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McKinley Porcelain Plaque
Special Collections: American Political Timed Auction
A polychrome painted piece of porcelain featuring a famous portrait of William McKinley. Housed in a tained wood frame. Porcelain insert measures 2.5" x 3.75".

Jim and Pat Gifford Collection of Political Americana

Excellent condition.
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Parker/Davis Jugate Paperweight
Lot # 107 - Parker/Davis Jugate Paperweight
An Alton B. Parker and Henry G. Davis jugate paperweight with milk glass back, made for their 1904 Democratic party nomination for the U.S. presidency. Feutures the two's images and names along with the date 1904. With an eagle above the images surrounded by draped flags. Marked Made by A. Graeser, ... > Item Details
McKinley Bisque and Paper
Lot # 131 - McKinley Bisque and Paper
4.75" tall bisque doll flask depicting a child expelling a large gold coin into a chamber pot. Complete with a 1.5" sq. photograph of Wm. McKinley glued to a piece of paper tied to another paper with a pink ribbon and marked Phelps & Hatfield, Manf'rs Canton, Ohio. A smaller photograph nests in be... > Item Details
Abraham Lincoln Profile Bronze Relief
Lot # 18 - Abraham Lincoln Profile Bronze Relief
approximately 4.5" x 6.5" on a 9.5" diameter mahogany mount > Item Details
<i>Roosevelt and Johnson</i> 1912 Progressive Party Poster
Lot # 44 - Roosevelt and Johnson 1912 Progressive Party Poster
showing an image of the two men, copyright Moffet Chicago 1912 above the Kipling quote: "For there is neither East nor West, Border nor Breed nor Birth, When two strong men stand face to face, Though they come from ends of the earth.", with I.P.E.U. (International Photo-engraver's Union of North Ame... > Item Details
Abraham Lincoln CDV
Lot # 26 - Abraham Lincoln CDV
A CDV of President Abraham Lincoln. Engraving, with no studio mark. > Item Details
Rare Roosevelt N.R.A. Clock
Lot # 101 - Rare Roosevelt N.R.A. Clock
A Franklin Roosevelt white metal electric bar clock with bronze finish featuring the president's bust on top with the portraits of Gen. H.S. Johnson and Miss F. Perkins in reilef at base. Between the two is a banner reading N.R.A. painted white. The base reads The Spirit Of The U.S.A. With electric ... > Item Details
U.S. Grant and Family Stereoview by G.W. Pach
Lot # 147 - U.S. Grant and Family Stereoview by G.W. Pach
Stereoview features a seated Grant in top hat with seated wife and standing son. Captioned President Grant at his Cottage by the Sea and imprinted G.W. Pach, Photo., 858 Broadway, N.Y. AND LONG BRANCH. > Item Details
William McKinley and Spanish American War Heroes Chromolithograph
Lot # 78 - William McKinley and Spanish American War Heroes Chromolithograph
Chromolithograph features a large patriotic shield emblazoned with portraits of Spanish American War heroes. Portraits include President McKinley, Admiral Dewey, Admiral Sampson, Admiral Schley, General Miles, and more. Includes a portrait of the famous U.S.S. Maine, along with a scene of the famous... > Item Details
FDR Spirit of U.S.A. Clock
Lot # 116 - FDR Spirit of U.S.A. Clock
An electric pot metal mantel clock featuring the presidents Franklin Roosevelt, George Washington, And Abe Lincoln. Roosevelt is steering the wheel of a ship. The base of the clock reads Spirit Of U.S.A.. The face of the clock displays a painted bar scene and reads Made in U.S.A. 1934 and United Clo... > Item Details
12 Political Busts and Banks
Lot # 110 - 12 Political Busts and Banks
Lot of 12 pot metal and brass political busts and banks featuring Franklin Roosevelt, Ben Franklin, William McKinley, Abe Lincoln, Douglas MacArthur and Dwight Eisenhower. Most of the busts are labeled. Ranging in height from 5" to 7.5". > Item Details
<i>Abraham Lincoln</i> Large Hand-Colored Lithograph
Lot # 23 - Abraham Lincoln Large Hand-Colored Lithograph
titled Abraham Lincoln, published by Rudolf Lesch, NY, 25" x 33", framed, 29" x 38". > Item Details
T.R. Roosevelt Chromolithograph on Canvas by Jaeger
Lot # 77 - T.R. Roosevelt Chromolithograph on Canvas by Jaeger
A Theodore Roosevelt chromolithograph on canvas. Signed and copyrighted l.l. Chas. F. Jaeger and R.J.S. JR. Sight 12.25" X 16.25". With frame 15.75" x 19.75". > Item Details
Fine W.H. Taft - T.R. Roosevelt <i>Judge</i> Inauguration Cover
Lot # 68 - Fine W.H. Taft - T.R. Roosevelt Judge Inauguration Cover
Cover depicts a Teddy Bear armed with guns, maps, and safari gear standing outside the whitehouse shaking hands goodbye with a portly possum in a top hat and a ribbon labeled Taffy Possum. Cover reads Goodbye! and Inauguration Number. Lower left labeled Copyright 1909 by Judge Company Publishers, Fi... > Item Details
Folk Art Carved Al Smith Figure
Lot # 10 - Folk Art Carved Al Smith Figure
Polychrome painted wood carving of 1928 Democratic presidential candidate Al Smith. Features Al with his hands in his pocket with suspenders and tie with a hat tilted low and cigar hanging from the mouth. "AL" is carved into the base. 7.25" high. > Item Details
William McKinley Clipped Signature,
Lot # 3 - William McKinley Clipped Signature,
This was the signature of President William McKinley (1843-1901)that was clipped from a letter to Judge William R. Day. Contains part of the letter and the closing (all under the mat). Portion of letter reads t to see what it does mean. I regret not to have seen you on Sunday last. Regards to yourse... > Item Details
Abraham Lincoln Bust by Jo Davidson, 1943
Lot # 17 - Abraham Lincoln Bust by Jo Davidson, 1943
Painted terra-cotta bust of Lincoln signed and dated Jo Davidson 1943. 10" tall on a 4" x 4.5" plinth. An 18" version of the same bust in bronze is displayed at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site. Davidson (1883-1952) was one of the most renowned and prolific realist sculptors of his era, no... > Item Details
Patriotic Wall Rack
Lot # 143 - Patriotic Wall Rack
copper, 16.5" x 20.75", with jugate relief portraits of Washington and Lincoln on a separate 11" x 14.75" piece which folds down to become a shelf. > Item Details
Political Lithographs of Jackson and Polk
Lot # 152 - Political Lithographs of Jackson and Polk
Lot of three. One litho features a seated Polk looking out a window with the capitol building in the background. Caption reads James K. Polk, Eleventh President of the United States, Lith. & Pub. by N. Currier, 2 Spruce St., N.Y. With frame, approx. 10.5" x 14.5". PLUS a lithograph of Andrew Jackson... > Item Details
Lot # 117 - FDR "The Man of the Hour" Clock
Circa 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt The Man of the Hour clock. Potmetal clock depicts Roosevelt calmly steering the Ship of State. The dial features a sailor with a mechanical arm that turns a sternwheel. Dial reads Made in USA, 1933 and United Electric Clock Corp, Brooklyn, N.Y. The back is marked... > Item Details
Prohibition Goblet and Tumbler  Set
Lot # 13 - Prohibition Goblet and Tumbler Set
A large etched glass goblet and 4 etched glass tumblers displaying scenes of drunken debauchery to commemorate the end of prohibition. The scenes depict a camel with the caption How Dry Am I?, a man hanging from a tree with a prohibition scroll in his pocket with the caption Good Bye Forever, a sad ... > Item Details
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