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Eskimo Cribbage Board with Wildlife
4/21/2011 - ONLINE American Indian & Western Art Timed Auction
Walrus tusk board embellished with three dimensional carvings of goose and salmon, each accented with black or red scrimshaw, length 13.25 in.
mid-20th century

Near excellent, one peg for stand missing on bottom
Sold: $352.50
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Northwestern California Basketry Hat
Lot # 9 - Northwestern California Basketry Hat
alternating bands of cream and dark brown broken by stacked triangles, height 3.5 in. x diameter 6.75 in. early 20th century > Item Details
Cobalt Bead Necklace
Lot # 11 - Cobalt Bead Necklace
composed of eight strands of cobalt beads, length 17 in. 20th century > Item Details
Mexican Made Navajo Bracelet
Lot # 108 - Mexican Made Navajo Bracelet
Signed Gordon and marked 925 combined with the hallmark of a stirrup. Design replicates a traditional Navajo bracelet, inside circumference 7 in. x width 1.5 in.late 20th century > Item Details
Northern California Basket
Lot # 10 - Northern California Basket
with open-work rim; stepped triangular pattern around body, height 3.75 in. x diameter 4.5 in. early 20th century > Item Details
Vintage Calendar by Frank Stick (American, 1884-1966)
Lot # 175 - Vintage Calendar by Frank Stick (American, 1884-1966)
Shooting the Rapids in lower margin, signed in print l.r., copyright 1913, print 8.25 x 11.75 in., overall 14 x 17 in. > Item Details
Hopi Third Mesa Wicker Plaques
Lot # 92 - Hopi Third Mesa Wicker Plaques
Lot of 4, all from Third Mesa. One with whirling red motif, diameter 12 in.; PLUS another with red, black, and green abstract motif, diameter 14 in.; PLUS another with red, black motif, diameter 15.5 in.; AND the last with black and green motif, diameter 13.5 in.first - second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Zuni Inlay and Cluster Bracelets
Lot # 134 - Zuni Inlay and Cluster Bracelets
Lot of 4. Includes a bracelet with a mother-of-pearl needlepoint stone, inside circumference 5 in.; PLUS two bracelets with inlaid cardinals, each with inside circumference 6 in.; AND the last a coral cluster bracelet, inside circumference 6 in.ca 1970s > Item Details
Navajo Coral Necklace with Matching Earrings,
Lot # 126 - Navajo Coral Necklace with Matching Earrings,
Lot of 3. Necklace signed NB and fashioned with beads separated by six delicate flower motifs, each with a coral stone, length 19 in.; AND matching earrings, length w/wire 1.5 in. ca 1970 > Item Details
Chippewa Beaded Bandolier Bag
Lot # 19 - Chippewa Beaded Bandolier Bag
loom-woven panels on red wool; with white and blue beadwork along opening of pouch; red and blue wool tufts at lower edge of bag, length 34 in. x width 11.5 in. fourth quarter 19th century > Item Details
Susan Point (Canadian, b. 1952)
Lot # 213 - Susan Point (Canadian, b. 1952)
Freedomsigned and dated '94 l.l.marked 55/94 l.l.; 23 x 13.75 in. > Item Details
Pima Figural Basket
Lot # 83 - Pima Figural Basket
with four men and four birds, height 6.5 in. x diameter 6.5 in. second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Dolls
Lot # 44 - Sioux Beaded Hide Dolls
lot of 2, including one with cloth body and beaded hide dress; braided hair and shell earrings, length 14 in.; PLUS another cloth doll with beaded features and cotton dress; concha belt, length 10.25 in. second - mid 20th century > Item Details
Intermontain Beaded Hide Vest
Lot # 14 - Intermontain Beaded Hide Vest
thread-sewn and decorated with floral designs of faceted beads; hide coated with yellow pigment; fringe finishes lower hem; german silver buttons; lined with floral pattern cotton, length 16 in. x 38 in. ca 1900 > Item Details
Navajo Turquoise Bracelet and Pin
Lot # 116 - Navajo Turquoise Bracelet and Pin
lot of 2, inlcludes a Fred Harvey silver bracelet with stamped design and central turquoise, old lable on back Genuine -- Turquoise/ Coin Silver 900 Fine/ Navajo Indian Design, inside circumference 5.25 in.; PLUS a stamped silver pin with oval turquoise, length 2 in. x width 1.5 in. first - second q... > Item Details
Hopi <i>Tawa</i> Sun Katsina
Lot # 99 - Hopi Tawa Sun Katsina
with carved feathers radiating from face; katsina holds rattle, height 12.25 in.ca 1950s > Item Details
Sioux Child's Beaded Hide Moccasins
Lot # 57 - Sioux Child's Beaded Hide Moccasins
sinew-sewn with white and light blue beadwork on vamps, length 8 in. early 20th century > Item Details
Apache Canteen
Lot # 86 - Apache Canteen
covered in pitch with two bent wood handles, height 12.5 in. x diameter 10 in. sencond quarter 20th century > Item Details
Northeastern Beaded Pouches
Lot # 16 - Northeastern Beaded Pouches
lot of 2, including a possibly Abnaki pouch beaded with pony trader blue, pink, rose, greasy yellow, rose, and pea green; outer edge beaded with sinew, length 4.25 in. x width 4.25 in. mid-19th centuryAND an Iroquois beaded purse with the typical floral design; sequence interspersed in negative spac... > Item Details
Plateau Beaded Hide Belt
Lot # 76 - Plateau Beaded Hide Belt
possibly Yakima, thread-sewn curvilinear beadwork executed in colors of rose, light blue, pea green, and white; backed with red ribbon; brass clasp, length 30 in. ca 1930 > Item Details
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