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Makah and Eskimo Baskets
Special Collection:American Indian & Western Art
lot of 3, includes an Eskimo pedestal basket with an undulating rim, height 3.75 in. x diameter 7.25 in.; PLUS a Makah basket with velveteen lining, height 2.25 in. x diameter 3.25 in.; AND a smaller Makah decorated with birds along sides, height 1.75 in. x diameter 2.5 in.
early - mid 20th century

All in good to excellent condition.
Sold: $58.75
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Cheyenne Beaded Moccasins and Knife Sheath
Lot # 291 - Cheyenne Beaded Moccasins and Knife Sheath
lot of 2, both sinew-sewn using a similar pastel color palette, length of moccasins 10.5"; length of knife sheath 9". mid 20th century > Item Details
Wooden Pemmican Pounder
Lot # 294 - Wooden Pemmican Pounder
Heavy handcarved implement for pounding pemmican, a mixture of dried buffalo meat and choke cherries, length 17.75 in.Gilbert W. Dilley (1902-1996) begun collecting American Indian Art at a young age. Introduced to the collecting world by a former Buffalo Bill show Cherokee performer, Dilley was to... > Item Details
California Baskets
Lot # 33 - California Baskets
Lot of 2. One fine "tsai" coiled oval basket with "deer back" design, length 5.25 in. x height 1.5 in.; AND the other a southern California bundle coiled juncus basket with a lively zig-zag pattern, diameter 6.25 in. x height 2.5 in. second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Nunivak Island Carved Wooden Mask
Lot # 25 - Nunivak Island Carved Wooden Mask
face of a walrus; small ivory tusks; two bentwood circles surround face, diameter 11.25 in. ca 1940 > Item Details
Ed Morgan (American, b. 1943)
Lot # 232 - Ed Morgan (American, b. 1943)
Finders Keepersmultimedia on handmade papersigned and dated 1989 l.r.title and edition number 17/20 l.l12.75 in. x 12 in. > Item Details
Group of Southeastern Indian Baskets Plus
Lot # 312 - Group of Southeastern Indian Baskets Plus
lot of 12 consisting of seven lidded figural baskets and four hats, all woven with pine needles stitched with raffia, plus a carved figure. Includes a woman with braided hair, height 6.5"; a raccoon with label stating basket was woven by Myrna Wilson, a Coushatta Indian, height 2.5"; PLUS a chicken... > Item Details
Donna Mae Adams Hopi Plate
Lot # 136 - Donna Mae Adams Hopi Plate
painted with a geometric and corn plant design; signed on bottom, diamteter 9.75 in. contemporary > Item Details
Hopi Route 66 Katsinas
Lot # 80 - Hopi Route 66 Katsinas
lot of 4.sizes range from 10.25 in. to 4 in.mid 20th century > Item Details
Papua New Guinea Ancestral Carvings
Lot # 346 - Papua New Guinea Ancestral Carvings
from the Sepik River area, elongated form decorated with cowrie shells, pigment, and bone, length 20.5 in; PLUS a carved figure with red and white pigment, height 21 in.; AND another ornately carved ancestral plaque 19th - 20th century > Item Details
Zuni Fire Opal Necklace and Earrings, Signed
Lot # 94 - Zuni Fire Opal Necklace and Earrings, Signed
With initials JS and sterling on back, length 17 in. Initials could be for several different artists, see: Schaff 2003:276. AND matching earrings by another artist, length 1.25 in. > Item Details
Plains Beaded Hide Knife Sheath
Lot # 285 - Plains Beaded Hide Knife Sheath
Backed with parfleche and beaded in vivid colors of red, orange, lime green, cobalt, and white, length 11 in.fourth quarter 20th century > Item Details
Detroit Publishing Co.
Lot # 247 - Detroit Publishing Co.
An Embryonic Warrior (Jie Papoose)early 20th centurychromolithograph on papertitled l.l. with edition number 512933.5 x 7 in. > Item Details
Plateau Beaded Horse Equipment
Lot # 48 - Plateau Beaded Horse Equipment
lot of 3; includes two horse headstalls, both thread-sewn on canvas; one with crossed Union Jacks and hide drops with cutouts, length 23 in. x width 12 in; second headstall with geometrics, length 21 in. x width 14 in.; AND a thread-sewn beaded chest ornament with thick hide fringe and backed with c... > Item Details
Middle Eastern Tools
Lot # 326 - Middle Eastern Tools
Lot of 3, includes an Oman bronze oil lame configured in the shape of an elephant, length of elephant 4 in.; PLUS an Arabian cast brass nutcracker, length 8 in.; AND an Arabian knife with sheath, length 9 in. > Item Details
Southeastern Carved Wooden Paddle
Lot # 314 - Southeastern Carved Wooden Paddle
possibly Yuchi; with cylindrical handle and flared blade, length 24 in. late 19th century > Item Details
Mustangs by Frank Vigil (American, b. 1922)
Lot # 226 - Mustangs by Frank Vigil (American, b. 1922)
PairHorse Portraitswatercolors on paper62 l.r.16.5 x 13.5 in.Frank Vigil, an Apache artist, paints Native American and Western subject matter. A brief biography is included on the verso of each print. > Item Details
Eskimo Soapstone Carvings
Lot # 5 - Eskimo Soapstone Carvings
lot of 2, includes one of a seal by Simigak Simeonie; signed in syllabics, length 10.5 in. AND one of a hunter by Sarah Kavik; signed in syllabics, height 7 in. mid-20th century > Item Details
Alan Facius (American, 20th Century)
Lot # 239 - Alan Facius (American, 20th Century)
Blackfoot Winter Raiding Partyacrylic on boardsigned and dated 88 l.r.23.25 x 11.5 in. > Item Details
Pomo Gift Basket
Lot # 31 - Pomo Gift Basket
Ovoid-form and with redbud designs; enhanced with shell disks and beaded abalone drops, length 4 in. x width 2.25 in. second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Alaskan Eskimo Carved Walrus Ivory Plaque
Lot # 7 - Alaskan Eskimo Carved Walrus Ivory Plaque
Carved plaque with pierced lettering Nome Alaska 1912, length 8.5 in. early 20th century > Item Details
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