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Lot of Three Presidential Mantel Clocks
Special Collections: American Political Timed Auction
Includes one Teddy Roosevelt rough rider clock with Teddy mounted on horseback dressed in rough rider garb. The face of the clock displays roman numerals and the back is marked Pat. Oct. 1902 Pat. Pdg.. Approx 10.75" tall. PLUS A circa 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt The Man of the Hour clock. Gold painted potmetal clock depicts Roosevelt calmly steering the Ship of State. Face reads United Electric Clock Corp. N.Y. The back is marked PAT 91140. 4" x 9" base, 14" high. PLUS An electric pot metal novelty mantel clock, honoring Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his new deal. Gold finished clock shows President Roosevelt steering a ship wheel. The base reads At The Wheel For A New Deal. The face reads Windsor, Gibraltar Electric Clock Co. Inc. Jersey City N.J.. The back of the clock reads Gibraltar Electric CLock Co. Inc. Jersey City N.J. #115 Pat Pend. Approx 13.25" tall.

The paint is chipping on the "Man of the Hour" clock. The back cover is missing on the "New Deal" clock.
Sold: $88.13
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McKinley Bisque and Paper
Lot # 131 - McKinley Bisque and Paper
4.75" tall bisque doll flask depicting a child expelling a large gold coin into a chamber pot. Complete with a 1.5" sq. photograph of Wm. McKinley glued to a piece of paper tied to another paper with a pink ribbon and marked Phelps & Hatfield, Manf'rs Canton, Ohio. A smaller photograph nests in be... > Item Details
George Washington Profile Bronze Plaque
World War II Toby Mugs
Lot # 125 - World War II Toby Mugs
Lot of 5 WWII Toby mugs featuring the likenesses of Dwight Eisenhower and General Douglas MacArthur. The largest Eisenhower mug has a Barrington marking and is marked Made in England Issue Limited to 2,00 of which this is No. 76. The secind largest Eisenhower mug is marked S.P. LTD England un its un... > Item Details
<i>Harrison & Morton</i> Campaign Textile
Lot # 149 - Harrison & Morton Campaign Textile
A patriotic hankerchief featuring the jugate images of Benjamin Harrison and Levi P. Morton. An eagle and an arm and hammer are above the portraits. Below reads Protect Home Industry 1888. With red, white, and blue patriotic border design. Sight 25" x 22". With frame 28" x 25.5". > Item Details
President Garfield Memorial Handbill, Xenia, Ohio, 1881
Lot # 52 - President Garfield Memorial Handbill, Xenia, Ohio, 1881
Printed on a single piece of paper 4" x 8.25". Headline reads Services In Memory Of President Garfield, Xenia, Ohio, September 26, 1881. Bill includes schedule of memorial service events, speakers, and instructions for guns to be fired in intervals of five minutes at two o'clock. > Item Details
Engraving Entitled the <i>Harrison Family</i>,
Lot # 36 - Engraving Entitled the Harrison Family,
a family portrait of Benjamin Harrison and his family, with each member identified below the engraving, including Harrison's wife Caroline, and his two children, Russell B. Harrison and Mary S. McKee, Kurz & Allison, Chicago, 1888, 16.5 x 23" (engraving), matted and framed, 26.25 x 32.25". > Item Details
Scarce William McKinley as Napoleon Pipes
Lot # 92 - Scarce William McKinley as Napoleon Pipes
Lot of two. The first pipe is a stub stemmed pipe that is made of white clay and features a bust of William McKinley dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte with the two pointed hat and decorated collar. The base of the bust reads MKINLEY, which is spelled wrong. The pipe also features a stem made from a sing... > Item Details
Declaration of Independence, Scarce H. Phelps Printing, 1845
Lot # 169 - Declaration of Independence, Scarce H. Phelps Printing, 1845
A rare hand-colored lithograph of the Declaration of Independence with tributes to Lafayette and Washington in the lower corners and images representing the original 13 states surrounding the text. Published by Humphrey Phelps, NY, 1845. Framed, 20" x 28" sight, 32.5" x 39.5" overall. > Item Details
Fred Meyers Photo Album
Lot # 134 - Fred Meyers Photo Album
A photo album containing 37 images taken by Fred Myers, Canton, Ohio. Myers was a young photographer who went West on the William McKinley train taking pictures of him as he was running for president. Some of the photos were taken in Canton, Ohio when McKinley was running for president there. Album ... > Item Details
<i>One World</i> by Wendell L. Willkie
Lot # 59 - One World by Wendell L. Willkie
Willkie, Wendell L. One World. New York: Smon & Schuster, 1943. Small 8vo, black cloth with gilt-lettered spine and embossed facsimile signature on front cover, 206pp, with 2pp maps on front and back pastedowns. After losing the 1940 presidential election to Roosevelt in a landslide, FDR appointe... > Item Details
<i>Herbert Hoover For President</i> Campaign Poster
Lot # 49 - Herbert Hoover For President Campaign Poster
copyright John Doctoroff, 1928, 18" x 24", in black platic frame, 19" x 25" overall. > Item Details
<i>Inaugural Souvenir: 1901</i>
Lot # 9 - Inaugural Souvenir: 1901
Washington: The Inaugural Committee/Press of W.F. Roberts, 1901. 8vo, brown paper boards with raised embossed gilt eagle on front cover, approximately 80pp(unnumbered), with finely engraved jugate frontispiece of McKinley/Roosevelt, and comprised of portraits of the first 25 presidents and short des... > Item Details
Kennedy - Johnson Political Campaign Posters
Lot # 89 - Kennedy - Johnson Political Campaign Posters
Lot of 2. Both red, white, and blue with large picture of Kennedy and Jonson on each. Both say their names for president or vice president, and both read Leadership For The 60's. Marked Citizens for Kennedy and Johnson, 261 Constitution Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. Each 28" x 41". > Item Details
Lincoln Home and Tomb Metal Signs
Lot # 12 - Lincoln Home and Tomb Metal Signs
Lot of six; metal signs with profile view of Lincoln with one of the follow captions: Lincoln Home, Lincoln Tomb, Lincoln Home & Tomb and New Salem; each, 15 x 12 in. > Item Details
William McKinley Matchsafe, Plus
Lot # 139 - William McKinley Matchsafe, Plus
Lot of 2 figural matchsafes. One depicts President William McKinley, with a button that opens a hinged spring-loaded bottom with a strike plate underneath, 2.5" x 2" x .5". The other is smaller and unidentified, an older sideburned bald man, 2" x 1.5" x .5". > Item Details
U.S. Grant and Family Stereoview by G.W. Pach
Lot # 147 - U.S. Grant and Family Stereoview by G.W. Pach
Stereoview features a seated Grant in top hat with seated wife and standing son. Captioned President Grant at his Cottage by the Sea and imprinted G.W. Pach, Photo., 858 Broadway, N.Y. AND LONG BRANCH. > Item Details
James A. Garfield Moustache Shaving Mug
Lot # 104 - James A. Garfield Moustache Shaving Mug
A polychrome painted porcelain moustache shaving mug featuring President James A. Garfield's bust in relief. Area around bust fadesfrom red on bottom to blue on top, and is surrounded by a gilt design. > Item Details
Framed Group of Presidential Portraits
Lot # 156 - Framed Group of Presidential Portraits
6 small presidential portrait lithographs framed in one. Includes the portraits and immitation signatures of Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James K. Polk, and Zachary Taylor. Each litho is approx. 4.75" x 6.5". Total framed piece approx. 35.5" x 9.5". > Item Details
Garfield Inauguration Ball Program
Lot # 58 - Garfield Inauguration Ball Program
Program features colorful patriotic jugate portrait of James A. Garfield and Chester A. Arthur. Reads Inauguration Ball, March 4th, 1881. Above are the images of the Capitol Building and the White House. On back cover is a postcard of some building with a floral pattern design. Pages feature patriot... > Item Details
Rare Roosevelt N.R.A. Clock
Lot # 101 - Rare Roosevelt N.R.A. Clock
A Franklin Roosevelt white metal electric bar clock with bronze finish featuring the president's bust on top with the portraits of Gen. H.S. Johnson and Miss F. Perkins in reilef at base. Between the two is a banner reading N.R.A. painted white. The base reads The Spirit Of The U.S.A. With electric ... > Item Details
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