graves (Universal Photo Art Co.) #5016 Portrait of Capt. Chas. D. Sigsbee; 2 Keystone View Co. of burial of the Maine victims at Arlington, Va. Dec. 28, 1899; 2 including Universal Art Co. and Underwood & Underwood views showing divers; 4 of twisted w... > Item Details
[Famous People-Kate Smith]
Lot # 136 - [Famous People-Kate Smith]
Extremely scarce Keystone View Co. portrait of noted American singer Kate Smith. Untitled private view on a Keystone mount showing her standing by an early microphone as though she is singing her signature song "When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain," c. 1930. Gray curved mount. > Item Details
[Famous People-Noted Americans including Politicians] 18 Stereoviews
Lot # 142 - [Famous People-Noted Americans including Politicians] 18 Stereoviews
Lot of 18 by various makers including Underwood & Underwood, H.C. White,B.W. Kilburn, Keystone View Co. and Littleton View Co.--Ezra Meeker and ox team on Fifth Ave, New York after journey over Oregon Trail (early auto at right); Judge Parker and Senator Davis, Democratic Party ticket in 1904 electi... > Item Details
[Czechoslovakia] Six Stereoviews
Lot # 62 - [Czechoslovakia] Six Stereoviews
Lot of 6 of Czechoslovakia by Keystone View Co. including 3 rare interior views of the Pirkenhammer China Factory near Carlsbad in Bohemia, #24620 Close of making china plates; #24630 Close of artist hand-decorating china and #24631 China Exhibit Room. Also #15668 Carlstein Castle; #24608 & #24709 o... > Item Details
[Famous People-Lincoln] Keystone #28016
Lot # 148 - [Famous People-Lincoln] Keystone #28016
Keystone View Co. #28016 "Abraham Lincoln." Often called the Frizzy Hair Lincoln, this portrait was made c. February, 1865 by Lewis Emory Walker. It was copied from the original in the Library of Congress in the 1930s and issued by Keystone. Gray curved mount. > Item Details
[Famous People-Franklin Delano Roosevelt] Two Stereoviews of FDR Standing
Lot # 168 - [Famous People-Franklin Delano Roosevelt] Two Stereoviews of FDR Standing
Lot of 2 scarce views by Keystone View Co. of Franklin D. Roosevelt standing. #32790 "Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Presidential Nominee of the Democratic Party, at Chicago, Ill.," photographed close-up standing at the podium on June 30, 1932 making his acceptance speech at the Chicago Stadium an... > Item Details
[William McKinley-Trains] Three Stereoviews
Lot # 155 - [William McKinley-Trains] Three Stereoviews
Lot of 3 different "portraits" of highly decorated locomotives that pulled President William McKinley's trains on his two Western Tours in 1899 and 1901. Includes the train at an unspecified location October, 1899 on his trip "through the Northwest." The other two are of different decorated locomoti... > Item Details
[War-Boxer Rebellion] Three Stereoviews of Chinese Torture and Execution
Lot # 112 - [War-Boxer Rebellion] Three Stereoviews of Chinese Torture and Execution
Lot of 3 gruesome views from the Boxer Rebellion in China. Included is B.W. Kilburn #14358 "After the execution, Canton prison, China," 1901, close-up view showing about a dozen severed heads piled up; James Ricalton for Underwood & Underwood close view of two "Heads of beheaded criminals tied by q... > Item Details
[Holy Land] Lot of 31 Stereoviews
Lot # 64 - [Holy Land] Lot of 31 Stereoviews
Lot of 31 of Palestine and the Holy Lands. Makers include Keystone View Co.(18); Underwood & Underwood(10) and Universal Photo Art(3). Nice variety of subjects including many people views especially in the scarcer Universal series(1903) including busy Christian Street and St. Stephen's Gate, Jerus... > Item Details
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