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Landscape by Alice Ray, Oil on Board
1/8/2011 - Winter Decor Auction
Alice Ray (American, 20th century), signed l.l.; 18 x 24 in.

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Chinese Bronze Figure
Lot # 599 - Chinese Bronze Figure
A Bronze figure of an elder Chinese man with collared robe decorated with a dragon, standing on a bronze pedestal base, ht. 7 in. > Item Details
Sterling Overlay Cordials, Plus
Lot # 437 - Sterling Overlay Cordials, Plus
Set of five cordials with silver overlay, marked Sterling, .925, ht. 3 in. Plus, a porcelain handle carving knife and meat fork, the blade marked Stainless, made in Sheffield, England; lg. 11.5 in. Plus, six silverplated nut picks, lg. 4.75 in. > Item Details
Sterling Silver Goblets
Lot # 410 - Sterling Silver Goblets
American, a set of six sterling goblets, all marked Preisner/Sterling; ht. 6.75 in. Total silver weight 19.51 ozt (607g). > Item Details
Painted Wood Arrow Weather vane
Lot # 201 - Painted Wood Arrow Weather vane
American, 20th century, a wooden arrow weather-vane with a metal propeller end all with silver paint; ht. 20, lg 50 in. > Item Details
Wooden Kitchen Molds, Plus
Lot # 245 - Wooden Kitchen Molds, Plus
Lot of 6. American, 19th century, with five pieces, includes a springerle mold from Lancaster County, PA with cylindrical roller with carved pattern of flowers and leaves, lg. 13.5 in.; a wooden lemon squeezer, lg. 9.5 in.; a miniature butter mold with rose pattern and double-action stamping and cu... > Item Details
Reproduction Windsor Rocker
Lot # 352 - Reproduction Windsor Rocker
American, 21st century. Comb-back rocking chair with a nine spindle back, baluster turned legs and H-stretchers in black paint with red made by the American Windsor Company of Burlington, WI; 44.5 in. overall, 16.5 in. seat height. > Item Details
Kilim Accent Pillows
Lot # 457 - Kilim Accent Pillows
Lot of four accent pillows made with kilim remnants; 15 in. square. > Item Details
Mulberry Ironstone Plates
Lot # 102 - Mulberry Ironstone Plates "Corean" Pattern
English, ca 1850, lot of four "Corean" pattern plates, includes two dinner plates, dia. 9.5 in. and 2 bread and butter plates, marked Mullbery Ironstone; dia. 7 in. > Item Details
Chinese Carved Guanyin Figure, Plus
Lot # 584 - Chinese Carved Guanyin Figure, Plus
Lot of three. Includes Chinese carved Guanyin figure holding a scroll and standing on a dragon's head, ht. 17.5 in.; AND a carved Buddha figure standing on a lotus with hands in mudra gesture, ht. 12 in.; AND seated figure in metal, ht. 10.75 in. > Item Details
Columbus Buggy Co. Advertisement Lithographed Poster
Lot # 236 - Columbus Buggy Co. Advertisement Lithographed Poster
Columbus Buggy Co. advertisement titled Nobility of Spain at a Reception on the 400th Anniversary of the Discovery of America, Viewing the painting, "Columbus Before Ferdinand and Isabella, 1492." in lower margin, copyright l.l.; 24.25 x 38 in. > Item Details
Stool and <i>J. Watt & Co. </i>Traveling Desk
Lot # 284 - Stool and J. Watt & Co. Traveling Desk
American, 19th century, includes one rectangular wood stool with two shaped plank supports; ht. 9.75, wd. 14.75, dp. 7.75 in. One J. Watt & Co. wooden traveling desk with brass fittings on exterior and interior with compartments for paper, ink, roller, brush within silver case and large ink bottle i... > Item Details
<i>Towle</i> Sterling Finger Bowls
Lot # 421 - Towle Sterling Finger Bowls
American. A set of nine sterling silver finger bowls, marked Towle / Sterling, No 81160, patent date, Dec 23rd, 1919; ht. 1.5, dia. 4.75 in. Total silver wt. 26.62 ozt (828g). > Item Details
Chinese Planter with Stand
Lot # 634 - Chinese Planter with Stand
Chinese polychrome decorated planter, the base with a six-character mark, with wooden stand; ht. without stand 9 in. > Item Details
Cast Iron Pull Toy Covered Wagon
Lot # 536 - Cast Iron Pull Toy Covered Wagon
American, early 20th century. Cast iron pull toy covered wagon in original blue paint on red spoke wheels with cloth top supported by a steel frame pulled by a two horse team; horses are detachable from wagon; combined length 13 in. > Item Details
Silver and Shell Snuff Box, Plus
Lot # 160 - Silver and Shell Snuff Box, Plus
A snuff box with silver frame and lid with shell bowl, ht. 1, lg. 2.75, dp. 1.5 in; Plus two lacquered snuff boxes, largest lg. 4 in. > Item Details
Folky Oil on Board of Watermelon
Lot # 189 - Folky Oil on Board of Watermelon
Probably early 20th century, American, oil on artist's board still life of watermelon in a Canton platter and a knife; 16.74 x 20.75 in. (sight); 21 x 25 in. (framed). > Item Details
German Silver and Ivory Serving Dishes
Lot # 124 - German Silver and Ivory Serving Dishes
German, 20th century, includes two silver serving dish with carved ivory stem, marked on the bottom with standard 800 and national mark of crescent moon and crown; ht. 6 in. > Item Details
Japanese Gold Tone
Lot # 575 - Japanese Gold Tone
Japanese Gold Tone, 20th century and housed in decorative frame with floral motifs; 10.5 x 13 in. > Item Details
European Landscape
Lot # 23 - European Landscape
Continental, late 19th century oil painting of lake landscape, signed, l.l., P. Charles, measuring 12 x 18 in. > Item Details
Chinese Snuff Bottles
Lot # 668 - Chinese Snuff Bottles
A Peking glass white bottle with red fish and birds, ht. 2.25"; AND a red glass bottle with base, spoon stuck inside, ht. 3.5". > Item Details
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