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Alaskan Eskimo Carved Walrus Ivory Plaque
Special Collection:American Indian & Western Art
Carved plaque with pierced lettering Nome Alaska 1912, length 8.5 in.
early 20th century

Nome sign broken and reglued.
Sold: $88.13
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Skookum Dolls
Lot # 278 - Skookum Dolls
lot of 9. sizes range from 13.25 in. to 3.5 in. mid 20th century > Item Details
Santa Clara Blackware Bowls
Lot # 118 - Santa Clara Blackware Bowls
with carved geometrics along shoulder of jar; signed L. Tapia, height 2.5 in. x diameter 5.5 in.; PLUS a smaller bowl with painted feather motif; signed Santanita Suazo/ Santa Clara Pueblo, height 2.75 in. x diameter 3.75 in.; PLUS an unsigned bowl with half-moon shapes decorating rim, height 2.5 in... > Item Details
Indonesian Carved Horn Spoons
Lot # 338 - Indonesian Carved Horn Spoons
ca 1900 lot of 2, intricately carved with incising and pierced decorations, length 4" and 4.5". Gilbert W. Dilley (1902-1996) began collecting American Indian art at an early age. His interest began when a Cherokee performer for Buffalo Bill told the young Dilley stories about his life as an Indian... > Item Details
Alvin Marshall Navajo Sculpture <i>Sunset Prayer</i>
Lot # 203 - Alvin Marshall Navajo Sculpture Sunset Prayer
Carved of Utah Alabaster; scene incised on back; signed along bottom back of sculpture and on base, height 11 in. x width 11 in.late 20th century > Item Details
Santa Clara Redware Dish
Lot # 102 - Santa Clara Redware Dish
in the form of a bird with carved wings, height 4.25 in. x length 11 in. mid 20th century > Item Details
Northwest Coast Baskets
Lot # 16 - Northwest Coast Baskets
lot of 3, includes a small Tsimshian basket with hooked devices and crosses, height 3" x diameter 4"; PLUS a Tlingit basket finely woven with hourglass designs and zigzags, height 6" x diameter 6.5"; AND a Tlingit basketry bottle with openwork weave and bands of color, height 10.75" x diameter 5". e... > Item Details
Laguna Seed Jar
Lot # 162 - Laguna Seed Jar
signed M. Aragon, heights 2.75" x diameter 4.5". contemporary > Item Details
African Mboom Masks
Lot # 353 - African Mboom Masks
Lot of 2, both carved of wood with one enhanced by paint, height 12.5 in. x width 13.5 in.; AND another decorated with white beads and cowrie shells, height 10.25 in. x width 9.5 in. mid 20th century > Item Details
Santo Domingo Fetish Necklace
Lot # 90 - Santo Domingo Fetish Necklace
With three graduated strands strung on fine brown heishi and with a variety of birds and animals carved in different stones including turquoise, pipestone, shell, and agate, length 27.5 in.fourth quarter 20th century > Item Details
Books of Sitting Bull and Wounded Knee
Lot # 264 - Books of Sitting Bull and Wounded Knee
Lot of five. Includes: Brown, Dee. Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West, 1991, 1st Owl Book ed., 8vo, paperback. Jones, Douglas C. A Creek Called Wounded Knee, 1978, 8vo, hc w/dj. Diessner, Don. There Are No Indians Left But Me! Sitting Bull's Story, 1993, Native Ame... > Item Details
Detroit Publishing Co.
Lot # 247 - Detroit Publishing Co.
An Embryonic Warrior (Jie Papoose)early 20th centurychromolithograph on papertitled l.l. with edition number 512933.5 x 7 in. > Item Details
Group of Trading Post Moccasins
Lot # 276 - Group of Trading Post Moccasins
nine pairs plus two singles; all of various children's sizes and conditions, lengths 4.5 in. - 6.5 in. ca 1940-50 > Item Details
Two Navajo Saddle Blankets
Lot # 191 - Two Navajo Saddle Blankets
lot of 2 including one woven in a natural pallet displaying squash blossoms within bands, 44 x 27 in.; AND another banded weaving with red, gray, and cream, 46 x 28 in. mid-20th century > Item Details
Ulayu Pingwartok (Canadian/Inuit, 1904-1978)
Lot # 223 - Ulayu Pingwartok (Canadian/Inuit, 1904-1978)
Young Owlstonecutsigned l.r. with artist's mark l.l.1967 l.r.numbered 36/5019.75 x 24.25 in. > Item Details
Santo Domingo Handled Bowl,
Lot # 133 - Santo Domingo Handled Bowl,
early 20th century with geometric designs and pie crust rim, height 5.5" x diameter 8". > Item Details
Acoma Wedding Jar and Santa Clara Polychrome Bowl
Lot # 124 - Acoma Wedding Jar and Santa Clara Polychrome Bowl
lot of 2, includes an Acoma wedding vase with twisted handle, height 10.5 in. x diameter 7 in.; AND a carved, unsigned, polychrome Santa Clara bowl designed with a butterfly and clouds, height 4.25 in. x diameter 7 in. second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Three Navajo Samplers
Lot # 194 - Three Navajo Samplers
lot of 3all woven in red, blue, cream, and browns; two samplers designed with whirling logs, 17.25 x 20 in.; 17 in. x 20.25 in.; AND a third weaving with a third phase chief pattern, 19.5 x 19.5 in. contemporary > Item Details
California Mission Basket
Lot # 38 - California Mission Basket
designed with a full fretted design, height 2.5 in. x diameter 6.25 in. early 20th century > Item Details
Mojave Pottery Figure
Lot # 164 - Mojave Pottery Figure
Painted in yellow, blue, red, and white; with blue and white beaded earrings and necklace, height 5.5 in. ca 1900 > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Knife Sheath
Lot # 284 - Sioux Beaded Hide Knife Sheath
sinew-sewn on buffalo hide and beaded using colors of white, dark blue, green, and red white-heart, length 9 in. late 19th century > Item Details
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