Lot 12    

Paiute Baskets
4/21/2011 - ONLINE American Indian & Western Art Timed Auction
lot of 2; including an open-twined basket with a graceful bulging form, height 7 in. x width 7.5 in.; AND a flat gambling tray, diameter 18.75 in.
ca 1900

Couple rim stitches missing on first.
Sold: $176.25
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Plains Painted Parfleche Pouch
Lot # 62 - Plains Painted Parfleche Pouch
With geometric design on both sides and trimmed with red wool, length 12.5 in. x width 10 in.mid-20th century > Item Details
Harrison Begay (American, b. 1914)
Lot # 197 - Harrison Begay (American, b. 1914)
Group of Indian Portraitsgouache on paperall four signed l.r.smallest 6 x 4.5largest 9.75 x 9.75 in. > Item Details
Alan Facius (American, 20th century)
Lot # 178 - Alan Facius (American, 20th century)
Indian Campsiteacrylic on canvassigned and dated 80 l.r.25.5 x 11.5 in. > Item Details
Pima Basketry Tray
Lot # 94 - Pima Basketry Tray
Coiled basket with rows of devil's claw stepped motif and devil's claw wrapped rim, height 1.5 in. x diameter 12 in.first quarter 20th century > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Knife Sheaths
Lot # 38 - Sioux Beaded Hide Knife Sheaths
lot of 2, beaded using colors of pea green, dark blue, white, red white-heart, and greasy yellow; smaller sheath with beaded crosses on verso; larger sheath with knife marked J.Russell & Co./ Green River Works; neither sheath has parfleche liner, lengths 7 in. and 7.5 in. early 20th century > Item Details
American School Cowboy Portrait, Chalk Pastel
Lot # 177 - American School Cowboy Portrait, Chalk Pastel
American School, titled Juan and dated 2/6/80 l.r.; 19.75 x 16 in. > Item Details
Apache Child's Moccasins
Lot # 96 - Apache Child's Moccasins
thread-sewn and beaded using colors of rose, white, pea green, and black; blue dots decorate hide, length 7.25 in. late 19th century > Item Details
Navajo <i>W, Denetdale</i> Bolo of <i>Yei</i>
Lot # 119 - Navajo W, Denetdale Bolo of Yei
featuring elaborate silver-work that also includes a smaller Yei in hands of larger one. Small Yei appears to be finished with a gold wash. Tips are intricately made drums, length 2.8 in.fourth quarter 20th century > Item Details
Navajo Bracelet with 14k and Hopi Pin/Pendant
Lot # 115 - Navajo Bracelet with 14k and Hopi Pin/Pendant
Lot of 2. Pin with image of growing bear. Piece signed with hallmark of a tadpole and Qumawunu for silversmith Loren Sakeva, who is renown for his overlay, diameter 1.5 in.; AND a Navajo bracelet with center band of stamped gold from which linear lines lead to outer cut edge, length 5.7 in.third q... > Item Details
Jay Moore (American, b.1964)
Lot # 173 - Jay Moore (American, b.1964)
Forest CanyonOil on Canvassigned l.r. and on verso, dated 2003 on verso9 x 12 in. > Item Details
Hopi <i>Hemis</i> Katsina
Lot # 100 - Hopi Hemis Katsina
with elaborate tableta, manta, and detailed sash, height 12 in. ca 1950s > Item Details
Robert Scriver (American, 1914-1999)
Lot # 200 - Robert Scriver (American, 1914-1999)
Five "Paul's Bull"bronze on wood baseall signed and dated 1983 in bronze castinght. 3, lg. 6.75 in. > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Child's Bonnet
Lot # 45 - Sioux Beaded Hide Child's Bonnet
thread and sinew-sewn using bead colors of red, light blue, cobalt, light blue, pea green, and white; canvas lined; ribbon ties, length 7 in. ca 1900 > Item Details
Zuni Multi-Stone Fetish Necklace
Lot # 105 - Zuni Multi-Stone Fetish Necklace
Strung with a variety of stones and bone or ivory fetishes. Necklace may be Chinese even though it resembles a Zuni necklace, length 60 in.late 20th century > Item Details
Jay Moore (American, b. 1964)
Lot # 174 - Jay Moore (American, b. 1964)
Monarch Lake SparkleOil on Canvassigned l.r. and on verso, dated 2003 on verso8 x 10 in. > Item Details
Susan Point (Canadian, b. 1952)
Lot # 211 - Susan Point (Canadian, b. 1952)
Completing the Circle and Tomorrow's Dream serigraphs on paper both signed l.r. Completing the Circle dated 92 l.r. and numbered 49/50 l.l. Tomorrow's Dream dated 91 l.r. and marked 48/60 l.l.;dia. 11.75 in. and 20.25 x 15.5 in. > Item Details
Navajo Signed Bolos
Lot # 109 - Navajo Signed Bolos
Lot of 2. Both with excellent silversmithing. One replicates the medallion used on Navajo bridles and signed M. Tahe, diameter 2 in.; AND other is a shadow-box bear embellished with a triangular turquoise from which two handmade feathers are suspended, signed with a Wheight w/o feathers 1.75 in.la... > Item Details
Northern California Basket
Lot # 10 - Northern California Basket
with open-work rim; stepped triangular pattern around body, height 3.75 in. x diameter 4.5 in. early 20th century > Item Details
Gloria Hunt Kwakiutl Button Blanket with Copper
Lot # 169 - Gloria Hunt Kwakiutl Button Blanket with Copper
gray and blue wool with mother-of-pearl buttons; central painted copper shield, 57 in. x 64 in. 1980 The influence of the Hudson Bay Trading Co. is apparent in many of the materials chosen for the blankets. Melton, abalone, and mother of pearl buttons were first introduced as a trade item. Prior t... > Item Details
S. Bowanie Zuni Turquoise Needlepoint Necklace
Lot # 123 - S. Bowanie Zuni Turquoise Needlepoint Necklace
Combined with six inlaid sun faces connected with handmade chain. Pendant has a smaller face hanging from large face, length 19 in. x pendant diameter 2.25 in.ca 1970 > Item Details
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