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Engraved New York Map Horn
2010, Fall Historic Firearms and Early Militaria, Oct. 28 & 29
12" overall length. Images on the horn include the royal British coat of arms, two map rhumbs, a chicken and a butterfly. Locations inscribed on the horn include Lake George, Canroy Creek, Wood Creek, Salmon Flats, Stone Carie, Lake Oneida, Stillwater, Schenectady, Ft. Stanwix, Ft. Edward, Oswego, Lake Ontario, Ft. Johnson, Ft. Schuyler, and Ft. Hunter.

Beautiful yellow to brown patina. Very good.
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Flintlock Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Musket by <i>M Baker</i>
Lot # 18 - Flintlock Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Musket by M Baker
.69 caliber, 44.5" barrel length, lockplate marked in the rear W. Baker, CP. Flat lockplate and hammer, detachable faceted pan, curl on the end of frizzen, and tail on frizzen spring. Tails on both ends of triggerguard. Full-length walnut stock with three barrel bands. Left side of barrel at breech... > Item Details
French Flintlock Trade Pistol ca 1740
Lot # 883 - French Flintlock Trade Pistol ca 1740
.52 bore diameter, 7.5" octgonal-to-round barrel, barrel is pinned to stock. Flat engraved lockplate, hammer, pan, frizzen. Iron butt cap, engraved triggerguard with acorn-style finials, buttplate and ramrod ferules. > Item Details
*WWII British Lend Lease Colt Official Police Revolver
Lot # 519 - *WWII British Lend Lease Colt Official Police Revolver
.38-200 (.38 S&W) cal., 5" barrel, S/N 663514, British proofs on barrel & frame, butt stamped 7431, lanyard ring. > Item Details
French 15th Century Polearm
*Astra Model 600 Pistol
Lot # 527 - *Astra Model 600 Pistol
9mm cal., 5.25" barrel, S/N 11539. Blue finish, walnut checkered grips. 2nd Nazi contract pistol. > Item Details
Confederate Kennansville Cavalry Sword
Lot # 149 - Confederate Kennansville Cavalry Sword
35" curved blade, with brass knuckle bow and pommel. Leather and wire wrapped wood handle. Metal scabbard with brass bands and carrying rings. > Item Details
*WWII Winchester M1 Garand Rifle
Lot # 551 - *WWII Winchester M1 Garand Rifle
.30-06 cal., 24" barrel, S/N 1322220. Parkerized finish, walnut stocks, Winchester 8/43 dated barrel, Winchester trigger group, SA op rod. British lend lease marks on left side of barrel; small import mark on barrel near barrel date. > Item Details
Chinese 19th Century Polearm
Lot # 819 - Chinese 19th Century Polearm
24" iron and brass mounted head on a bamboo shaft. Overall length 89". > Item Details
Eagle Head Pommel Sword by <i>C & B & Wolfe, NY</i>
Lot # 34 - Eagle Head Pommel Sword by C & B & Wolfe, NY
28.25" blued blade with gold gilt. Blade retaining ca 90% of the gold gilt and ca 80% of the fired blue. Brass knuckle bow with eagle pommel. Fluted bone handle. Maker mark on the parry edge C & B Wolfe, NY. Leather brass mounted scabbard. > Item Details
*Astra Model 1921 (400) Pistol
Lot # 1111 - *Astra Model 1921 (400) Pistol
9mm Largo cal., 6" barrel, S/N 67067. Blue finish, walnut checkered grips, two magazines. > Item Details
African 19th Century Tribal Sword
Lot # 1019 - African 19th Century Tribal Sword
20.5" blade; fur, leather, and horn handle with a tooled leather scabbard and sword knot shoulder hanger. > Item Details
KA-BAR Collector Pocket Knives, Lot of 19
Lot # 682 - KA-BAR Collector Pocket Knives, Lot of 19
Includes a variety of patterns, most are stag handles. > Item Details
*CZ Model 75B Pistol
Lot # 1213 - *CZ Model 75B Pistol
9mm cal., 4.5" barrel, S/N 3201A. Polished stainless steel finish, two 16 rd. magazines. > Item Details
*Ruger Mini 14 NRA Ranch Rifle
Lot # 1496 - *Ruger Mini 14 NRA Ranch Rifle
.223 cal., 18" barrel, S/N NRA800426. Rubber stock with NRA medallion in pistol grip flat, two 20 rd. magazines. > Item Details
Philippines 19th Century Moro Haubrek Armor
Lot # 839 - Philippines 19th Century Moro Haubrek Armor
This armor is made of heavy brass chain mail with kabau horn plates. This is a nice museum quality specimen. Items such as this do not turn up often. This suit is displayed on a heavy iron stand. Armor and stand are approximately 30 pounds. > Item Details
*Mossberg Model 500A Pump Shotgun
Lot # 1467 - *Mossberg Model 500A Pump Shotgun
12 gauge, 24" barrel, S/N T356820. Matte black finish, pistol grip stock, barrel extension with accessory rail. > Item Details
*WWII Model 1934 Beretta Pistol
Lot # 526 - *WWII Model 1934 Beretta Pistol
9mm corto (.380) cal., 3.25" barrel, S/N F77362, 1942 dated, army marked, matching numbers. > Item Details
* Kimber NRA Eclipse II Semi-Automatic Pistol,
Lot # 1135 - * Kimber NRA Eclipse II Semi-Automatic Pistol,
.45 ACP caliber, 5" barrel, serial number K05NRA0701. Blue and stainless steel finish, slide marked 2005 FNRA Gun of the Year. Grey laminated grips with NRA logo. > Item Details
*Freedom Arms Premier Grade Revolver
Lot # 1219 - *Freedom Arms Premier Grade Revolver
.454 Casull cal., 7.5" barrel, S/N D18001. Stainless steel finish, adjustable sights, extra cylinders in .45 l.c., .45 ACP, and .45 win. mag. calibers. Walnut grips. > Item Details
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