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Lot of Three Presidential Mantel Clocks
Special Collections: American Political Timed Auction
Includes one Teddy Roosevelt rough rider clock with Teddy mounted on horseback dressed in rough rider garb. The face of the clock displays roman numerals and the back is marked Pat. Oct. 1902 Pat. Pdg.. Approx 10.75" tall. PLUS A circa 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt The Man of the Hour clock. Gold painted potmetal clock depicts Roosevelt calmly steering the Ship of State. Face reads United Electric Clock Corp. N.Y. The back is marked PAT 91140. 4" x 9" base, 14" high. PLUS An electric pot metal novelty mantel clock, honoring Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his new deal. Gold finished clock shows President Roosevelt steering a ship wheel. The base reads At The Wheel For A New Deal. The face reads Windsor, Gibraltar Electric Clock Co. Inc. Jersey City N.J.. The back of the clock reads Gibraltar Electric CLock Co. Inc. Jersey City N.J. #115 Pat Pend. Approx 13.25" tall.

The paint is chipping on the "Man of the Hour" clock. The back cover is missing on the "New Deal" clock.
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Franklin D. Roosevelt Bust Sculpture
Lot # 47 - Franklin D. Roosevelt Bust Sculpture
hollow, approximately 16"w x 20"h x 9"d, copyright info mostly illegible on FDR's back. > Item Details
<i>One World</i> by Wendell L. Willkie
Lot # 59 - One World by Wendell L. Willkie
Willkie, Wendell L. One World. New York: Smon & Schuster, 1943. Small 8vo, black cloth with gilt-lettered spine and embossed facsimile signature on front cover, 206pp, with 2pp maps on front and back pastedowns. After losing the 1940 presidential election to Roosevelt in a landslide, FDR appointe... > Item Details
Franklin Roosevelt Cast Plaster Busts by Walter Russell (1871-1963)
Lot # 41 - Franklin Roosevelt Cast Plaster Busts by Walter Russell (1871-1963)
Lot of 2 presentation plaster busts, 1943, depicting Franklin Delano Roosevelt, by sculptor Walter Russell. These miniatures were presented to John L. Sullivan, U.S. Sec. of Navy 1947-1949, and Frank Knox, U.S. Sec. of Navy 1940-1944, as indicated on the back of both busts. Each bust inscribed with ... > Item Details
Currier <i>John Quincy Adams</i> Lithograph
Lot # 155 - Currier John Quincy Adams Lithograph
Lihograph featuring a seated John Quincy Adams in front of a curtain holding a book. Reads John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the United States. Pub. by N. Currier, Spruce St cor. Nassau N.Y. 9.5" x 13.5" (sight), 13" x 17" with frame. > Item Details
Two Political Currier and Ives Grant and Colfax,
Lot # 34 - Two Political Currier and Ives Grant and Colfax,
lot of two Currier & Ives prints, including a shoulder-length portrait titled General U.S. Grant. The Nation's Choice for President of the U.S., 9.75 x 12.75", framed, 13 x 15"; and a shoulder-length portrait of Hon. Schuyler Colfax, The Nation's Choice for Vice President of the U.S., 10 x 14" (sigh... > Item Details
President Garfield Memorial Handbill, Xenia, Ohio, 1881
Lot # 52 - President Garfield Memorial Handbill, Xenia, Ohio, 1881
Printed on a single piece of paper 4" x 8.25". Headline reads Services In Memory Of President Garfield, Xenia, Ohio, September 26, 1881. Bill includes schedule of memorial service events, speakers, and instructions for guns to be fired in intervals of five minutes at two o'clock. > Item Details
Scarce Lincoln Milk Glass Platter
Lot # 24 - Scarce Lincoln Milk Glass Platter
Milk glass platter featuring bust of President Lincoln in relief and criss-crossed split rail patterned edge. Date unknown but possibly a piece made for the 1876 Centennial.8.25" high by 6.50" wide. > Item Details
<i>Roosevelt and Johnson</i> 1912 Progressive Party Poster
Lot # 44 - Roosevelt and Johnson 1912 Progressive Party Poster
showing an image of the two men, copyright Moffet Chicago 1912 above the Kipling quote: "For there is neither East nor West, Border nor Breed nor Birth, When two strong men stand face to face, Though they come from ends of the earth.", with I.P.E.U. (International Photo-engraver's Union of North Ame... > Item Details
Dewey Manila Clock
Lot # 128 - Dewey Manila Clock
An unmarked Waterbury, Admiral Dewey brass novelty clock reading Dewey Manila, and displaying brass plated cast iron portrait of Admiral Dewey, a shield marked 1898, cannons, an anchor, rifles & swords. With fixed key wind, 8-day spring-driven brass works and brass dial with Arabic numerals. 10" tal... > Item Details
Woodrow Wilson Patriotic Textile
Lot # 81 - Woodrow Wilson Patriotic Textile
A hand painted patriotic textile honoring president Woodrow Wilson. Depicts a portrait of the president with an American flag. Reads Stand By The President. Artist's signature in l.l. Sight 21.5" x 17.5". With frame, 23.5" x 19.5". > Item Details
Lot # 121 - "We Like Ike" Ceramic Bobbleheads
Lot of two polychrome painted ceramic Eisenhower bobbleheads. The larger of the two reads We Like Ike!. 3.5" and 3.75". > Item Details
<i>On Our Way</i> by Franklin D. Roosevelt
Lot # 60 - On Our Way by Franklin D. Roosevelt
Roosevelt, Franklin D. On Our Way. New York: The John Day Company, 1934. 12mo, blue cloth with gilt-lettered spine and embossed facsimile signature on front cover, dust jacket, 300pp. The book is FDR's explanation of and justification for the actions taken in the first year of his presidency, 1933... > Item Details
George McClellan Figural Redware Pipe
Lot # 97 - George McClellan Figural Redware Pipe
A figural redware pipe of Union Major General George B. McClellan. > Item Details
F.D. Roosevelt Political Cartoon by Carl Somdal
Lot # 72 - F.D. Roosevelt Political Cartoon by Carl Somdal
Carl Somdal, cartoonist of Chicago Tribune. Features a smiling FDR driving a convertable labeled recovery. The convertable is on a jack that reads I.O.U., however Roosevelt looks like he thinks he is driving. A concerned passenger is looking back at the jack, and the caption reads How Far Can We Go ... > Item Details
11 Political Busts
Lot # 108 - 11 Political Busts
Lot of eleven political busts featuring the likes of Thomas Dewey, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, and William McKinley. The busts are made of brass and pot metal. Busts range in height from 2.75" to 4.75". > Item Details
William Howard Taft Pitcher
Lot # 114 - William Howard Taft Pitcher
A polychrome painted porcelain toby pitcher of President William Howard Taft clutching a cigar while holding his enormous belly. 5" tall. > Item Details
William Howard Taft
Lot # 122 - William Howard Taft "I'm Not Greedy" Mug and Saucer
Lot of two includes one china mug featuring a monochrome image of William Howard Taft. Next to his image is his famous slogan I Am Not Greedy But I Like A Lot. The mug is accompanied by a saucer. Both are marked Three Crown China Germany on the underside of their bases. > Item Details
Ulysses S. Grant Bolted Parian Bust
Lot # 115 - Ulysses S. Grant Bolted Parian Bust
A bolted hollow parian bust of Ulysses S. Grant in bowtie and military uniform. Approx. 7.5" tall. > Item Details
Taft and Silver Bug Boot Jacks
Lot # 129 - Taft and Silver Bug Boot Jacks
Lot of two cast iron boot jacks. One is a unusual cast iron 10.5" centipede bootjack reading Taft across it’s back. The other is a 10" silver bug bootjack. > Item Details
William McKinley Matchsafe, Plus
Lot # 139 - William McKinley Matchsafe, Plus
Lot of 2 figural matchsafes. One depicts President William McKinley, with a button that opens a hinged spring-loaded bottom with a strike plate underneath, 2.5" x 2" x .5". The other is smaller and unidentified, an older sideburned bald man, 2" x 1.5" x .5". > Item Details
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