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Blue and White Overshot Coverlet
1/15/2011 - ONLINE American Quilts Timed Auction,
American, 19th c., blue and white overshot coverlet in snowball and pine tree pattern, two loom widths joined 85" x 62".

Property of the Western Reserve Historical Society

some losses and toning.
Sold: $29.38
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Tree and Leaf Quilt
Lot # 18 - Tree and Leaf Quilt
American, 19th c., red and chartreuse applique on white ground with trees in oakleaf variation, 95.5" x 92". > Item Details
Tree of Life Quilt
Lot # 9 - Tree of Life Quilt
American, 19th c., pieced quilt with "Tree of Life" variation sawtooth pattern in chartreuse and pink, with handwritten tag that reads Martha Zacharias Dell, b. 1824 d. 1895. Was not a new quilt in 1895, Property of Priscilla Pierce, Percy G. Pierce 6/1/38, 71.5" x 79". > Item Details
Rose of Sharon Quilt
Lot # 5 - Rose of Sharon Quilt
American, 19th c., "Rose of Sharon" variation with repeating appliqued floral design in red, yellow, and ivory with border, 82" x 83". > Item Details
Cambridge, Vermont Friendship Quilt
Lot # 22 - Cambridge, Vermont Friendship Quilt
American, mid-19th c., pieced geometric friendship quilt in pink, red, and brown calico fabrics with diamonds containing signatures in ink from women in Cambridge, Vermont, 81" x 79.25". > Item Details
Signed Allen County, Ohio Coverlet
Lot # 71 - Signed Allen County, Ohio Coverlet
American, 19th c., blue and rose weave on white with medallion motif and grape vine border, corner blocks read "W. MINSTER ALLEN CO.O," two loom widths joined 84.75" x 67". > Item Details
Signed Green County, Ohio Coverlet
Lot # 83 - Signed Green County, Ohio Coverlet
American, mid-19th c., blue, red, and gold weave with double rose in wreaths pattern, border depicts flowers in urns, corner blocks signed "MADE BY D COSLEY XENIA GREENE CO OHIO 1851," 87" x 76" (not including fringe). > Item Details
Two American Quilt Tops
Lot # 34 - Two American Quilt Tops
lot of 2, both American, 19th c. Includes a pieced Ohio Star pattern, 78" x 70.5"; AND a pieced Double Irish Chain quilt top in red, 89.5" x 75.25". > Item Details
Dated 1851 Coverlet
Lot # 70 - Dated 1851 Coverlet
American, mid-19th c, salmon and blue colored weave with medallion in squares motif, border with churches, stars, and grape vines, corner blocks dated 1851, in two pieces each 86" x 38.5". > Item Details
Two Silk Patchwork Quilt Tops
Lot # 59 - Two Silk Patchwork Quilt Tops
lot of 2, both 19th c., American. Includes a quilt top embroidered with "CGC" and backed with flour sacks, 71" x 51"; AND unlined silk quilt top with alternating vertical and horizontal bars, 51" x 42". > Item Details
Pieced Drunkard's Path Quilt
Lot # 20 - Pieced Drunkard's Path Quilt
American, 19th c., pieced Drunkard's Path quilt in navy and white, 83" x 81.25". > Item Details
Signed and Dated Delhi,  New York Coverlet
Lot # 81 - Signed and Dated Delhi, New York Coverlet
American, 19th c., blue and white double weave coverlet with tulip, star, bird, and willow pattern, corner blocks with eagle signed "DELHI 1835 HARRIET E. MERRIAM," in two pieces each 93.5" x 36.5". Attributed to Asahel Amora Phelps (c. 1795-1854), one of three known weavers in Delhi (see McCarl and... > Item Details
Two Pink Calico Quilts
Lot # 42 - Two Pink Calico Quilts
lot of 2, both 19th c., American. Includes a pieced quilt in pink, brown, and blue calicos with crosses in squares design on polka dotted ground with plaid border, 77.5" x 67"; AND a variation of a bow tie design in various pink, brown, and blue calicos, 78" x 65". > Item Details
Two Appliqued Quilts
Lot # 58 - Two Appliqued Quilts
lot of 2, both 19th c., American. Includes a red and green floral applique on a white ground, 83" x 78"; AND red and white appliqued quilt in scroll floral design, 82" square. > Item Details
Padded Postage Stamp Quilt
Lot # 63 - Padded Postage Stamp Quilt
American, 19th c., a padded quilt made of 240 squares measuring 2 3/4" with a border 2 squares deep on all four sides, 56.5" x 53.5". > Item Details
Signed and Dated Ross County, Ohio Coverlet
Lot # 72 - Signed and Dated Ross County, Ohio Coverlet
American, 19th c., red, white, and blue weave with double rose and stars motifs, border depicts birds, buildings, and flowers, corner blocks signed "FANCY COVERLET WOVE BY J HEILBRONN ADELPHI OHIO 1839," two loom widths joined 73" x 65" (not including fringe). > Item Details
Rose and Blue Peacocks Coverlet
Lot # 87 - Rose and Blue Peacocks Coverlet
American, 19th c., rose, blue, and white weave with peacocks feeding their young pattern and floral border, two loom widths joined 82" x 75" (not including fringe). > Item Details
Dated Reading, Pennsylvania  Coverlet
Lot # 68 - Dated Reading, Pennsylvania Coverlet
American, 19th c., rust and natural jacquard weave in double rose pattern with border depicting eagles facing trees along two sides, corner blocks read "ME READING 1841," two loom widths joined 85.5" x 73". > Item Details
White Quilt with Trapunto
Lot # 55 - White Quilt with Trapunto
American, 19th c., white whole cloth quilt with trapunto, 86" x 83". > Item Details
Double Irish Chain Quilt
Lot # 26 - Double Irish Chain Quilt
American, 19th c., the chains are constructed of red and brown squares on a cream ground, all framed by multiple borders, 88" x 77.5". > Item Details
Crazy Quilt
Lot # 51 - Crazy Quilt
American, 19th c., multi-colored crazy quilt in silk and velvet with yellow feather stitching and a corded edge, 59" x 58". > Item Details
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