Lot 1215    

*FEG PJK-9HP Pistol
2010, Fall Historic Firearms and Early Militaria, Oct. 28 & 29
9mm cal., 4.75" barrel, S/N B89771. Browning Hi Power copy made in Hungary. Blue finish, two magazines, papers.

Gun is like-new in the box.
Sold: $287.50
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Belgian Double-Barrel Pinfire Pistol
Krag Bowie Bayonet
Lot # 258 - Krag Bowie Bayonet
9" clip point blade marked U.S. and dated 1900 on the reverse. Correct metal scabbard. > Item Details
*Winchester Pre-'64 Model 70
Lot # 438 - *Winchester Pre-'64 Model 70
.270 cal., 24" barrel, S/N 201663. Weaver KV 5 power scope with clear optics and Pachmayr mount. Walnut stock with added Monte Carlo cheek piece. > Item Details
* Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun
Lot # 630 - * Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun
12ga, 19.5" barrel, S/N 929134. The bayonet attachment was likely later added. > Item Details
*H&K P2000K Pistol
Lot # 1054 - *H&K P2000K Pistol
.357 Sig cal., 3.25" barrel, S/N 125-000335. Matte black finish. > Item Details
*Springfield Armory Model XD45 Match Pistol
Lot # 1350 - *Springfield Armory Model XD45 Match Pistol
.45 ACP cal., 4.5" barrel, S/N MG501858. Black finish, polymer frame, laser sight, two 13 rd. magazines. > Item Details
*Hi Standard Model HB Pistol
Lot # 1242 - *Hi Standard Model HB Pistol
.22 LR cal., 4.5" barrel, S/N 281852. Blue finish, walnut grips, 2 magazines. > Item Details
* WWII Japanese Nambu Pistol
Lot # 533 - * WWII Japanese Nambu Pistol
.8mm caliber, 4.5" barrel, serial number 68057. 20.2 date code (1945). Blue finish, walnut grips, large trigger guard, matching magazine. > Item Details
Lot of Three Walther P38 Holsters
Lot # 1569 - Lot of Three Walther P38 Holsters
One WWII brown leather, maker Otto Sindell, dated 1941 and marked WaA120. One WWII black leather with barely visible Nazi marks. One black leather post-war West German police holster. > Item Details
*Walther P5 Pistol
Lot # 1070 - *Walther P5 Pistol
9mm cal., 3.5" barrel, S/N 101030. Matte black finish, walnut grips, test target. > Item Details
*CZ Model 75B Pistol
Lot # 1051 - *CZ Model 75B Pistol
9mm cal., 4.5" barrel, S/N 9689B, night sights, two 17 rd. magazines. Custom walnut grips, matte black finish. > Item Details
Colt Single Action-Army Revolver
Lot # 357 - Colt Single Action-Army Revolver
.44-40 caliber, 7.5" round barrel, S/N 103844, three line patent markings on frame, 44 marked on under barrel at cylinder pin. All numbers match. Original one-piece wood grips. Comes with a copy of the factory letter, which indicates: Blue finish, 7.5" barrel, 44-40 caliber, shipped to Collins & Go... > Item Details
*Beretta Model M9 Special Edition Pistol
Lot # 1119 - *Beretta Model M9 Special Edition Pistol
9mm cal., 5" barrel, S/N M9-0861. Walnut checkered grips, walnut display case, factory box with holster, web belt, mag. pouch, 15 rd. magazine. > Item Details
M1920 Watering Bit
Lot # 516 - M1920 Watering Bit
Complete with leather bridle and watering bit. > Item Details
D. Moore Patent S.A. Belt Revolver
Lot # 352 - D. Moore Patent S.A. Belt Revolver
.32 RF cal., 6" barrel, S/N 2343. Seven-shot, brass frame. > Item Details
*Lefever Nitro Special Shotgun,
Lot # 1461 - *Lefever Nitro Special Shotgun,
.410 gauge, 26" double barrels, S/N A226638. Blued finish with checkered forearm and buttstock. > Item Details
Engraved Percussion Perry Sporting Shotgun
Lot # 317 - Engraved Percussion Perry Sporting Shotgun
.12 gauge, 24" octagonal-to-round barrel finished in a Damascus pattern, S/N 615. Engraved frame, breechblock and hammer. Walnut buttstock and pewter tipped forearm. > Item Details
Sudanese 19th Century Togonda Sword with Muslim Motif
Lot # 1008 - Sudanese 19th Century Togonda Sword with Muslim Motif
24" blade with brass crossguard; wood and leather wrapped handle. Blade has Muslim motifs running the entire length of both sides of the blade. Translation reads "Allah is the one true God and Muhammed is His prophet." > Item Details
* Springfield Model 1903 Sporting Model Rifle
Lot # 498 - * Springfield Model 1903 Sporting Model Rifle
.30-06 caliber, 24" barrel dated 6-26, S/N 1273347. Star gauge mark on the muzzle crown at 6 o'clock. Marble blade in front sight base. Lyman 48 base missing the sight leaf. Noske telescope and mount attached to the left side of the receiver. Bolt is numbered to the rifle and has had the handle relo... > Item Details
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