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Assorted Group of Arctic Material
Special Collection:American Indian & Western Art
lot of 14; includes a group of bone and ivory implements, most fragments, lengths 7 in. to 1.25 in; PLUS two Eskimo dolls, lengths 7.5 in. and 4.5 in.; PLUS a small oval bowl carved of a walrus tusk, height .75 in. x length 3 in.; AND a Siberian brass pipe, length 11 in.

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Three Jemez Bowls by Gordon Foley, M. Yepa, and Mary Rose Toya
Lot # 157 - Three Jemez Bowls by Gordon Foley, M. Yepa, and Mary Rose Toya
lot of 3 including a jar with melon design, signed Gordon Foley, Jemez, height 3.75 in. x diameter 8 in.; PLUS a globular jar with a carved swirl along one side, signed M. Yepa, Jemez, height 5 in. x diameter 6 in.; AND a more traditional Jemez jar painted with geometrics and stylized birds, signed ... > Item Details
Navajo Silver Pins
Lot # 86 - Navajo Silver Pins
Lot of 4, each depicting a southwestern theme or animal. Includes a Pueblo pot marked sterling, length 2.4 in.; PLUS a toad with a center coral stone, signed A. Cadman, diameter 1.6 in.; PLUS a frog, marked sterling length 2 in.; AND a tufa cast silver jackrabbit, length 2 in. late 20th century > Item Details
Gregory Perillo (American, b. 1929)
Micmac Quilled Birchbark Box
Lot # 298 - Micmac Quilled Birchbark Box
quilled with circular motifs on lid, height 2.25 in. x diameter 3.75 in. ca 1900 > Item Details
Hopi Navajo Katsina
Lot # 79 - Hopi Navajo Katsina
with pothook eyes and wedding sash, height 9". second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Santo Domingo Fetish Necklace
Lot # 90 - Santo Domingo Fetish Necklace
With three graduated strands strung on fine brown heishi and with a variety of birds and animals carved in different stones including turquoise, pipestone, shell, and agate, length 27.5 in.fourth quarter 20th century > Item Details
Cree/ Athapaskan Beaded Hide Bag
Lot # 14 - Cree/ Athapaskan Beaded Hide Bag
thread-sewn using pink and black faceted beads to create a fluid bursting motif; fringe edges seams; metal clasp, length 11.5" x width 7". > Item Details
Hopi Cylinder Jar Signed <i>Fawn</i>
Lot # 139 - Hopi Cylinder Jar Signed Fawn
cylindrical form with a buff surface; elongated feathers fill body; signed Fawn with no hallmark, height 8.75 in. x diameter 6.25 in. third quarter 20th century > Item Details
War in the West
Lot # 273 - War in the West
Lot of 4. Wellman, Paul I. Death on Horseback: Seventy Years of War for the American West. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company, 1947. 8vo, beige boards w/dj, 484pp. Lake, Stuart N. Wyatt Earp: Frontier Marshal. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1931. 8vo, brown boards, no dj, 392pp. Nye, W.S., Lie... > Item Details
Group Blackware Mexican Pottery Jars
Lot # 168 - Group Blackware Mexican Pottery Jars
lot of 3. Includes a large jar with flaring rim and incised diagonal slashes on body, height 8" x diameter 7"; PLUS a similar smaller jar, height 6.5" x diameter 4.75"; AND the last a jug with handle, height 6" x diameter 3.5". > Item Details
Three Hopi Bowls
Lot # 137 - Three Hopi Bowls
lot of 3 includes one Hopi bowl with geometrics along shoulder, height 3.25 in. x diameter 5.5 in.; PLUS another bowl of squat form decorated with feathers, height 2 in. x diameter 6.5 in.; AND a more contemporary bowl with feathers around body; signed Frieda Poleahla, height 3.5 in. x diameter 6 in... > Item Details
Pima Basket
Lot # 52 - Pima Basket
decorated with a maze design, height 5 in. x diameter 10.5 in. second quarter 20th century > Item Details
African Musical Harps
Lot # 365 - African Musical Harps
Lot of 2, made of wood and stretched hide; one has a double bentwood neck, length 32.5 in.; AND other with a single bentwood neck, length 21 in. 20th century > Item Details
American School (Early 20th century)
Lot # 228 - American School (Early 20th century)
Indian Maidenoil on canvasunsigned19.5 x 13.5 in. > Item Details
Henry Farny (American, 1847-1916)
Lot # 245 - Henry Farny (American, 1847-1916)
Indian on Horsesilkscreen on papersigned l.r.5.25 x 6.75with Copy Right 1909 by E.B.F. Neal/Henry Farny written on verso. > Item Details
Hopi Route 66 Katsinas
Lot # 80 - Hopi Route 66 Katsinas
lot of 4.sizes range from 10.25 in. to 4 in.mid 20th century > Item Details
Indonesia, Festival Hats
Lot # 336 - Indonesia, Festival Hats
Lot of 2, Balinese festival hats including one with pierced leather panels painted in gold and augmented with tin drops, height 7.5 in.; AND another hat with large pierced and painted leather panel; hat with basketry body, total length 15.5 in. 20th century > Item Details
Mexican Weavings
Lot # 171 - Mexican Weavings
57 in. x 28 in.; AND 59 in. x 27.5 in. second quarter 20th century. > Item Details
Detroit Publishing Co.
Lot # 247 - Detroit Publishing Co.
An Embryonic Warrior (Jie Papoose)early 20th centurychromolithograph on papertitled l.l. with edition number 512933.5 x 7 in. > Item Details
Northern Plains Beaded Hide Gauntlets
Lot # 286 - Northern Plains Beaded Hide Gauntlets
With tall cuffs beaded to match floral motifs on top of hands. Beadwork colors include red, white, yellow, orange, green, silver, and baby blue combined with small accents of other colors. Gauntlets trimmed with fringe and pinked edges and lined in old gingham, length 14.5 in.third quarter 20th cent... > Item Details
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