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McKinley Porcelain Plaque
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A polychrome painted piece of porcelain featuring a famous portrait of William McKinley. Housed in a tained wood frame. Porcelain insert measures 2.5" x 3.75".

Jim and Pat Gifford Collection of Political Americana

Excellent condition.
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William McKinley Memorial Clock
Lot # 130 - William McKinley Memorial Clock
A mantel clock to commemorate the late President William McKinley. Pot metal clock with bronze finish, featuring clock face with roman numerals. Clock displays a frontiersman and a sailor on either side of the face with the bust of McKinley on top. Clock reads WM McKinley, Born Jan 29, 1843, Died Se... > Item Details
William McKinley Clipped Signature,
Lot # 3 - William McKinley Clipped Signature,
This was the signature of President William McKinley (1843-1901)that was clipped from a letter to Judge William R. Day. Contains part of the letter and the closing (all under the mat). Portion of letter reads t to see what it does mean. I regret not to have seen you on Sunday last. Regards to yourse... > Item Details
Franklin D. Roosevelt Bust Sculpture
Lot # 47 - Franklin D. Roosevelt Bust Sculpture
hollow, approximately 16"w x 20"h x 9"d, copyright info mostly illegible on FDR's back. > Item Details
Teddy Roosevelt Bas-relief by James Earle Fraser
Lot # 45 - Teddy Roosevelt Bas-relief by James Earle Fraser
10" x 13" relief bronze-coated iron featuring Roosevelt in profile above the quote, AGGRESSIVE FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHT IS THE NOBLEST SPORT THE WORLD AFFORDS. Tag on reverse shows title, The Roosevelt Bas-relief by James Earle Fraser for the Decorative Arts League of New York. Fraser (1876-1953) wa... > Item Details
George M. Dallas Small Folio Currier
Lot # 166 - George M. Dallas Small Folio Currier
Depicts a seated Dallas near a window. Reads George M. Dallas, Vice President of the United States. Currier is dated, but date is unreadable. In period frame, 13.25" x 17". Sight 9" x 13". > Item Details
Folk Art Carved Al Smith Figure
Lot # 10 - Folk Art Carved Al Smith Figure
Polychrome painted wood carving of 1928 Democratic presidential candidate Al Smith. Features Al with his hands in his pocket with suspenders and tie with a hat tilted low and cigar hanging from the mouth. "AL" is carved into the base. 7.25" high. > Item Details
William McKinley Magic Lantern Slides Related to His Assassination
Lot # 148 - William McKinley Magic Lantern Slides Related to His Assassination
Lot of ten 4" x 3.25" slides, some with handwritten captions taped on. Most are colored positives from actual photographs, while one is a colored illustration. > Item Details
McKinley/Bryan Mustard Jars
Lot # 98 - McKinley/Bryan Mustard Jars
A set of glass mustard jars featuring the likenesses of the two candidates from the 1896 presidential election. The jars feature the images of William McKinley and William Jennings Bryan and their campaign slogans. McKinley's jar features his image with the slogan Protection and Prosperity. Bryan's ... > Item Details
Patriotic Ironstone Pitcher
Lot # 126 - Patriotic Ironstone Pitcher
A large polychrome painted ironstone pitcher, featuring an American flag and a floral pattern design. Approx. 8" tall. > Item Details
Declaration of Independence, J.C. Buttre, 1856
Lot # 170 - Declaration of Independence, J.C. Buttre, 1856
16" x 20", professionally mounted in period wood frame, 22" x 28" overall. The declaration and signatures are features in an oval surrounded by images relating to each signatory state, Independence Hall, and a reproduction of the famous John Trumbull painting The Declaration of Independence which s... > Item Details
Fred Meyers Photo Album
Lot # 134 - Fred Meyers Photo Album
A photo album containing 37 images taken by Fred Myers, Canton, Ohio. Myers was a young photographer who went West on the William McKinley train taking pictures of him as he was running for president. Some of the photos were taken in Canton, Ohio when McKinley was running for president there. Album ... > Item Details
John Wilkes Booth CDV
Lot # 27 - John Wilkes Booth CDV
A CDV of John Wilkes Booth, seated with his arm resting on a chair, imprinted Published by the New York Photographic Co., No. 453 Broadway, New York and inscribed Booth, Lincoln's murderer in period pencil on verso. > Item Details
Rare Roosevelt N.R.A. Clock
Lot # 101 - Rare Roosevelt N.R.A. Clock
A Franklin Roosevelt white metal electric bar clock with bronze finish featuring the president's bust on top with the portraits of Gen. H.S. Johnson and Miss F. Perkins in reilef at base. Between the two is a banner reading N.R.A. painted white. The base reads The Spirit Of The U.S.A. With electric ... > Item Details
<i>Harrison & Morton</i> Campaign Textile
Lot # 149 - Harrison & Morton Campaign Textile
A patriotic hankerchief featuring the jugate images of Benjamin Harrison and Levi P. Morton. An eagle and an arm and hammer are above the portraits. Below reads Protect Home Industry 1888. With red, white, and blue patriotic border design. Sight 25" x 22". With frame 28" x 25.5". > Item Details
Lincoln Home and Tomb Metal Signs
Lot # 12 - Lincoln Home and Tomb Metal Signs
Lot of six; metal signs with profile view of Lincoln with one of the follow captions: Lincoln Home, Lincoln Tomb, Lincoln Home & Tomb and New Salem; each, 15 x 12 in. > Item Details
William McKinley Matchsafe, Plus
Lot # 139 - William McKinley Matchsafe, Plus
Lot of 2 figural matchsafes. One depicts President William McKinley, with a button that opens a hinged spring-loaded bottom with a strike plate underneath, 2.5" x 2" x .5". The other is smaller and unidentified, an older sideburned bald man, 2" x 1.5" x .5". > Item Details
Scarce Greeley-Brown Grand National Banner PLUS
Lot # 2 - Scarce Greeley-Brown Grand National Banner PLUS
Lot of 4, including: Gen. James A. Garfield. / 20th President of the United States, copyright 1880 Currier & Ives, 13.5" x 16.5", framed 14.75" x 17.75" overall; a Grand National Liberal Democratic Banner for 1872 featuring Greeley and Brown, copyright 1872 Currier & Ives; a hand-colored Henry Clay ... > Item Details
<i>Roosevelt and Johnson</i> 1912 Progressive Party Poster
Lot # 44 - Roosevelt and Johnson 1912 Progressive Party Poster
showing an image of the two men, copyright Moffet Chicago 1912 above the Kipling quote: "For there is neither East nor West, Border nor Breed nor Birth, When two strong men stand face to face, Though they come from ends of the earth.", with I.P.E.U. (International Photo-engraver's Union of North Ame... > Item Details
Ralph Menconi Bronze Plaque of John and Robert Kennedy
Lot # 37 - Ralph Menconi Bronze Plaque of John and Robert Kennedy
A large plaque featuring two bronze medals of John and Robert Kennedy. Plaque reads John & Robert Kennedy. Originally designed as campaign pieces, upon their assassinations were revised to become memorial pieces. Front-facing busts were sculpted from life by Ralph Mencioni of Presidential Arts Medal... > Item Details
Group of Lincoln Plaques and Bronzes
Lot # 1 - Group of Lincoln Plaques and Bronzes
Lot of 20. Sizes range from 3.5 in. to 23.5 in.; all profile views of Lincoln, except for one frontal view from the neck up and one high relief bust sculpture of Lincoln. > Item Details
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