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Lot of Three Presidential Mantel Clocks
Special Collections: American Political Timed Auction
Includes one Teddy Roosevelt rough rider clock with Teddy mounted on horseback dressed in rough rider garb. The face of the clock displays roman numerals and the back is marked Pat. Oct. 1902 Pat. Pdg.. Approx 10.75" tall. PLUS A circa 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt The Man of the Hour clock. Gold painted potmetal clock depicts Roosevelt calmly steering the Ship of State. Face reads United Electric Clock Corp. N.Y. The back is marked PAT 91140. 4" x 9" base, 14" high. PLUS An electric pot metal novelty mantel clock, honoring Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his new deal. Gold finished clock shows President Roosevelt steering a ship wheel. The base reads At The Wheel For A New Deal. The face reads Windsor, Gibraltar Electric Clock Co. Inc. Jersey City N.J.. The back of the clock reads Gibraltar Electric CLock Co. Inc. Jersey City N.J. #115 Pat Pend. Approx 13.25" tall.

The paint is chipping on the "Man of the Hour" clock. The back cover is missing on the "New Deal" clock.
Sold: $88.13
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McKinley/Roosevelt Mug
Lot # 112 - McKinley/Roosevelt Mug
Polychrome painted porcelain mug featuring jugate images of William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. Their portraits are topped with a bald eagle and surrounded by an American flag, reading 1900 between the two. With blue wraps around the top nd bottom and a blue handle. The bottom of the mug reads ... > Item Details
<i>Abraham Lincoln</i> Large Hand-Colored Lithograph
Lot # 23 - Abraham Lincoln Large Hand-Colored Lithograph
titled Abraham Lincoln, published by Rudolf Lesch, NY, 25" x 33", framed, 29" x 38". > Item Details
James A. Garfield Moustache Shaving Mug
Lot # 104 - James A. Garfield Moustache Shaving Mug
A polychrome painted porcelain moustache shaving mug featuring President James A. Garfield's bust in relief. Area around bust fadesfrom red on bottom to blue on top, and is surrounded by a gilt design. > Item Details
Grover Cleveland 1892 Presidential Campaign Kerchief
Lot # 150 - Grover Cleveland 1892 Presidential Campaign Kerchief
Printed silk kerchief from the 1892 presidential campaign featuring jugate portraits of Grover Cleveland and vice presidential candidate Adlai E. Stevenson above the words TARIFF REFORM. The banner measures 19" x 19" in a 24" x 24.5" frame. > Item Details
Fine Andrew Jackson Chromolithograph by Middleton
Lot # 165 - Fine Andrew Jackson Chromolithograph by Middleton
Oval shaped chromolithograph of Andrew Jackson. Back of chromo reads Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1861, by E.C. Middleton, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Southern District of Ohio Cincinnati. Sight 13" x 16". With frame 19" x 22". > Item Details
Nixon - Lodge Campaign Poster
Lot # - Nixon - Lodge Campaign Poster
LArge format campaign poster with side by side images of Nixon and Lodge. Reads Experience Counts Vote Nixon - Lodge. Bottom of poster marked Aldine. L.A. 15. 25" x 38". > Item Details
Woodrow Wilson Patriotic Textile
Lot # 81 - Woodrow Wilson Patriotic Textile
A hand painted patriotic textile honoring president Woodrow Wilson. Depicts a portrait of the president with an American flag. Reads Stand By The President. Artist's signature in l.l. Sight 21.5" x 17.5". With frame, 23.5" x 19.5". > Item Details
Rare Roosevelt N.R.A. Clock
Lot # 101 - Rare Roosevelt N.R.A. Clock
A Franklin Roosevelt white metal electric bar clock with bronze finish featuring the president's bust on top with the portraits of Gen. H.S. Johnson and Miss F. Perkins in reilef at base. Between the two is a banner reading N.R.A. painted white. The base reads The Spirit Of The U.S.A. With electric ... > Item Details
Andrew Jackson Small Folio Currier
Lot # 168 - Andrew Jackson Small Folio Currier
A small folio currier of Andrew Jackson in military outfit, seated atop a white horse amongst a battle scene. Reads Gen: Andrew Jackson. The Hero of New - Orleans. Sight 9.25" x 13.25". With frame, 12" x 16". > Item Details
William McKinley Profile Bronze Plaque
Lot # 46 - William McKinley Profile Bronze Plaque
9.5" wd x 11" ht, with McKinley above a cluster of oak leaves, stamped 24 on reverse, with looped wire bipod for standing or hanging. > Item Details
James K. Polk Lithograph by J. Baille
Lot # 159 - James K. Polk Lithograph by J. Baille
Lithograph depicting President James K. Polk seated, with whitehouse in background. Reads James K. Polk. Eleventh President of the United States. Labeled Lith. & Pub. by J. Baille, 118 Nassau ST., N.Y. Sight 11.5" x 15.75". With frame, 16" x 20.5". > Item Details
Scarce William McKinley as Napoleon Pipes
Lot # 92 - Scarce William McKinley as Napoleon Pipes
Lot of two. The first pipe is a stub stemmed pipe that is made of white clay and features a bust of William McKinley dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte with the two pointed hat and decorated collar. The base of the bust reads MKINLEY, which is spelled wrong. The pipe also features a stem made from a sing... > Item Details
Parker/Davis Jugate Paperweight
Lot # 107 - Parker/Davis Jugate Paperweight
An Alton B. Parker and Henry G. Davis jugate paperweight with milk glass back, made for their 1904 Democratic party nomination for the U.S. presidency. Feutures the two's images and names along with the date 1904. With an eagle above the images surrounded by draped flags. Marked Made by A. Graeser, ... > Item Details
Hayes - Tilden Presidential Election Pen & Ink Cartoon
Lot # 40 - Hayes - Tilden Presidential Election Pen & Ink Cartoon
A pen & ink political cartoon depicting Republican candidate Rutherford B. Hayes, and Democratic candidate Samuel Tilden each trying to mount the same donkey labeled Electoral Comminssion. The caption reads Where two ride a donkey, one must go afoot. The cartoon is poking fun at the 1876 presidentia... > Item Details
McKinley - Roosevelt Jugate Judge Cover
Lot # 135 - McKinley - Roosevelt Jugate Judge Cover
Vol. 39 No. 977, July 7th 1900 issue of Judge magazine, advertising for the re-election of President William McKinley. Features the jugate portraits of Mckinley and Vice President Theodore Roosevelt between the famous full dinner pail. Banner reads Four more years of the full dinner pail. Bottom cap... > Item Details
Franklin Roosevelt Cast Plaster Busts by Walter Russell (1871-1963)
Lot # 41 - Franklin Roosevelt Cast Plaster Busts by Walter Russell (1871-1963)
Lot of 2 presentation plaster busts, 1943, depicting Franklin Delano Roosevelt, by sculptor Walter Russell. These miniatures were presented to John L. Sullivan, U.S. Sec. of Navy 1947-1949, and Frank Knox, U.S. Sec. of Navy 1940-1944, as indicated on the back of both busts. Each bust inscribed with ... > Item Details
Programs from Inaugural Balls, 1873 and 1881
Lot # 51 - Programs from Inaugural Balls, 1873 and 1881
Lot of two. First bill features a litho of the capitol building on the front and one of the state capitol of New York on the rear cover. Cover reads New York Reception of the Republican Association, Masonic Temple, Monday, March 3rd, 1873. Inside cover features jugate portrait of Ulysses S. Grant an... > Item Details
<i>Rockefeller For President</i> Campaign Poster
Lot # 48 - Rockefeller For President Campaign Poster
framed, 13" x 19.5" viewable, 18.25" x 24.25" overall. > Item Details
Uncle Sam and the Liberty Bird Chromolithograph
Lot # 74 - Uncle Sam and the Liberty Bird Chromolithograph
A prohibition era satirization featuring a smiling Uncle Sam holding up a giant frosty goblet of beer to share with a large liberty bird proclaiming "Whee!". Caption reads Here's to the American Eagle: The liberty bird that permits no liberties. Signed D Wig in l.l. Sight 6.5" x 10". With frame, 8.5... > Item Details
William Howard Taft Pitcher
Lot # 114 - William Howard Taft Pitcher
A polychrome painted porcelain toby pitcher of President William Howard Taft clutching a cigar while holding his enormous belly. 5" tall. > Item Details
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