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Eskimo Decorated Bone and Ivory Knife Handles
2010, American Indian & Western Art, September 10
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both with deeply incised linear decorations; one with old iron blade, lengths 6.75 in. AND 5.5 in.

Captain Clifford J. MacGregor (1904-1985), a meteorologist, is best known for the MacGregor Arctic Expedition to Etah, Greenland, a 15 month long mission (July 1, 1937- October 3, 1938) spent gathering weather data, understanding the effects of the aurora borealis on radio transmissions, and clearing up the question of Crocker Land which Peary placed on the maps more than 30 years ago and which we found to be nonexistent (MacGregor 1939: 366). MacGregor believed that by studying the movement of air masses in the Artic, he would be able to more accurately predict the weather in the northern hemisphere.

Collected by Captain Clifford J. MacGregor
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Chippewa Canoe Paddle
Lot # 662 - Chippewa Canoe Paddle
hand-carved paddle formed from a single piece of wood, length 56 in. early 20th century > Item Details
Zia Jar
Lot # 179 - Zia Jar
Attributed to Vincentita S. Pino; potted with two Zia birds flying under an arched rainbow, concave base, height 9.25 in. x diameter 9.5 in. ca 1930For a similar example see: Harlow and Lanmon (2003: 300-302, fig. 14.99, 14.101) > Item Details
Northwest Coast Figural Totem
Lot # 76 - Northwest Coast Figural Totem
Painted in red, orange, black, yellow, and blue; with a man's head topped by a frog topped by a mosquito, height 16.25 in. ca 1920 > Item Details
Chippewa Painted Drum
Lot # 478 - Chippewa Painted Drum
Possibly Mide, painted in bright colors of blue and pink; with five people painted on one side, holding hands in center of drum; opposite with an image of a wolf, diameter 17 in. early 20th century > Item Details
Lot # 499 - Choctaw "Cownose" Basket
Twill plaited and woven with red and black dyed cane splints combined with natural colored cane, thereby creating a geometric pattern, height w/o handle, 12.5 in.first quarter 20th centuryThis basket is from Mrs. Lillian Hermel's antique basket collection. Some of her baskets decorated the tables a... > Item Details
Navajo Ganado Weaving
Lot # 583 - Navajo Ganado Weaving
woven in red, gray, brown, and cream; with traditional serrated diamond pattern, 38 in. x 24 in. late 20th century > Item Details
Robert Orduno (American, b. 1933)
Lot # 341 - Robert Orduno (American, b. 1933)
Los Bufalos Bailavoil on canvassigned and dated 1988 l.r.35 in. x 37 in. > Item Details
Eskimo Ivory Watchband with Gold
Lot # 49 - Eskimo Ivory Watchband with Gold
Nuggets. The five gold pieces are spaced between plaques with finely carved three-dimensional images of growling polar bears, huskies, and a hunter in his sled. Plaques are strung on elastic thread, which has been replaced, old thread included. Features are either scrimshawed or created with baleen... > Item Details
Tlingit Wool Tunic with Cedar Bark Skirt
Lot # 80 - Tlingit Wool Tunic with Cedar Bark Skirt
Thread-sewn using white, black and green wool; tunic designed with a double-headed bird contained within an outline of a copper plate; tunic enhanced with shell beads on cuffs and hem, length 40 in. x chest 47 in.; design echoed on collar which is edged using regular-size white glass beads, length 1... > Item Details
Apache Polychrome Basket
Lot # 130 - Apache Polychrome Basket
Coiled with stacked rectangles, each with checkered motif. Yucca elements appear on sides of upside "V", crosses, and two other designs, height 4.5 in. x diameter 20.5 in.first quarter 20th century > Item Details
Tlingit Painted Wooden Canoe
Lot # 83 - Tlingit Painted Wooden Canoe
Hull carved of a single piece of wood and painted in colors of black and red; with a gracefully sculpted bow and stern, length 19 in. first quarter 20th century > Item Details
Pacific Eskimo Painted Hide Kayak
Lot # 40 - Pacific Eskimo Painted Hide Kayak
Sinew-sewn with wooden framework; imagery of birds and fish decorate body of kayak; keel of bow and stern reinforced with bone, length 36.5 in. 19th century > Item Details
Zuni Embroidered Dance Kilt and Isleta Dance Bag
Lot # 299 - Zuni Embroidered Dance Kilt and Isleta Dance Bag
Lot of 2, includes a Zuni dance kilt woven of cotton and having colorful wool embroidery, 43 in. x 20 in. ca 1930AND an Isleta dance bag made of felt and embroidered with a dear amid a field of flowers; hand-woven wool belt used as strap, 14.5 in. x 15.5 in. mid-20th century > Item Details
Acoma Polychrome Jar
Lot # 177 - Acoma Polychrome Jar
Three color olla with a six petal flower motif set in a circle against a hatched background, height 9 in. x diameter 11.5 in. ca 1930 > Item Details
Cheyenne Harris Navajo Gold/Silver Bracelet and Pin
Lot # 238 - Cheyenne Harris Navajo Gold/Silver Bracelet and Pin
Hallmarked with her hand-engraved name and the metals used on each piece, sterling and 24 karat gold. Harris creates ultra-modern pieces with international appeal (Schaff 2003: 171-172). Brushed sterling cuff with gold inlay of triangle, circle, and rectangles , inside length 5.75 in. x 1.75 in. A... > Item Details
Northwestern California Basketry Hat
Lot # 97 - Northwestern California Basketry Hat
designed with parallelograms and stepped devices, height 3.5 in. x diameter 6.25 in. early 20th century > Item Details
Central California Baskets
Lot # 536 - Central California Baskets
Lot of 2. Both with a deep bowl shape and simple geometric motifs. One with four sets of stepped parallel bars, height 4.5" x diameter 10.25 in.; AND the other with steep zigzag band around body, height 4.5 in. x diameter 10.25 in.first quarter 20th century > Item Details
Benjamin O'Fallon Raborg (American, 1871-1918)
H. H. Cross (American, 1837-1918)
Lot # 307 - H. H. Cross (American, 1837-1918)
Tatonka Yotanka (Sitting Bull)oil on boardsigned and dated 1879 u.r.12 in. x 9 in.Includes conservation report from conservator, dated April 3, 1969 and brief biographies of Cross and Sitting Bull. > Item Details
Navajo Heavy Silver Bracelet
Lot # 679 - Navajo Heavy Silver Bracelet
Man's size 6.75 in. Bracelet with all-over stamped chevron motif and unknown hallmark.late 20th century > Item Details
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