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Christine Nofchissey McHorse, Vesuvius Abstract Ceramic
2010, Cowans+Clark+DelVecchio Modern Ceramics
(Born 1948, USA)
Untitiled (Vesuvius), 2002
Earthenware; 15.5, wd. 10 in.

Exhibited: Free Spirit: The New Native American Potter. The Stedelijk Museum, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. See Clark, Garth. Free Spirit: The New Native American Potter. 's-Hertogenbosch: The Stedelijk Museum, 2006, p. 79. In addition to its illustration in this catalog, Vesuvius has been illustrated in more than a dozen other scholarly essays.

Along with Untitled (Nautilus), 1996, and Untitled (Spine), 2010, this is one of McHorse's undisputed top five masterworks. The artist, a resident of Santa Fe, is the Southwest's most adventurous and important abstract ceramist. While taught to work with micaceous clay by her Taos grandmother-in-law, McHorse is Navajo and therefore did not have the same pressures to adhere to a Pueblo style. As a result she took on freedoms other Indian potters seemed reluctant to embrace, more attuned to contemporary art. The title Vesuvius suggests the spill of lava from a volcano, but modeled into a lace-like flow, thin walled and superbly defined and articulated. This pot, like most of McHorse's work, is made from a continuous coil with no cutting or joining. The process is time-consuming, resulting in about ten pieces a year, and as a result her work is rarely seen at auction.

A national traveling exhibition, Dark and Light: The Micaceous Pottery of Christine Nofchissey McHorse is currently being organized.

Excellent original condition.
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Karen Karnes, Lidded Vessel
Lot # 29 - Karen Karnes, Lidded Vessel
(Born 1925, USA) Lidded Vessel, 1986 Stoneware; ht. 11, dia. 10 in. > Item Details
Claude Conover (1907-1994; USA)
Lot # 38 - Claude Conover (1907-1994; USA)
(1907-1994, USA) Chun, ca 1980s Stoneware Vessel; ht. 18 in. A graduate of the Cleveland Art Institute, Conover worked for thirty years as a commercial designer before making his own ceramics. He was potting full-time by 1960 and became a favorite of the leading modern designers of the day who incor... > Item Details
Ewen Henderson, Large Stoneware Vessel
Lot # 25 - Ewen Henderson, Large Stoneware Vessel
(1934-2000, Britain) Untitled Vessel, 1970 Stoneware; ht. 16.25, dia. 12.5 in. It was not until Henderson was 30 that he began to study ceramics with, among others, Lucie Rie and Hans Coper. In spite of the tutelage of these masters, it was Ruth Duckworth's art that was his strongest single influenc... > Item Details
Jennifer Lee, Ceramic Vase
Lot # 22 - Jennifer Lee, Ceramic Vase
(Born 1956, Britain) Untitled, ca 1997 Ceramic; ht. 7, dia. 5 in. Jennifer Lee is seen by many as the inheritor in Britain of the Coper-Rie mantle, not because she imitates their style, far from it. Her own vision is unique and distinctive for the elegant way in which she has refined the vessel form... > Item Details
Lucie Rie, Matte Pink Stoneware Bowl
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(1902-1995, Austria) Untitled (Matte Pink Bowl), ca 1958 Stoneware; ht.5.25, dia. 9.75 in. Dame Lucie Rie (1902-1995) is the most celebrated and widely collected of all 20th century ceramists, eclipsing the position once held by Hans Coper. Issey Miyaki curated an exhibition for her; Dan Flavin crea... > Item Details
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