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Landscape by Rudolf Tschudi, Oil on Board
2/5/2011 - Winter Fine and Decorative Art
Rudolf Tschudi (American, 1855-1923), signed l.l. with handwritten label on verso, Rud.Tschudi / 2336 Wheeler Str. Cin. O / June near Clifton. Cin. O. / $60.00 / ?.; 12.25 x 18.25 in.

Painting has been professionally cleaned. Craquelure and some darkened varnish reserved to u.r. Spotty inpainting throughout foliage.
Sold: $1,057.50
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Fine Japanese <i>Okimono</i> Ivory Figure
Lot # 209 - Fine Japanese Okimono Ivory Figure
Meiji period, Okimono, Tokyo school, intricately and finely carved elephant tusk ivory figure of a vendor with fishes, fish baskets and an assortment of irises and peonies in a back basket. Signed, "Makoto"; ht. 14 in. > Item Details
Royal Vienna Portrait Plates
Lot # 162 - Royal Vienna Portrait Plates
Continental, 19th century. Three plates with gilt and raised gilt border, the centers with hand painted portrait of a young women, each with under-glaze blue beehive mark; dia. 10 in. > Item Details
Georgian Chest of Drawers
Lot # 109 - Georgian Chest of Drawers
English, ca 1760-1780. A George III chest of drawers in mahogany with pine secondary, the overhanging top with thumb-molded edge over four graduated and cock-beaded drawers, all over bracket feet; ht. 31.5, wd. 30.5, dp. 17 in. > Item Details
<i>Mettlach</i> Stein
Lot # 150 - Mettlach Stein
German Mettlach .5L stein, No. 2235, marked on base with Gegen Nachbildung Geschutzt, etched with barmaid holding up steins and targets; ht. 8.75 in. > Item Details
<i>Elgin</i> Ladies 14K Gold Cased Pocket Watch
Lot # 239 - Elgin Ladies 14K Gold Cased Pocket Watch
American, ca 1891, a multi colored 14K gold hunting cased watch with diamond inset to case, blue/white and gold dial, marked Elgin, inscription on cuvette; case dia. 1.75 in. > Item Details
Grand Canal by Felix Ziem, Oil on Canvas
Lot # 9 - Grand Canal by Felix Ziem, Oil on Canvas
Felix Ziem (French, 1821-1911), titled The Grand Canal, Venice, signed l.l. and with a pair of early labels on verso. Dated 1896 on verso; 16.75 x 24.5 in. Housed in outstanding original gilt and gesso frame. > Item Details
Bronze Art Nouveau
Lot # 123 - Bronze Art Nouveau "Hortensia" Tazza
French, early 20th century. A bronze Art Nouveau figure of "Hortensia" holding an opalescent cased glass bowl; ht. 11 in. > Item Details
Seascape by Alexander Dzigurski, Oil on Canvas
Lot # 258 - Seascape by Alexander Dzigurski, Oil on Canvas
Alexander Dzigurski (American, 1911-1995), signed l.r., housed in a decorative gilt and gesso frame, 23.5 x 35.25 in. > Item Details
Thames Harbor by James Whistler, Etching
Lot # 260 - Thames Harbor by James Whistler, Etching
James Abbot McNeill Whistler (American, 1834-1903), titled Thames Warehouses on verso, signed and dated 1859 in plate l.r.; 3 x 7.75 in. (sight), 10 x 15 in. (framed) > Item Details
Fire Bucket, 1835
Lot # 288 - Fire Bucket, 1835
American, dated 1835. A painted leather fire bucket with stitched construction, retaining original dark green paint with yellow stenciling Job Luther 1835. Genealogical search identifies a Job Luther born in Massachusetts in the year 1793; ht. 11.75 in. > Item Details
Gorricum, Holland by William H. Hilliard, Oil on Canvas
Lot # 251 - Gorricum, Holland by William H. Hilliard, Oil on Canvas
William H. Hilliard (American, 1836-1905), signed l.r.; 13.5 x 19.5 in. > Item Details
Miniature Ivory Portrait of English Gentleman
Lot # 174 - Miniature Ivory Portrait of English Gentleman
English, ivory miniature of an English gentleman, framed in a leather fold case and frame, unsigned; ht. 2.5, wd. 2 in. > Item Details
Swiss 18K Gold Hunting Case Watch
Lot # 242 - Swiss 18K Gold Hunting Case Watch
Continental, ca 1900, a Swiss made 18K gold hunting case pocket watch by James Kahn, Neuchatel, signed on cuvette and mvt., case serial No 12441, case dia. 2 in. > Item Details
Sevres Ormolu Mounted Center Bowl
Lot # 63 - Sevres Ormolu Mounted Center Bowl
French, 19th century. An ormolu mounted porcelain bowl with brass scroll handles and rim, hand-painted center cartouches depicting a courting scene and interior floral bouquets, signed Rolli stamped blue Sevres mark; ht. 7, wd. 12 in. > Item Details
<i>Galle</i> Cylindrical Vase in Mauve
Lot # 125 - Galle Cylindrical Vase in Mauve
France, early 20th century. A tapered cameo vase with lavender leaves and pods against a frosted and green ground, cameo signature Galle near base; ht. 12.5 in. > Item Details
Chinese Relief-Carved Marble Shrine
Lot # 202 - Chinese Relief-Carved Marble Shrine
Chinese, a low relief carved marble shrine garden ornament depicting Buddha; ht. 15.5, wd. 11.5, dp. 6 in. > Item Details
Tabriz Rug
Lot # 308 - Tabriz Rug
Persian, ca 1930-40s, Tabriz rug with vase and bird motif; 75 x 53.25 in. (6 ft. 3 in. x 4 ft. 5.25 in., 190.5 x 135.26cm). > Item Details
Boston Sandwich Glass Lamps
Lot # 312 - Boston Sandwich Glass Lamps
American, ca 1880s, by the Boston & Sandwich Glass Co., Sandwich, Massachusetts, electrified blue hobnail wells on a milk glass base; base ht. 16 in. > Item Details
Monumental Chinese Carved Wooden Lantern
Lot # 203 - Monumental Chinese Carved Wooden Lantern
Antique carved Chinese chandelier, a rectangular form with parcel gilt pierced and carved flowers, figures, and stylistic ornamentation, with remnants of old paint; ht. 29, wd. 21 in. > Item Details
Illustration by Frank Schoonover, Oil on Canvas
Lot # 342 - Illustration by Frank Schoonover, Oil on Canvas
Frank E. Schoonover (American, 1877-1972), titled The man was led into the yard and the natives surged in around in after it in catalogue raisonne, signed and dated 20 l.r.; 25 x 39.25 in.Frank Schoonover, an American illustrator, frequently painted images meant to accompany magazines, books, and ot... > Item Details
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