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Intermontain Beaded Hide Vest
4/21/2011 - ONLINE American Indian & Western Art Timed Auction
thread-sewn and decorated with floral designs of faceted beads; hide coated with yellow pigment; fringe finishes lower hem; german silver buttons; lined with floral pattern cotton, length 16 in. x 38 in.
ca 1900

Front panels of vest have been recycled - can see old design; vest shows signs of wear under armpits; 3 insect casings.
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D. Campbell (American, 20th Century)
Lot # 207 - D. Campbell (American, 20th Century)
Desert Landscapegouache on papersigned l.l.9.75 x 14 in. > Item Details
Leonard Reedy (American, 1899-1956)
Lot # 189 - Leonard Reedy (American, 1899-1956)
Cowboy Tending Cattle on the Rangewatercolor on papersigned l.r.8 in. x 11 in. > Item Details
Apache and Pima Figural Baskets
Lot # 87 - Apache and Pima Figural Baskets
lot of 2, including an Apache basket with nine dogs and nine stylized human figures, height 2.5 in. x diameter 8.5 in.; AND a Pima basket with three women in full dress, height 2.5 in. x diameter 9.5 in. first - second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Sioux Catlinite Pipe Bowl
Lot # 66 - Sioux Catlinite Pipe Bowl
T-shaped and decorated with carved concentric rings at terminuses, length 7 in. late 19th century > Item Details
Iroquois Beaded Purse
Lot # 20 - Iroquois Beaded Purse
thread-sewn and designed with full floral beadwork on both sides; closing flap reveals coin pouch; lined with cotton; twisted cord handle, length 6.5 in. x width 5.5 in. ca 1900 > Item Details
Navajo Coral Necklace with Matching Earrings,
Lot # 126 - Navajo Coral Necklace with Matching Earrings,
Lot of 3. Necklace signed NB and fashioned with beads separated by six delicate flower motifs, each with a coral stone, length 19 in.; AND matching earrings, length w/wire 1.5 in. ca 1970 > Item Details
Hopi  Katsinas
Lot # 98 - Hopi Katsinas
lot of 2, including Aya Runner katsina, height 9 in.; AND a katsina with lizards on forehead, height 8 in. ca 1940s > Item Details
Zuni Pueblo Fetish Pot
Lot # 146 - Zuni Pueblo Fetish Pot
With eight carved stone fetishes on exterior and two inside pot with "food." Each fetish with a bundles of turquoise bead, coral bead, and a projectile point. Leather strips hang from each bundle, height 5.5 in. x diameter 9.5 in. > Item Details
Zuni Norman Morgan Needlepoint Belt Buckle
Lot # 107 - Zuni Norman Morgan Needlepoint Belt Buckle
Set with 46 slender turquoises. Buckle signed NM and marked Sterling; Morgan made the crown for Miss Navajo Nation sometime in the early 1990s, length 2.75 in. x width 1.9 in.late 20th century > Item Details
Chippewa Wooden Spoon
Lot # 23 - Chippewa Wooden Spoon
With pierced decorations on handle and finished with fire branding, length 15.25 in. mid 19th century > Item Details
John Wahnetah (American, 20th century)
Lot # 214 - John Wahnetah (American, 20th century)
Miniature Totem PolePainted and carved poplar woodsigned on versoht. 20.75 in. > Item Details
[INDIANS] Annual Reports of the BAE
Lot # 156 - [INDIANS] Annual Reports of the BAE
Lot of 5 Annual Reports of the Bureau of Ethnology, by Director J.W. Powell, to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, including: the First Annual Report, for the years 1879-80, published in 1881 by the Government Printing Office, 603pp plus a removable map of The State of Indiana exhibiting ... > Item Details
Navajo Sterling Cuffs with Signatures
Lot # 138 - Navajo Sterling Cuffs with Signatures
Lot of 2, includes a cuff with a heavy twisted wire in center, signed HRM Sterling, for unknown silversmith, interior circumference with opening 6.75 in. x width 1.25 in.; AND another cuff, possibly Hopi, signed CB Sterling, also an unknown smith. Cuff with a pair of large grizzly bear claws on top... > Item Details
Alexander P. Proctor (American, 1860-1950)
Lot # 201 - Alexander P. Proctor (American, 1860-1950)
Jackson Sundownbronzesigned and dated 1916 on backthis posthumous cast was licensed by Proctor's Nona Proctor Churchht. 9.25 in. > Item Details
Salish Imbricated Baskets
Lot # 160 - Salish Imbricated Baskets
lot of 4, all imbricated with red, black or cream seal gut; includes a lidded circular basket, height 4.75 in. x diameter 5.5 in.; PLUS another lidded basket, height 5.5 in. x diameter 5.5 in.; PLUS a small trinket holder, height 2 in. x diameter 4.5 in.; AND a larger circular basket, height 5.5 in.... > Item Details
Winnebago Hair Roach
Lot # 144 - Winnebago Hair Roach
green, purple, red, and yellow dyed white-tail deer fur and porcupine guard hair; length 16 in. ca 1900 > Item Details
Hopi <i>Tawa</i> Sun Katsina
Lot # 99 - Hopi Tawa Sun Katsina
with carved feathers radiating from face; katsina holds rattle, height 12.25 in.ca 1950s > Item Details
Sioux Beaded and Quilled Hide Moccasins
Lot # 50 - Sioux Beaded and Quilled Hide Moccasins
sinew-sewn using glass beads colors of cobalt, red, and white; red and white bands of quillwork decorate vamps, length 10 in. late 19th century > Item Details
Salish Imbricated Handled Basket
Lot # 162 - Salish Imbricated Handled Basket
rectangular basket with cream, black, and red triangular imbrications, height 7.5 in. x length 16 in. early 20th century > Item Details
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