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McKinley Porcelain Plaque
Special Collections: American Political Timed Auction
A polychrome painted piece of porcelain featuring a famous portrait of William McKinley. Housed in a tained wood frame. Porcelain insert measures 2.5" x 3.75".

Jim and Pat Gifford Collection of Political Americana

Excellent condition.
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Patriotic Ironstone Pitcher
Lot # 126 - Patriotic Ironstone Pitcher
A large polychrome painted ironstone pitcher, featuring an American flag and a floral pattern design. Approx. 8" tall. > Item Details
George Washington Miniature Portrait
Lot # 153 - George Washington Miniature Portrait
A small hand painted portrait of the iconic George Washington. Housed in a black frame with oval shaped glass covering and a figural eagle wall hanger. Portrait measures approx. 2.5" x 3". With frame, 4.25" x 5.25". > Item Details
John Wilkes Booth CDV
Lot # 27 - John Wilkes Booth CDV
A CDV of John Wilkes Booth, seated with his arm resting on a chair, imprinted Published by the New York Photographic Co., No. 453 Broadway, New York and inscribed Booth, Lincoln's murderer in period pencil on verso. > Item Details
McKinley Parade Photograph
Lot # 136 - McKinley Parade Photograph
Photo features an automobile frome the William McKinley's inauguration motorcade. The auto is full of smiling patriotic men, women, and children. Signed David E. Cohen, Photographer in l.l. Sight 9.5" x 7.5". With frame, 15.5" x 12.5". > Item Details
World War II Toby Mugs
Lot # 125 - World War II Toby Mugs
Lot of 5 WWII Toby mugs featuring the likenesses of Dwight Eisenhower and General Douglas MacArthur. The largest Eisenhower mug has a Barrington marking and is marked Made in England Issue Limited to 2,00 of which this is No. 76. The secind largest Eisenhower mug is marked S.P. LTD England un its un... > Item Details
Merchant Marine Act of 1928 Clock
Lot # 127 - Merchant Marine Act of 1928 Clock
A mantel clock to commemorate the Merchant Marine Act of 1928. Clock features twin nautical anchors and sea serpents surrounding the face, which displays different time zones and cities. The top of the clock reads The Dawn of a New Era and shows a large merchant ship. 7" tall. > Item Details
William McKinley Fine Lithograph in Walnut Frame
Lot # 70 - William McKinley Fine Lithograph in Walnut Frame
Compliments of Liquid Peptonoids, The Arlington Chem. Co., Yonkers, NY. From a Pach Bros. photograph. Lithograph shows a seated McKinley looking stern with a hat. Sight 12.5" x 15.5". With frame 18" x 21". > Item Details
Lincoln's Funeral Stereoview by Anthony
Lot # 30 - Lincoln's Funeral Stereoview by Anthony
Backside reads Anthony's Instantaneous Views. No 2950. The Funeral of President Lincoln, New York, April 25th, 1865. Published BY E. & H.T. Anthony & Co., American and Foreign Stereoscopic Emporium, 501 Broadway, New-York. Image features a wide angle shot of the funeral procession going down the str... > Item Details
Parker/Davis Jugate Paperweight
Lot # 107 - Parker/Davis Jugate Paperweight
An Alton B. Parker and Henry G. Davis jugate paperweight with milk glass back, made for their 1904 Democratic party nomination for the U.S. presidency. Feutures the two's images and names along with the date 1904. With an eagle above the images surrounded by draped flags. Marked Made by A. Graeser, ... > Item Details
George Washington Small Folio Currier
Lot # 167 - George Washington Small Folio Currier
Small folio currier depicting George Washington in a military uniform, seated atop a white horse. Reads Gen: George Washington. The Father of His Country. In period frame 12" x 16". Sight 9.5" x 13.5". > Item Details
Pair of McKinley/Roosevelt Bryan/Stevenson Jugate Paperweights
Lot # 106 - Pair of McKinley/Roosevelt Bryan/Stevenson Jugate Paperweights
A pair of paperweights commemorating the 1900 presidential election. Features the side by side portraits of the Democratic and Republican nominees, William Jennings Bryan and Adlai Stevenson, and William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. > Item Details
William Howard Taft
Lot # 122 - William Howard Taft "I'm Not Greedy" Mug and Saucer
Lot of two includes one china mug featuring a monochrome image of William Howard Taft. Next to his image is his famous slogan I Am Not Greedy But I Like A Lot. The mug is accompanied by a saucer. Both are marked Three Crown China Germany on the underside of their bases. > Item Details
Two Pieces of McKinley Redware
Lot # 100 - Two Pieces of McKinley Redware
Features a redware bust of McKinley. The base of the bust reads MACKINLEY, spelled incorrectly. Approx 6" tall. Lot also features a small redware top hat that simply reads McKinley's Hat. 1.75" tall. > Item Details
Fine Lithograph of T.R. Roosevelt by Pach Brothers
Lot # 42 - Fine Lithograph of T.R. Roosevelt by Pach Brothers
professionally framed, 12" diameter sight, 20.75" square overall, imprinted on verso of frame Theodore Roosevelt / 25th President of the United States. / Copyright 1900 by Pach Bos. Published by M.T. Sheahan, Boston. > Item Details
Hayes - Tilden Presidential Election Pen & Ink Cartoon
Lot # 40 - Hayes - Tilden Presidential Election Pen & Ink Cartoon
A pen & ink political cartoon depicting Republican candidate Rutherford B. Hayes, and Democratic candidate Samuel Tilden each trying to mount the same donkey labeled Electoral Comminssion. The caption reads Where two ride a donkey, one must go afoot. The cartoon is poking fun at the 1876 presidentia... > Item Details
U.S. Grant and Family Stereoview by G.W. Pach
Lot # 147 - U.S. Grant and Family Stereoview by G.W. Pach
Stereoview features a seated Grant in top hat with seated wife and standing son. Captioned President Grant at his Cottage by the Sea and imprinted G.W. Pach, Photo., 858 Broadway, N.Y. AND LONG BRANCH. > Item Details
Fred Meyers Photo Album
Lot # 134 - Fred Meyers Photo Album
A photo album containing 37 images taken by Fred Myers, Canton, Ohio. Myers was a young photographer who went West on the William McKinley train taking pictures of him as he was running for president. Some of the photos were taken in Canton, Ohio when McKinley was running for president there. Album ... > Item Details
William McKinley Clipped Signature,
Lot # 3 - William McKinley Clipped Signature,
This was the signature of President William McKinley (1843-1901)that was clipped from a letter to Judge William R. Day. Contains part of the letter and the closing (all under the mat). Portion of letter reads t to see what it does mean. I regret not to have seen you on Sunday last. Regards to yourse... > Item Details
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