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Northern California Basket
4/21/2011 - ONLINE American Indian & Western Art Timed Auction
with open-work rim; stepped triangular pattern around body, height 3.75 in. x diameter 4.5 in.
early 20th century

Excellent; no breaks or splits.
Sold: $176.25
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Crow Beaded Bags
Lot # 79 - Crow Beaded Bags
lot of 2, both thread and sinew-sewn; includes one with lanes of light and dark blue, greasy yellow, red white-heart, white, and pea green; edged with red wool, length 8 in. x width 12 in.; AND another bag beaded using colors of light and dark blue, yellow, rose, pink, and pea green; front panel bea... > Item Details
Missouri-style Pipe Tomahawk
Lot # 68 - Missouri-style Pipe Tomahawk
blade with pierced heart; tack decorated haft, length 19 in. 20th century > Item Details
D. Campbell (American, 20th Century)
Lot # 207 - D. Campbell (American, 20th Century)
Desert Landscapegouache on papersigned l.l.9.75 x 14 in. > Item Details
Pair of Eskimo Anaktuvuk Pass Masks
Lot # 7 - Pair of Eskimo Anaktuvuk Pass Masks
lot of 2, exceptionally large examples both made with caribou and wolf hair; softly sculpted features, lengths 14 in. x widths 9 in. mid-20th century > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Arm Cuffs
Lot # 55 - Sioux Beaded Hide Arm Cuffs
sinew-sewn using glass bead colors of red, white, amber, rose, and faceted translucent blue; backed with parfleche, length 7.75 in. ca 1900 > Item Details
Alexander P. Proctor (1862-1950)
Lot # 202 - Alexander P. Proctor (1862-1950)
"Vermont Horse" or "Morgan Horse"bronze on green marble basesigned in castingthis is a posthumous cast licensed by his wife Nona Proctor Church ca 1973ht. 16 in. > Item Details
Navajo Bolo with Bear Claws and Turquoise
Lot # 104 - Navajo Bolo with Bear Claws and Turquoise
Combined with sterling leaves and matching tips with small claws and turquoise, length 3.5 in.late 20th century > Item Details
Plains Wooden Saddle
Lot # 61 - Plains Wooden Saddle
painted with yellow pigment; iron pommel; wood filled with nails, height 9.75 in. x width 9.5 in. 19th century > Item Details
Plateau Beaded Hide Belt
Lot # 76 - Plateau Beaded Hide Belt
possibly Yakima, thread-sewn curvilinear beadwork executed in colors of rose, light blue, pea green, and white; backed with red ribbon; brass clasp, length 30 in. ca 1930 > Item Details
Two Miniature Beaded Hide Knife Sheaths and Umbilical Fetish
Lot # 26 - Two Miniature Beaded Hide Knife Sheaths and Umbilical Fetish
lot of 3, includes two small sinew-sewn knife sheaths, one 20th century reproduction, lengths 5.5 in. and 5 in.; PLUS a 20th century reproduction lizard umbilical fetish, length 5 in. > Item Details
Tlingit Polychrome & Eskimo Imbricated Baskets
Lot # 161 - Tlingit Polychrome & Eskimo Imbricated Baskets
Lot of 2, including Tlingit with two bands of bright step designs, diam. 6.5 in. x ht. 6 in., PLUS an unusually shaped Alaskan lidded basket woven by Fanny John, diam. 7 in. x ht. 10 in. Tlingit ca 1900; Alaskan ca 1940s > Item Details
Susan Point (Canadian, b. 1952)
Lot # 213 - Susan Point (Canadian, b. 1952)
Freedomsigned and dated '94 l.l.marked 55/94 l.l.; 23 x 13.75 in. > Item Details
Autographed <i>Margaret Tafoya</i> Biography
Lot # 155 - Autographed Margaret Tafoya Biography
Group of 2. Blair, Mary Ellen and Laurence. Margaret Tafoya: A Tewa Potter's Heritage and Legacy. West Chester (PA): Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 1986. 4to, red cloth w/dj (both), decorative endpapers, 199pp. One copy inscribed and signed on tp. Although a scholarly work, with Mrs. Tafoya's life (1904-... > Item Details
Navajo Turquoise Bracelet and Pin
Lot # 116 - Navajo Turquoise Bracelet and Pin
lot of 2, inlcludes a Fred Harvey silver bracelet with stamped design and central turquoise, old lable on back Genuine -- Turquoise/ Coin Silver 900 Fine/ Navajo Indian Design, inside circumference 5.25 in.; PLUS a stamped silver pin with oval turquoise, length 2 in. x width 1.5 in. first - second q... > Item Details
Tlingit Painted Basketry Hat
Lot # 167 - Tlingit Painted Basketry Hat
woven of cedar and painted in blue and green; figure possibly a raven, height 8 in. x diameter 19 in. late 19th century > Item Details
Mexican Made Navajo Bracelet
Lot # 108 - Mexican Made Navajo Bracelet
Signed Gordon and marked 925 combined with the hallmark of a stirrup. Design replicates a traditional Navajo bracelet, inside circumference 7 in. x width 1.5 in.late 20th century > Item Details
Apache Canteen
Lot # 86 - Apache Canteen
covered in pitch with two bent wood handles, height 12.5 in. x diameter 10 in. sencond quarter 20th century > Item Details
Cochiti Drum
Lot # 139 - Cochiti Drum
painted in blue and yellow, height 5 in. x diameter 5.75 in. early 20th century > Item Details
Hopi <i>Talavai</i> Early Morning Katsina
Lot # 102 - Hopi Talavai Early Morning Katsina
with tubular mouth, red ears, and clouds on cheeks; linen cape, height 15.5 in. ca 1930-40s > Item Details
Hopi Second Mesa Katsina Plaque and Southwestern Weaving Combs
Lot # 95 - Hopi Second Mesa Katsina Plaque and Southwestern Weaving Combs
lot of 3; includes a Hopi plaque decorated with a Polik Mana, diameter 11 in.; AND two wooden weaving combs, lengths 11 in. and 13 in. plaque second quarter 20th century; combs second half 20th century > Item Details
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