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Civil War Confederate Commemorative Cook & Brothers 1861 Percussion Rifle
4/27/2011 - Historic Firearms & Historic Militaria
.50 caliber, 24" barrel, S/N 1458. Blue finish with gold etched accents listing names of Civil War battles. Walnut stock, walnut display wall plaque. Made in Italy for U.S. Historical Society.

This gun remains new unfired, but has some minor dings and scratches on the stock. The wall plaque has some minor scratches.
Sold: $460.00
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*Virginian Dragoon Bicentennial Commemorative  Revolver
Lot # 554 - *Virginian Dragoon Bicentennial Commemorative Revolver
.44 magnum caliber, 7.5" barrel, S/N NJ001. Blue finish with gold etching and scroll engraving, walnut grips, walnut display case. Part of a 13 pc. set of guns commemorating the original 13 colonies; only 176 sets manufactured in 1976 for the American Bicentennial. This gun commemorates New Jersey. > Item Details
Ruger Old Army Black Powder Revolver
Lot # 726 - Ruger Old Army Black Powder Revolver
.45 cal., 7.5" barrel, S/N 140-00621, pre-warning. > Item Details
Raised Carved Flintlock Kentucky Rifle
Lot # 22 - Raised Carved Flintlock Kentucky Rifle
.40 caliber, 42.5" octagonal barrel, original flintlock, brass blade front sight, rear buckhorn sight. Rear tang flares out with a rounded radius. Brass furniture with four-piece engraved patchbox, sideplate, triggerguard, buttplate, ramrod ferules, nosecap. Curly maple stock with slight "Roman nos... > Item Details
Handmade <i>James B. Lile</i> Knife
Lot # 535 - Handmade James B. Lile Knife
Stag handled skinner with 2.875" blade marked LILE and 7.25" overall length. Leather sheath. > Item Details
*Ruger MKII Target Pistol
Lot # 743 - *Ruger MKII Target Pistol
.22 cal., 5.5" bull barrel, S/N 213-13851. Stainless steel finish, walnut checkered target grips. > Item Details
Remington Model 1888 Transition Single Action Army Revolver
Henry Percussion Deringers, Cased Matched Pair of Reproductions by U.S. Historical Society
Lot # 301 - Henry Percussion Deringers, Cased Matched Pair of Reproductions by U.S. Historical Society
.40 caliber, 2.5" barrels, S/N G20A and G20B. Exquisitely scroll engraved, brown barrels, gold and silver finish on metal parts. Walnut stocks. Fitted leather book case with ball starter, bullet mold, flask, screwdriver, nipple wrench, and both pistols. Includes letter to original buyer and loading... > Item Details
Full-Stock Percussion Rifle by J. F. Gehrett
Lot # 84 - Full-Stock Percussion Rifle by J. F. Gehrett
.50 caliber, 39" octagonal barrel, 1.25" across the flats. Top of barrel marked J. F. Gehrett (a Pennsylvania maker) (See Sellers, 1983: 115). Forward-action lock marked H. E. Leman, Lancaster. Brass triggerguard, buttplate, toeplate, sideplate, nosecap and ferrules. Five silver inlays, curly maple ... > Item Details
North Carolina Half-Stock Percussion Rifle
Lot # 109 - North Carolina Half-Stock Percussion Rifle
.36 caliber, 46" octagonal barrel, iron hardware. Curly maple half stock, double-set trigger, 9 German silver inlays. > Item Details
*Uberti Remington Model 1875
Lot # 740 - *Uberti Remington Model 1875 "Outlaw" Reproduction Revolver
.45 LC cal., 7.5" barrel, S/N J94719. Nickel finish, walnut grips. > Item Details
*Colt Government Model Semi-Automatic Pistol
Lot # 572 - *Colt Government Model Semi-Automatic Pistol
.45 ACP caliber, 5" barrel, S/N 258594-C. Blue finish, walnut checkered grips, added trigger shoe, 1952 date of mfg. > Item Details
U.S. Connecticut Militia Shako
Lot # 241 - U.S. Connecticut Militia Shako
Bearskin crown body with maroon horsehair tassels; tole painted front plate. Hat further includes chin scales and state buttons. Interior finger lining stamped 67. > Item Details
*Ruger Blackhawk Single Action Convertible Revolver
Lot # 606 - *Ruger Blackhawk Single Action Convertible Revolver
.357/9mm caliber, 6.5" barrel, S/N 30-75858. Blue finish, walnut grips, 3 screw, pre-warning. > Item Details
Lot # 168 - Spanish "Colt Brevette 1849 Pocket" Revolver
.38 caliber, 4" barrel, S/N 24 on back end of barrel. Crudely engraved bridge, train, and boat cylinder scene ("Brooklyn Bridge-style Brevette"). Bone grips, nickel finish. > Item Details
Model 1817 Deringer Contract Rifle
Lot # 64 - Model 1817 Deringer Contract Rifle
.54 caliber, 36" round barrel rifled and sighted with bayonet lug under front sight. Breech plug dated 1842. Lockplate marked U.S. over Deringer over Phila; rear lockplate dated 1842. Ramrod has large brass recessed tip. Triggerguard is made without finger grip. Iron oval patchbox. Walnut stock with... > Item Details
U.S. Model 1808 Jenks Contract Flintlock Musket
Lot # 63 - U.S. Model 1808 Jenks Contract Flintlock Musket
.69 caliber, 44.5" round barrel with a P in circle at breech. Has old collector's number (1247) stamped in the metal on top of barrel. Lockplate marked with eagle over US beneath the pan, and Jenks over RI over 1813 in rear of lockplate. Original lockplate unaltered. Walnut stock with three barrel ... > Item Details
Custom Made Knife by <i>J. Poag</i>
Lot # 541 - Custom Made Knife by J. Poag
Knife is 12" overall with 7" blade. Scroll-engraved with Coco Bolo and micarta handle, silver hilt and pommel. Leather scabbard with scroll engraved silver cover. This knife was featured in Knives '91 (Knife World 11th annual ed.) on page 156 and a copy of the book is included. Housed in a walnut ... > Item Details
Micmac Engraved Powder Horn
Lot # 4 - Micmac Engraved Powder Horn
With engraved floral vine designs covering entire body of horn and with step-carved spout with single ring turning. Horn with original leather strap wrapping, flat spruce/fir plug end with wrought iron tack for strap attached with brads, fine old patina, 11.25" long. > Item Details
US Indian War M-1872 Enlisted Man's Kepi
Lot # 232 - US Indian War M-1872 Enlisted Man's Kepi
Dark blue wool body with chin strap and eagle buttons. > Item Details
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