Lot 387    

Charles Marion Russell (American, 1864-1926),
2009, American Indian & Western Art , September 11
The Brave
watercolor on paper
signed l.l.
11" x 9"

While Russell was known for his whimsical letters with illustrations and sweeping Indian scenes on the Great Plains, he did in fact execute numerous bust-length portraits of American Indians. The few that were dated were all executed between 1899-1902, when Russell must have had people posing. They tend to be robust, serious figures, many with the same composition. While this example is not dated, it is assumed to have been painted in this period.

Ex Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Sold: $38,187.50
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Apache Burden Basket
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Allen Sapp (American, b. 1929),
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Threshing at Little Pine Reservationoil on canvassigned l.l.16" x 19.5"Edward M. Woliver, MD (1914-2008) was born and educated in Cincinnati. In 1946, after serving in WWII as a general surgeon, he returned to the Queen City where he enjoyed a long distinguished career, practicing and teaching gener... > Item Details
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Paul Abram Jr. (American, 1933-2005),
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Mountain Manoil on canvassigned and dated 84 l.r.24" x 36" > Item Details
Zia Olla
Lot # 192 - Zia Olla
concave base and designed with four birds situated within an undulating rainbow band; uniquely painted with blue and red areas, height 11.5" x diameter 11.5". ca 1900 > Item Details
Apache Basket
Lot # 140 - Apache Basket
finely coiled basket with devil's claw six petaled flower radiating up to rim which is further decorated with hanging crosses, height 3.5" x diameter 9.8" early 20th century > Item Details
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