Lot 7    

Eskimo Decorated Bone and Ivory Knife Handles
2010, American Indian & Western Art, September 10
Lot of 2
both with deeply incised linear decorations; one with old iron blade, lengths 6.75 in. AND 5.5 in.

Captain Clifford J. MacGregor (1904-1985), a meteorologist, is best known for the MacGregor Arctic Expedition to Etah, Greenland, a 15 month long mission (July 1, 1937- October 3, 1938) spent gathering weather data, understanding the effects of the aurora borealis on radio transmissions, and clearing up the question of Crocker Land which Peary placed on the maps more than 30 years ago and which we found to be nonexistent (MacGregor 1939: 366). MacGregor believed that by studying the movement of air masses in the Artic, he would be able to more accurately predict the weather in the northern hemisphere.

Collected by Captain Clifford J. MacGregor
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Thomas de Decker (American, b. 1951)
Lot # 340 - Thomas de Decker (American, b. 1951)
Sioux Encampmentoil on canvassigned l.l.23.5 x 28.75 in. > Item Details
Charles Russel Recast Bronze
Lot # 641 - Charles Russel Recast Bronze
Standing Indian, without signature; 15 in. high with base. > Item Details
Eskimo Group of Carvings
Lot # 522 - Eskimo Group of Carvings
lot of 3, includes an carved Aleutian boat, painted with sea monsters, length 14.5 in.; PLUS an Eskimo carved wooden paddle, possibly a skin stretcher, length 22.5 in.; AND a large wooden boat, length 30 in. x width 8.5 in. late 19th and early 20th century > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Headstall
Lot # 652 - Sioux Beaded Hide Headstall
sinew-sewn using bead colors of white, orange, dark blue, marcasite, and red white-heart; beaded medallions with ribbons and decorated hide thongs are situated at temples, total length 41 in. early 20th century > Item Details
Plateau Painted Buffalo Hide Parfleche Envelope
Lot # 113 - Plateau Painted Buffalo Hide Parfleche Envelope
Painted using colors of blue, green, red, and yellow to form diamonds and squares; hide closure, length 28 in. x width 15 in. third quarter 19th century > Item Details
Zia Bowl
Lot # 181 - Zia Bowl
Geometrics and florals surrounding a Zia bird in flight, height 4 in. x diameter 13.25 in. second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Northwestern California Basketry Hat
Lot # 97 - Northwestern California Basketry Hat
designed with parallelograms and stepped devices, height 3.5 in. x diameter 6.25 in. early 20th century > Item Details
Al Momaday (American, 1913-1981)
Lot # 354 - Al Momaday (American, 1913-1981)
Mountain Singerwatercolor on papersigned l.r.14.25 in. x 21.25 in. > Item Details
<i>Peaches, Genl. Crooks Guide into Mexico</i>
Lot # 127 - Peaches, Genl. Crooks Guide into Mexico
Cabinet card by A. Frank Randall, 1884. Manuscript title and printed copyright info on tag affixed to verso. Tzoch (Peaches) holds a Frank Wesson rifle and carries an 1875 Remington revolver in his holster. Peaches, General Crook's most distinguished scout, served during the campaign of 1883 leading... > Item Details
David Johns (American, b. 1948)
Lot # 363 - David Johns (American, b. 1948)
Landscapeacrylic on canvassigned l.r.60 in. x 42 in. > Item Details
Santa Clara Blackware Bowls
Lot # 563 - Santa Clara Blackware Bowls
lot of 4, all with stylized geometric or floral motifs. Includes a triangular shape bowl, height 4.5 in.; PLUS a small bowl, height 3.25 in.; PLUS a tall vase, height 7.5 in.; AND a small bowl with a handle, height 4.5 in.second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Santa Clara Teresita Naranjo Blackware Bowl
Lot # 164 - Santa Clara Teresita Naranjo Blackware Bowl
With heavily carved Avanyu wrapped around body of bowl; signed on base, height 7 in. x diameter 7.5 in. mid-20th century > Item Details
Southern Plains Hide Rattle
Lot # 649 - Southern Plains Hide Rattle
sinew-sewn hide coated with yellow and red pigment, length 7.25 in. late 19th century > Item Details
Navajo Germantown Weaving
Lot # 277 - Navajo Germantown Weaving
with red field and designed with blue and white stepped and serrated diamonds; horizontal bands divide design, 77.5 in. x 56 in. late 19th century > Item Details
Harrison Begay (American, b. 1914)
Lot # 622 - Harrison Begay (American, b. 1914)
Lot of 4Group of Indian Portraitsgouache on paperall signed l.r.smallest 6 x 4.5largest 9.75 x 9.75 in. > Item Details
John Hauser (American, 1859-1918)
Lot # 305 - John Hauser (American, 1859-1918)
Love Among the PueblosGouache on Papersigned and dated 94 l.l.9.75 in. x 13.75 in. > Item Details
Navajo Eastern Reservation Weaving
Lot # 591 - Navajo Eastern Reservation Weaving
hand-spun wool in colors of white, light brown, and gray; field filled with stacked diamonds and hourglasses, 64 in. x 34.5 in. second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Vilhelm Engstrom (1830-1877)
Lot # 611 - Vilhelm Engstrom (1830-1877)
Indian Campsiteoil on canvassigned l.r.17 x 12.25 in. > Item Details
Carol Kee Navajo Mickey Mouse Ring
Lot # 244 - Carol Kee Navajo Mickey Mouse Ring
Inlaid with colorful stones illustrating Mickey demonstrating his famous skip step, size 6.25. Ring signed Carol Kee, a smith who worked for the Montana Mining Company; the full name mark was first used in 1975. This information published in Barton Wright's Hallmarks of the Southwest on page 71. t... > Item Details
Great Lakes Double Handled Burl Bowl
Lot # 488 - Great Lakes Double Handled Burl Bowl
with elegantly carved and pierced handles; bottom of bowl worn completely through with remnants of old repairs; length 18.5 in. x width 13 in.; 19th century. This Great Lakes doubled-handled bowl is one of a small number of bowls that depict, within the shaped ends, an abstract Manitou effigy. T... > Item Details
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