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Nunivak Island Carved Wooden Mask
Special Collection:American Indian & Western Art
face of a walrus; small ivory tusks; two bentwood circles surround face, diameter 11.25 in.
ca 1940

Near excellent.
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Santo Domingo Fetish Necklace
Lot # 90 - Santo Domingo Fetish Necklace
With three graduated strands strung on fine brown heishi and with a variety of birds and animals carved in different stones including turquoise, pipestone, shell, and agate, length 27.5 in.fourth quarter 20th century > Item Details
Detroit Publishing Co.
Lot # 247 - Detroit Publishing Co.
An Embryonic Warrior (Jie Papoose)early 20th centurychromolithograph on papertitled l.l. with edition number 512933.5 x 7 in. > Item Details
Hopi Corn Katsina with Hopi Arts and Crafts Cooperative Guild Mark
Lot # 76 - Hopi Corn Katsina with Hopi Arts and Crafts Cooperative Guild Mark
Having pasted Fred Harvey label From the Hopi Villages and stamped on underside with the Hopi Arts and Crafts Cooperative Guild sun symbol, height 6 in. mid 20th century > Item Details
African Ngaady Mmwaash Mask
Lot # 356 - African Ngaady Mmwaash Mask
With carved and painted features; enhanced with cowrie shells, length 20 in. x width 10.25 in.mid 20th century > Item Details
Navajo Western Reservation Weaving,
Lot # 196 - Navajo Western Reservation Weaving,
hand-spun wool with designed with stepped zigzags and diamonds, 61" x 31".mid 20th century > Item Details
Northeastern Quilled Birchbark Baskets
Lot # 302 - Northeastern Quilled Birchbark Baskets
lot of 3, includes one in the style of a handbag, height 3 in. x diameter 5.5 in.; PLUS two additional baskets with floral motifs, height 3.5 in. x diameter 4.5 in. AND height 2 in. x diameter 4.25 in. first quarter 20th century > Item Details
Faunal Painting by Paul Vigil,
Lot # 207 - Faunal Painting by Paul Vigil,
1968, watercolor on paper, signed and dated lower right. Image illustrates a baby deer trying to keep pace with her mother. Inscription on back, matted and framed, length (w/o frame) 11" x with 7.25", length 17" x width 13.5". > Item Details
Navajo Yei Weaving
Lot # 195 - Navajo Yei Weaving
colorfully woven with two figures surrounded by a Rainbow Guardian, 36 x29.25 in. contemporary > Item Details
Hopi <i>Powamui</i>, Bean Dance Katsina
Lot # 78 - Hopi Powamui, Bean Dance Katsina
painted in blue, red, yellow, and green; with separate dance bustle; written on back of doll The most important actor in the Bean Dance/ Powamui Kachina; mounted on base, height of katsina 15". second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Klamath Basketry Sun Hat
Lot # 35 - Klamath Basketry Sun Hat
with banded design and flared rim, height 6" x diameter 11.5". second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Iroquois Beaded Moccasins
Lot # 306 - Iroquois Beaded Moccasins
lot of 2, both with navy cuffs and traditional floral beadwork, lengths 8.5". second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Henry Farny (American, 1847-1916)
Lot # 245 - Henry Farny (American, 1847-1916)
Indian on Horsesilkscreen on papersigned l.r.5.25 x 6.75with Copy Right 1909 by E.B.F. Neal/Henry Farny written on verso. > Item Details
Inlay Rings
Lot # 95 - Inlay Rings
Lot of 2. One with intricate multi-stone inlay replicating a katsina face with feather headdress, size 8.25; AND the other with a green stone set in a rectangle shadow-box markedZilo Sterling, size 7. > Item Details
Eskimo Lidded Baskets
Lot # 1 - Eskimo Lidded Baskets
lot of 2, includes a finely woven basket with pink and purple stepped diamonds decorating body, height 5.5" x diameter 7.5"; AND a larger basket with bands of salmon skin decorations, height 7.5" x diameter 9". > Item Details
African Beadwork
Lot # 368 - African Beadwork
lot of 5, including a beaded hide skirt and halter, skirt length 23 in. x 34 in; halter length 18 in. x 19.5 in.; PLUS a leather work apron, length 24 in.; PLUS a cowrie shell belt, 30 in.; AND a beaded necklace, diameter 12.5 in. 20th century > Item Details
Hopi Second Mesa Baskets
Lot # 64 - Hopi Second Mesa Baskets
lot of 4, includes a cylindrical piece with lid, height 7.5" x diameter 7.5"; PLUS a globular formed basket with broken handle, height 5.5" x diameter 7.5"; PLUS another coiled basket with pronged geometric devices, height 5.5" x diameter 8.5"; AND a plaited tray, diameter 10". early - mid 20th cent... > Item Details
Mexican Religious Items
Lot # 175 - Mexican Religious Items
Lot of 5, includes a Mexican wooden cross inset with tin and with charms pined to facade, length 9.5 in. x width 8 in.; PLUS a small wooden hand with several layers of paint, length 3 in.; PLUS another hand from Guadalajara, Mexico with hole at elbow for attachment and layers of pigment; AND a Ecuad... > Item Details
Navajo Two Grey Hills Weaving
Lot # 198 - Navajo Two Grey Hills Weaving
woven using natural colors of black, gray, and cream; attractive traditional design, 43 x 31 in. mid 20th century > Item Details
African Mboom Masks
Lot # 353 - African Mboom Masks
Lot of 2, both carved of wood with one enhanced by paint, height 12.5 in. x width 13.5 in.; AND another decorated with white beads and cowrie shells, height 10.25 in. x width 9.5 in. mid 20th century > Item Details
John  Nieto (American, b. 1936)
Lot # 225 - John Nieto (American, b. 1936)
from Le Livre d'Artisteserigraph on paper of a hoop dancer (see lot 457 this sale)signed l.l.17.25 in. x 13.75 in. > Item Details
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