Lot 510    

KstarR Simon & Halbig #121 Doll
1/8/2011 - Winter Decor Auction
Marked KstarR Simon & Halbig 121, bisque socket head, five-piece bent limb body with original finish, replaced wig, blue eyes; 20 in.

Repair to eyes.
Sold: $352.50
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Shaker-style Rocker
Lot # 177 - Shaker-style Rocker
American, late 19th century; a Shaker-style ladder back armed rocker with later woven seat; ht. 41.5, wd. 19 in. > Item Details
English Copper Kitchen Items
Lot # 91 - English Copper Kitchen Items
English, late 18th/early 19th century, lot of three, includes copper tea kettle, ht. 4.75 in.; copper saucepan, ht. 3.75, dia. 7.25 in.; copper tankard, ht. 5.5, dia. 4.5 in. > Item Details
Miles Smith Folk Art Sculpture
Lot # 233 - Miles Smith Folk Art Sculpture
American, 20th century. A folk art vulture or buzzard sculpture signed Miles Smith on base. Painted wood figure with tin talons and glass eyes; ht. 11 in. > Item Details
Two Oriental Mythological Beasts
Lot # 622 - Two Oriental Mythological Beasts
Two guardian mythological beast figures, one with red glaze; ht. 10.75-11 in. > Item Details
Louis XVI-style Armchair
Lot # 62 - Louis XVI-style Armchair
Early 20th century, Louis XVI-style open arm chair in walnut; ht. 38, wd. 24 in. > Item Details
Abstract Landscape by Max Günther, Watercolor
Lot # 45 - Abstract Landscape by Max Günther, Watercolor
Max Günther (Swiss, 1934-1974), signed and dated 28.IV.65 l.r.; 20 x 26 in. > Item Details
Carved Ivory Figure of Woman
Lot # 653 - Carved Ivory Figure of Woman
A carved ivory figure of woman with flowing robes holding a flower on a wooden base, ht. 10.5 in. > Item Details
Graphic Foundry Mould
Lot # 194 - Graphic Foundry Mould
20th century, painted wood. A graphic foundry mould having folk art appeal, marked MP 219; lg. 43, wd. 34.25 in. > Item Details
Landscape by Esther W. Schneider, Oil on Canvas
Lot # 275 - Landscape by Esther W. Schneider, Oil on Canvas
Esther W. Schneider (American, 20th century), signed l.r.; 12 x 16 in. > Item Details
Continental Winter Landscape, Oil on Canvas
Lot # 43 - Continental Winter Landscape, Oil on Canvas
Continental, 19th century, unsigned and housed in decorative gilt and gesso frame; 7.5 x 9.25 in. > Item Details
Lorillard's Snuff Advertisement
Lot # 235 - Lorillard's Snuff Advertisement
ca. 1890-1900. Lorillard Snuff advertisement over text Won the Only Gold Medal Awarded on Snuff at the Atlanta Exposition; 23.5 x 17.5 in. > Item Details
Whiting Sterling Punch Ladle
Lot # 413 - Whiting Sterling Punch Ladle "Indian" Pattern
American, ca 1874-1880. A Whiting sterling punch ladle in the Indian pattern, marked with the Whiting/Silver hallmarks and Mermod, Jaccard, & Co., retailers; lg. 13 in.; wt. 186.5 g. > Item Details
Carved Ivory Seal and Buddha Figure
Lot # 645 - Carved Ivory Seal and Buddha Figure
Oriental ivory ovoid seal with a turtle dragon form, bottom with Oriental letters, dia. 2.25". Second a carved ivory figure of a seated bodhisattva Buddha on a lotus pedestal base with hands resting in Dhyana mudra, ht. 4.25". > Item Details
Three Sterling Serving Pieces
Lot # 427 - Three Sterling Serving Pieces
A marked Tiffany & Co. vegetable dish. Silver footed candy dish marked Calimeda/Mexico and Sterling, and a hand-hammered nut dish with marks for Sterling and Gorham. Total wt. of three, 24.756 ozt (770g). > Item Details
Walnut Glazed Door Cupboard
Lot # 85 - Walnut Glazed Door Cupboard
Ca 1880-1900, a walnut factory-made cabinet with cornice top, two glazed doors, enclosing three shelves, over two aligned drawers. On a plinth base; ht. 83, wd. 45.5, dp. 18 in. > Item Details
Turkish Rug
Lot # 262 - Turkish Rug
Turkey, 20th century; 83 x 43 in. (6 ft. 11 in. x 3 ft. 7 in., 210.82 x 109.22cm) > Item Details
Chinese Opium Pipes
Lot # 669 - Chinese Opium Pipes
Lot of eight Chinese opium pipes. Includes two long stemmed bamboo pipes with ink designs, lg. 26.5-29.5 in.; one short stemmed bamboo pipe, lg. 13 in.; three wooden pipes, one with porcelain bowl and one with attached embroidered bag, lg. 13.25-23.5 in.; two pipes with metal bowls and decorative st... > Item Details
Silver Cigarette Case, Gold Cigar Cutter, Plus
Lot # 485 - Silver Cigarette Case, Gold Cigar Cutter, Plus
All Continental pieces, 19th/20th century. A German .800 silver cigarette case with pierced work set with rubies; a 14K gold cigar cutter; a Maria Theresa Thaler (MTT) silver bullion coin pill box; and a German silver-plated match safe; largest, lg. 3 in. > Item Details
Modernist Landscape, Oil on Canvas Board
Lot # 376 - Modernist Landscape, Oil on Canvas Board
late 19th/early 20th century, signed l.r.; 4.75 x 6.25 in. > Item Details
Iron Kitchen Tools
Lot # 224 - Iron Kitchen Tools
Lot of 3. Includes an American, 18th century wrought iron bird spit, with a cross bar with six hooks for suspension of meat, lg. 13.75 in. AND American, early 19th century wafer iron with long handle, vine and music motifs inside, dia. 5.5, lg. 27 in. AND iron or steel sugar nips with pliers constru... > Item Details
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