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Fort Berthhold Quilled War Shirt
2009, American Indian & Western Art , September 11
thread and sinew-sewn hide with three brightly quilled strips in blue, red, white, and yellow attached to sleeves, and wrap from chest to back; long fringe flows from arms and chest and augmented with hide wrapped cotton cords topped with red wool and finished with soft black fur; inside of shirt with red pigment, length 31" x chest 42".
late 19th century

Light quill loss.
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Northwest Coast Carved Seal Bowl
Lot # 69 - Northwest Coast Carved Seal Bowl
carved dogfish with a mouthful of walrus ivory teeth, flared nostril and eyes of abalone; bowl rim surrounded with inlaid walrus ivory ovals, length 18" x width 11". ca 1900 > Item Details
Bering Sea Eskimo Ivory Pipe
Lot # 9 - Bering Sea Eskimo Ivory Pipe
carved in three pieces; stem incised with bands of whales, loons, and whale tails; flared bowl designed with hatch marks along rim; pipe finished with a four-faced figure. The figure is composed of a naked male who faces away from the smoker. Two women, traditionally depicted as frowning, look to t... > Item Details
Tlingit Halibut Hook
Lot # 50 - Tlingit Halibut Hook
carved from two pieces of wood; one side carved with an eagle, length 11" x width 4.5". 19th century > Item Details
Assiniboine Beaded Hide Toiletry Bag,
Lot # 303 - Assiniboine Beaded Hide Toiletry Bag,
thread-sewn with geometric designs on front panel; cloth strap, total length 15" x width 7". ca 1900 > Item Details
Northwestern California Basketry Hats
Lot # 77 - Northwestern California Basketry Hats
lot of 3, all with triangular geometrics decorating basket, sizes range from height 3" x diameter 6.25" to height 3.5" x diameter 7". early 20th century > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Doll
Lot # 299 - Sioux Beaded Doll
thread and sinew-sewn with cloth body and hide head, legs, and dress; dress beaded using colors of cobalt, greasy yellow, red white-heart, dark blue, and pea green; long earrings are composed of bird quills, seed beads, and finished with tin triangles, length 15.25". ca 1900 > Item Details
Northern California Basket
Lot # 83 - Northern California Basket
tapering cylindrical shape and designed with stacked diamonds cut with chevrons, height 7.5" x diameter 9.5". early 20th century > Item Details
Eskimo Carved Wooden Handle
Lot # 2 - Eskimo Carved Wooden Handle
in the form of a fox; red pigment coats handle, length 24.75".late 19th century > Item Details
Olaf Carl Seltzer (American, 1877-1957),
Lot # 385 - Olaf Carl Seltzer (American, 1877-1957),
The Advance Guardoil on boardsigned and dated 1907additional label on verso: This painting used to hang in The Mint Bar in Great Falls, Mt.21.5" x 13.5"Accompanying this lot is "O.C. Seltzer: Painter of the Old West" by Mildred Ladner, 1980, and several letter from Kerwin Galleries to Dr. Woliver pe... > Item Details
Frank Magsino (American, b. 1937),
Lot # 421 - Frank Magsino (American, b. 1937),
Preparing for the Raidacrylic on boardsigned l.l.8" x 10" > Item Details
Pomo Gift Basket
Lot # 90 - Pomo Gift Basket
finely coiled willow decorated with clam shell disc beads around rim and covered with a variety of feathers, height 2.5" x diameter 4". second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Eskimo Dolls
Lot # 30 - Eskimo Dolls
lot of 3, includes one doll with cotton body and dress, hide legs, and wooden head, length 4.5"; PLUS another small doll with tiny walrus ivory head and wearing a fish scale parka, length 4"; AND one with carved ivory head and hands made from a small rodent; she wears a squirrel pelt parka and walru... > Item Details
Greenland Eskimo Wooden Cigar Box
Lot # 8 - Greenland Eskimo Wooden Cigar Box
ornately decorated with carved walrus ivory figures of narwhal, Greenland women, and seals, height 3" x width 6.75". early 20th century > Item Details
Pitt River Burden Basket
Lot # 86 - Pitt River Burden Basket
conical shape with attractive stepped pattern and fluted devices, length 20" x diameter 22". ca 1900 > Item Details
Henry Brown, Cabinet Card of <i>Gajumpe</i>,
Lot # 126 - Henry Brown, Cabinet Card of Gajumpe,
a portrait with the manuscript title Gajumpe / The last Governor of the old Pecos Pueblo / No. 392, with two Henry Brown, Santa Fe, N.M stamps on verso as well as the penciled date June 8th 1886. > Item Details
Allen Sapp (American, b. 1929),
Lot # 404 - Allen Sapp (American, b. 1929),
Threshing at Little Pine Reservationoil on canvassigned l.l.16" x 19.5"Edward M. Woliver, MD (1914-2008) was born and educated in Cincinnati. In 1946, after serving in WWII as a general surgeon, he returned to the Queen City where he enjoyed a long distinguished career, practicing and teaching gener... > Item Details
Roland Reed Platinum Print Photograph <i>Meditation-Blackfeet</i>
Lot # 259 - Roland Reed Platinum Print Photograph Meditation-Blackfeet
housed in original Reed portfolio, signed lower right in pencil, 16" x 12". > Item Details
Eskimo Doll
Lot # 24 - Eskimo Doll
carved walrus ivory head affixed to cloth body filled with deer or caribou fur; cotton wrapped leggings and hide boots, length 13".19th century > Item Details
Leonard Reedy (American, 1899-1956),
Lot # 408 - Leonard Reedy (American, 1899-1956),
Dull Knife's Band in Flightwatercolor on papersigned l.r.8" x 11" > Item Details
R.G. Hathcock (American, n.d.)
Lot # 449 - R.G. Hathcock (American, n.d.)
Herding Cattleoil on canvassigned and dated 78, l.r.11" x 14" > Item Details
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