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German Mauser Zimmerstutzen
2010, Fall Historic Firearms and Early Militaria, Oct. 28 & 29
4mm cal., 23.75" barrel, no S/N. Covered front sight, rear tang sight, barrel held to stock with a wedge. Checkered pistol straight grip stock. Double-set triggers, bottom tang is broken and a piece is missing.

All metals smooth with a light brown patina. Stock is in good condition with some nicks and dings. Bore is excellent.
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Allen & Wheelock Revolver Inscribed to <i>Lieut Martin Burnell, Jr.</i>
Lot # 75 - Allen & Wheelock Revolver Inscribed to Lieut Martin Burnell, Jr.
.31 caliber, 4" octagonal barrel, S/N 341, nickel finish with ivory grips inscribed Lieut Martin Burrell Jr. First Lieut. Martin Burrell, Jr. joined Company A of the nine-month 42nd Mass. in August 1862 and mustered out in August 1863. The regiment was assigned to the 19th Corps, Department of the ... > Item Details
Half-Stock Percussion Rifle by J.M. Gorsuch
Lot # 313 - Half-Stock Percussion Rifle by J.M. Gorsuch
.36 caliber, 38" octagonal barrel, rear buckhorn sight, silver blade front sight, double-set triggers, brass furniture. Walnut stock with pewter tip. J.M. Gorsuch was an Ohio maker who worked in Mount Pleasant, Jefferson County, Ohio from 1852-82. {See Gardner, 1962: 76} > Item Details
*Colt Government Model Pistol
Lot # 1188 - *Colt Government Model Pistol
.45 ACP cal., 5" barrel, S/N RG01101. Stainless steel finish, checkered rosewood grips, slide marked Colt Rail Gun. Accessory rail on bottom of frame. > Item Details
Schmitt Rubin Sporting Rifle
Lot # 921 - Schmitt Rubin Sporting Rifle
7.5 Swiss caliber, 24" round barrel. Walnut stock. > Item Details
Bannerman Cadet Rifle
Lot # 327 - Bannerman Cadet Rifle
Made with a percussion lock and a wood barrel. > Item Details
Marbles Fixed Blade Knives, Lot of 17
Lot # 671 - Marbles Fixed Blade Knives, Lot of 17
Models include Fieldcraft, Expert, Sport, Cowboy, etc. Most have stag handles; one has a Damascus blade. > Item Details
*Colt Single Action Army Revolver
Lot # 1194 - *Colt Single Action Army Revolver
.45 LC cal., 4.75" barrel, S/N S63899A. Nickel finish, hard rubber grips. > Item Details
*WWII Winchester M1 Garand Rifle
Lot # 551 - *WWII Winchester M1 Garand Rifle
.30-06 cal., 24" barrel, S/N 1322220. Parkerized finish, walnut stocks, Winchester 8/43 dated barrel, Winchester trigger group, SA op rod. British lend lease marks on left side of barrel; small import mark on barrel near barrel date. > Item Details
Lot of Two Leather Cadet Cartridge Boxes
British Victorian Officer's Sword by <i>Wilkinson</I> with Leather Scabbard
Lot # 985 - British Victorian Officer's Sword by Wilkinson with Leather Scabbard
32.5" blade. Wilkinson blade with #19625 on spine; having owner's crest with image of a falcon and Latin motto and initials T.S.U. etched on blade. Nickeled hilt with King Edward VII cipher, but Queen Victoria's crest on the center of the blade. A common practice in the British Army, this sword c... > Item Details
*U.S. Springfield Model 1899 Krag Carbine
Lot # 264 - *U.S. Springfield Model 1899 Krag Carbine
.30-40 caliber, 22" round barrel, S/N 342347. Left side of receiver marked Model 1899 U.S. over Springfield armory. Correct 1901 carbine rear sight. Correct low hump handguard. Walnut handguard and buttstock. > Item Details
*Norinco SKS Sporter Rifle
Lot # 437 - *Norinco SKS Sporter Rifle
7.62x54 cal., 18" barrel, S/N 93137, accepts AK-47 magazines. > Item Details
African 19th Century Fighting Knives, Lot of Two
Lot # 1025 - African 19th Century Fighting Knives, Lot of Two
1) Zulu arm dagger with 6" blade, 10" overall, wood handle, with scabbard. Very good condition. 2) 12.25" blade, 16.75" overall, wood handle. Very good condition. Small crack in handle. > Item Details
Sudanese 19th Century Sword
Lot # 1006 - Sudanese 19th Century Sword
Early European Crusade era 35.25" blade with engraved images of star, sun and moon. Original European crossguard. > Item Details
Engraved Percussion Perry Sporting Shotgun
Lot # 317 - Engraved Percussion Perry Sporting Shotgun
.12 gauge, 24" octagonal-to-round barrel finished in a Damascus pattern, S/N 615. Engraved frame, breechblock and hammer. Walnut buttstock and pewter tipped forearm. > Item Details
*Springfield Armory M1 Garand Rifle
Lot # 537 - *Springfield Armory M1 Garand Rifle
.30-06 cal., 24" barrel, S/N 3606842, SA 10-63 dated barrel. > Item Details
M1840 Cavalry Sword
Lot # 139 - M1840 Cavalry Sword
36" curved blade. Leather and brass wire wrapped handle. Brass pommel and knuckle bow. Metal scabbard. > Item Details
*Mossberg Model 500A Pump Shotgun
Lot # 1467 - *Mossberg Model 500A Pump Shotgun
12 gauge, 24" barrel, S/N T356820. Matte black finish, pistol grip stock, barrel extension with accessory rail. > Item Details
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