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McKinley Porcelain Plaque
Special Collections: American Political Timed Auction
A polychrome painted piece of porcelain featuring a famous portrait of William McKinley. Housed in a tained wood frame. Porcelain insert measures 2.5" x 3.75".

Jim and Pat Gifford Collection of Political Americana

Excellent condition.
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<i>Herbert Hoover For President</i> Campaign Poster
Lot # 49 - Herbert Hoover For President Campaign Poster
copyright John Doctoroff, 1928, 18" x 24", in black platic frame, 19" x 25" overall. > Item Details
Abraham Lincoln Tintype From a Painting
Lot # 29 - Abraham Lincoln Tintype From a Painting
Side profile portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Measures 7" x 9". > Item Details
<i>One World</i> by Wendell L. Willkie
Lot # 59 - One World by Wendell L. Willkie
Willkie, Wendell L. One World. New York: Smon & Schuster, 1943. Small 8vo, black cloth with gilt-lettered spine and embossed facsimile signature on front cover, 206pp, with 2pp maps on front and back pastedowns. After losing the 1940 presidential election to Roosevelt in a landslide, FDR appointe... > Item Details
T.R. Roosevelt Lithograph by Henderson Litho., Cincinnati, OH
Lot # 75 - T.R. Roosevelt Lithograph by Henderson Litho., Cincinnati, OH
Black on white lithograph of Teddy Roosevelt. Marked The Henderson Lith. Co., Cincinnati in l.r. Sight 19.5" x 23.75". With frame, 30" x 34". > Item Details
Garfield Inauguration Ball Program
Lot # 58 - Garfield Inauguration Ball Program
Program features colorful patriotic jugate portrait of James A. Garfield and Chester A. Arthur. Reads Inauguration Ball, March 4th, 1881. Above are the images of the Capitol Building and the White House. On back cover is a postcard of some building with a floral pattern design. Pages feature patriot... > Item Details
7 1904 Weller Pottery Political Plaques
Lot # 93 - 7 1904 Weller Pottery Political Plaques
Lot of seven Weller circular plaques featuring the embossed images of various political figures including William McKinley, Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, George Dewey, Abe Lincoln, Robert E. Lee and an unidentified Indian chief. These were presumably produced for the St. Louis expo. Some plaques ... > Item Details
Original Al Smith Political Cartoon by Satterfield
Lot # 71 - Original Al Smith Political Cartoon by Satterfield
Robert Satterfield was a Cleveland political cartoonist. Titled The Magician, this political cartoon in ink by Satterfield depicts a devious looking Al Smith in a magician outfit. Al is on stage pulling a rabbit labeled Democratic Purity out of a hat. Up his sleeve appears to be the tale of a cat. J... > Item Details
U.S. Grant and Family Stereoview by G.W. Pach
Lot # 147 - U.S. Grant and Family Stereoview by G.W. Pach
Stereoview features a seated Grant in top hat with seated wife and standing son. Captioned President Grant at his Cottage by the Sea and imprinted G.W. Pach, Photo., 858 Broadway, N.Y. AND LONG BRANCH. > Item Details
Andrew Jackson Small Folio Currier
Lot # 168 - Andrew Jackson Small Folio Currier
A small folio currier of Andrew Jackson in military outfit, seated atop a white horse amongst a battle scene. Reads Gen: Andrew Jackson. The Hero of New - Orleans. Sight 9.25" x 13.25". With frame, 12" x 16". > Item Details
James Garfield, <i>Feeding Per Rectum</i> Booklet
Lot # 66 - James Garfield, Feeding Per Rectum Booklet
A 16 page medical booklet reading Feeding Per Rectum: As Illustrated In The Case of The Late President Garfield, and Others, by D.W. Bliss, M.D. Taken from The Medical Record, New York, July 15th, 1882. Blind stamped by the Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, O, 1867-1892. > Item Details
William McKinley Clipped Signature,
Lot # 3 - William McKinley Clipped Signature,
This was the signature of President William McKinley (1843-1901)that was clipped from a letter to Judge William R. Day. Contains part of the letter and the closing (all under the mat). Portion of letter reads t to see what it does mean. I regret not to have seen you on Sunday last. Regards to yourse... > Item Details
McKinley Parade Photograph
Lot # 136 - McKinley Parade Photograph
Photo features an automobile frome the William McKinley's inauguration motorcade. The auto is full of smiling patriotic men, women, and children. Signed David E. Cohen, Photographer in l.l. Sight 9.5" x 7.5". With frame, 15.5" x 12.5". > Item Details
Bronzed Plaster Bust of Lincoln by Louis Mayer
Lot # 21 - Bronzed Plaster Bust of Lincoln by Louis Mayer
13" high, originally cast in 1917. This version hollow cast on a plinth engraved A. Lincoln and on left side ©1916 Louis Mayer. Louis Mayer (1869-1969) studied art at St. Augustine’s Academy in Fresno, Ca. and was one of the founders of The Society of Milwaukee Artists, one of the nation's oldest, ... > Item Details
Abraham Lincoln CDV
Lot # 26 - Abraham Lincoln CDV
A CDV of President Abraham Lincoln. Engraving, with no studio mark. > Item Details
Lot of Three Presidential Mantel Clocks
Lot # 138 - Lot of Three Presidential Mantel Clocks
Includes one Teddy Roosevelt rough rider clock with Teddy mounted on horseback dressed in rough rider garb. The face of the clock displays roman numerals and the back is marked Pat. Oct. 1902 Pat. Pdg.. Approx 10.75" tall. PLUS A circa 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt The Man of the Hour clock. Gold p... > Item Details
Currier & Ives Lithograph of <i>Hon. Abraham Lincoln</i>
Lot # 15 - Currier & Ives Lithograph of Hon. Abraham Lincoln
Currier & Ives lithograph of Abe Lincoln. Below Lincoln's portrait is his immitation signature along with the caption Hon. Abraham Lincoln, Sixteenth President of the United States. Below that is marked Published by Currier & Ives, 152 Nassau St, N.Y.. From a photograph by Brady. Approx. 13.5" x 18"... > Item Details
<i>On Our Way</i> by Franklin D. Roosevelt
Lot # 60 - On Our Way by Franklin D. Roosevelt
Roosevelt, Franklin D. On Our Way. New York: The John Day Company, 1934. 12mo, blue cloth with gilt-lettered spine and embossed facsimile signature on front cover, dust jacket, 300pp. The book is FDR's explanation of and justification for the actions taken in the first year of his presidency, 1933... > Item Details
Lot # 121 - "We Like Ike" Ceramic Bobbleheads
Lot of two polychrome painted ceramic Eisenhower bobbleheads. The larger of the two reads We Like Ike!. 3.5" and 3.75". > Item Details
William McKinley Memorial Clock
Lot # 130 - William McKinley Memorial Clock
A mantel clock to commemorate the late President William McKinley. Pot metal clock with bronze finish, featuring clock face with roman numerals. Clock displays a frontiersman and a sailor on either side of the face with the bust of McKinley on top. Clock reads WM McKinley, Born Jan 29, 1843, Died Se... > Item Details
William Howard Taft Pitcher
Lot # 114 - William Howard Taft Pitcher
A polychrome painted porcelain toby pitcher of President William Howard Taft clutching a cigar while holding his enormous belly. 5" tall. > Item Details
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