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Eskimo Wooden Ladle and Bowl
Special Collection:American Indian & Western Art
lot of 2, ladle with tapering handle and wide scoop, length 17"; AND a carved wooden bowl, length 14" x width 6".
19th century

Patina on ladle; expected wear.
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Navajo Yei Weaving
Lot # 195 - Navajo Yei Weaving
colorfully woven with two figures surrounded by a Rainbow Guardian, 36 x29.25 in. contemporary > Item Details
Group of Trading Post Moccasins
Lot # 276 - Group of Trading Post Moccasins
nine pairs plus two singles; all of various children's sizes and conditions, lengths 4.5 in. - 6.5 in. ca 1940-50 > Item Details
Donna Mae Adams Hopi Plate
Lot # 136 - Donna Mae Adams Hopi Plate
painted with a geometric and corn plant design; signed on bottom, diamteter 9.75 in. contemporary > Item Details
Polynesian/ Melanisian Weapons
Lot # 373 - Polynesian/ Melanisian Weapons
lot of 5, includes three paddle shaped clubs with fire-branding and shell inlay, lengths 16 in. 29.5 in.; PLUS a Fiji Island "cannibal fork", length 13 in.; AND a bone awl with figural carving, length 12 in. late 19th - 20th centuryFor similar examples of "cannibal forks" see the collections of the... > Item Details
Hopi Redware Bowl
Lot # 144 - Hopi Redware Bowl
with stylized bird designs; signed Sila, height 6 in. x diameter 8.75in. third quarter 20th century > Item Details
Navajo Western Reservation Weaving
Lot # 183 - Navajo Western Reservation Weaving
finely woven using colors of browns, cream, red, light blue, and gold; attractive design of open diamonds, 37.5 x 30 in. contemporary > Item Details
Central California Basket
Lot # 40 - Central California Basket
Created for utilitarian functions and coiled using one rod. Simple bands decorate basket, height 6 in. x diameter 15.5 in.second quarter of 20th century > Item Details
Northwest Coast Horn Spoon
Lot # 26 - Northwest Coast Horn Spoon
With reddish pigment on horn; handle incised with "x" design, length 11 in. early 20th century > Item Details
Tsimshian Basket
Lot # 24 - Tsimshian Basket
made of cedar bark; bands of pigmented cedar decorate body, height 6 in. x diameter 7.5 in. ca 1900 > Item Details
Indonesia, Wooden Puppet Head and Figural Candlestick
Lot # 337 - Indonesia, Wooden Puppet Head and Figural Candlestick
Lot of 2, including a Batak carved wooden puppet head with horsehair coiffure and mirror eyes, length 15 in.; AND a carved wooden candlestick topped with a mounted rider; missing structure to hold candle, length 23 in. 20th century > Item Details
Books of Native American Weapons and Knives
Lot # 267 - Books of Native American Weapons and Knives
Lot of five. Includes: Baldwin, John. Early Knives and Beaded Sheaths of the American Frontier, 1997, 1st printing, 4to, leather bound, signed by author. Taylor, Colin F. Native American Weapons, 2001, 12mo, hc w/dj. Hanson, James Austin. Metal Weapons, Tools, and Ornaments of the Teton Dakota India... > Item Details
Navajo Burntwater Weaving
Lot # 188 - Navajo Burntwater Weaving
finely woven with a soft pallet of pinks, blues, and gray; central diamond with frets fill central field, 82 x 61 in. third quarter 20th century > Item Details
Yoruba African Mask
Lot # 354 - Yoruba African Mask
with carved pieces of wood and red wool hanging from lower part of face, length 14 in. x width 12.5 in. 20th century > Item Details
Zuni Inlay Pendant with Scenes
Lot # 85 - Zuni Inlay Pendant with Scenes
Illustrating Monument Valley rock formations, diameter 1.4 in. Pendant includes chain, length 25 in. > Item Details
Maori Carved Wood Pipes and Bowl
Lot # 375 - Maori Carved Wood Pipes and Bowl
Lot of 3. Includes a bowl with a human head morphing into a bird head with open bill forming the bowl. Carving accented with shell eyes and black paint, length 8.5 in. x height 3.5 in.; PLUS a pipe with face and inlay shell eye and with horn(?) stem, length 6.25 in. x height 2.5 in. Display stand o... > Item Details
Elmer Schock (American, 20th century),
Lot # 231 - Elmer Schock (American, 20th century),
Wildlife Sceneacrylic on boardsigned l.r.11.5 x 15.25 in. > Item Details
American Indian Art
Lot # 261 - American Indian Art
Lot of 5. Brodsky, Anne Trueblood, ed. Stones, Bones and Skin: Ritual and Shamanic Art. Toronto: The Society for Art Publications, 1977. 4to, blue cloth w/dj, 180pp. Monroe, Dan L. ed. Gifts of the Spirit: Works by Nineteenth-Century and Contemporary Native American Artists. Salem (MA): Peabody Esse... > Item Details
War in the West
Lot # 273 - War in the West
Lot of 4. Wellman, Paul I. Death on Horseback: Seventy Years of War for the American West. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company, 1947. 8vo, beige boards w/dj, 484pp. Lake, Stuart N. Wyatt Earp: Frontier Marshal. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1931. 8vo, brown boards, no dj, 392pp. Nye, W.S., Lie... > Item Details
Plateau Beaded Horse Equipment
Lot # 49 - Plateau Beaded Horse Equipment
lot of 3; includes a headstall and belt composed of beaded medallions sewn onto canvas and backed with cotton; each disk displays a flower, length of headstall 39 in.; length of belt 49 in.; AND a beaded chest band with florals on velveteen; backed with polished cotton, length 36 in. x length 24 in.... > Item Details
Laguna Seed Jar
Lot # 162 - Laguna Seed Jar
signed M. Aragon, heights 2.75" x diameter 4.5". contemporary > Item Details
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