Lot 413    

German Schuetzen Target Rifle
2010, Fall Historic Firearms and Early Militaria, Oct. 28 & 29
8.15x46R, 31" octagonal grooved top barrel with matted top, with tang rear sight, rear open sight mounted on the groove on top of barrel, front sight with ears. Unusual takedown, relief-engraved martini action. On one side a lady holds rifle and target, in a banner marked UB Aug undhand, engraved with vines and oak leaves. The other side of the action is relief engraved with a stag and cross between the antlers, a target, and shield with eagle. A banner engraved fur svaterland (For the Fatherland). Engraving on the triggerguard with double-set triggers. Front forearm has a dog face carved with two eyes. Beautifully carved buttstock with German shooter holding target; cheek piece with carved thumb rest.

Barrel retains 98% of the original blue finish; frame 90% of the original case coloring. Buttstock and forearm are excellent.
Sold: $4,025.00
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