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Fort Berthhold Quilled War Shirt
2009, American Indian & Western Art , September 11
thread and sinew-sewn hide with three brightly quilled strips in blue, red, white, and yellow attached to sleeves, and wrap from chest to back; long fringe flows from arms and chest and augmented with hide wrapped cotton cords topped with red wool and finished with soft black fur; inside of shirt with red pigment, length 31" x chest 42".
late 19th century

Light quill loss.
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Yokuts Basket
Lot # 101 - Yokuts Basket
with rattlesnake pattern wrapping around body, height 2" x diameter 5.5". early 20th century > Item Details
Eskimo Doll
Lot # 31 - Eskimo Doll
with sealskin parka, leggings, and mukluks; hide body filled with deer or caribou fur; carved walrus ivory head with inked detailing, length 14.5".ca 1900 > Item Details
California Oval Basket
Lot # 94 - California Oval Basket
bundle coiled with three animals (dogs?) standing around sides, height 3.25" x length 7.0". > Item Details
Apache Parfleche Cylinder
Lot # 205 - Apache Parfleche Cylinder
painted in red, blue, and yellow with thin black outlining; hide thongs tie at seams to create fringe; inked on side Apache, length 16" x diameter 4.75". late 19th century > Item Details
Aleut Sealskin Kayak with Rowers
Lot # 19 - Aleut Sealskin Kayak with Rowers
red, blue, and yellow painted sealskin covering wooden frame of kayak; with two wooden rowers with lead hands and dressed in seal gut clothing augmented with red, green, and yellow wool, length 15". ca 1900 > Item Details
Santee Sioux Beaded Vest
Lot # 317 - Santee Sioux Beaded Vest
thread-sewn hide and beaded using colors of rose, translucent green, pony trader blue, and clear; lined with polished cotton, length 21" x chest 36".ca 1900 > Item Details
James Everett Stuart (American/California, 1852-1941),
Lot # 380 - James Everett Stuart (American/California, 1852-1941),
Near Monterey, Ca.oil on canvassigned and dated 1923, l.l.inscribed title and date on verso30" x 40" > Item Details
Western Painting
Lot # 427 - Western Painting
A Coming Stormoil on canvassigned illegibly l.r.24" x 36" > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Vest
Lot # 314 - Sioux Beaded Hide Vest
thread and sinew-sewn on hide using seed bead colors of red white-heart, greasy yellow, green, light and dark blue, and white; lined with red polished cotton, length 19" x chest 42". second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Tlingit Halibut Hook
Lot # 50 - Tlingit Halibut Hook
carved from two pieces of wood; one side carved with an eagle, length 11" x width 4.5". 19th century > Item Details
Henry Brown, Cabinet Card of <i>Gajumpe</i>,
Lot # 126 - Henry Brown, Cabinet Card of Gajumpe,
a portrait with the manuscript title Gajumpe / The last Governor of the old Pecos Pueblo / No. 392, with two Henry Brown, Santa Fe, N.M stamps on verso as well as the penciled date June 8th 1886. > Item Details
Frederick Remington (American, 1861-1909),
Lot # 391 - Frederick Remington (American, 1861-1909),
Coming through the Ryebronze recast on wood base27" x 19" by base, 31" high. > Item Details
Maynard Dixon (American, 1875-1946),
Lot # 371 - Maynard Dixon (American, 1875-1946),
Desert Sky at Evening, Arizonaoil on boardwith pencil sketch on versotitled, dated and with artist's name on verso (written by Dixon's wife)16" x 12". While the mountains in the painting are in the hand of Dixon, the foreground vegetation, and the Dixon's cartouche are likely in the hand of his wif... > Item Details
Nez Perce Corn Husk Flat Bag
Lot # 112 - Nez Perce Corn Husk Flat Bag
woven in a vertical manner and designed with dyed corn husk to make elongated hourglasses and diamonds, length 17.5" x width 11.5". early 20th century > Item Details
Navajo Western Reservation Weaving
Lot # 246 - Navajo Western Reservation Weaving
hand-spun wool designed with large "X" motif; corner with brass trader's tag, 84" x 55". second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Rose Gonzales San Ildefonso Blackware Bowl
Lot # 180 - Rose Gonzales San Ildefonso Blackware Bowl
elegant form with solid black finish, signed Rose, height 2.5" x diameter 5.25". mid 20th century > Item Details
Iroquois Beaded and Quilled Moccasins
Lot # 328 - Iroquois Beaded and Quilled Moccasins
thread-sewn with red wool cuffs edged with blue sateen and finished with floral beadwork; vamps with brightly quilled decorations in red, white, and blue, length 10.5". late 19th century > Item Details
Plains Catlinite Pipe Bowls
Lot # 286 - Plains Catlinite Pipe Bowls
lot of 3, all T-shaped bowls, including one decorated with concentric rings, length 8.5"; PLUS another with rounded body and squared anterior, length 8"; AND one with a carved spiral at anterior, length 6.25". late 19th - early 20th century > Item Details
Zuni Bolos Depicting Unusual Scenes
Lot # 218 - Zuni Bolos Depicting Unusual Scenes
lot of 2, both with complementary tips. One bolo illustrates a flying owl carrying a writhing snake, image set with carved turquoise and shell stones and animals with coral eyes, height 2.5” x width 3.5”; AND the other bolo with two katsinas, probably Hemis figures, standing over sun image with lig... > Item Details
Allen Sapp (American, b. 1929),
Lot # 404 - Allen Sapp (American, b. 1929),
Threshing at Little Pine Reservationoil on canvassigned l.l.16" x 19.5"Edward M. Woliver, MD (1914-2008) was born and educated in Cincinnati. In 1946, after serving in WWII as a general surgeon, he returned to the Queen City where he enjoyed a long distinguished career, practicing and teaching gener... > Item Details
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