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Northwest Coast Baskets
Special Collection:American Indian & Western Art
lot of 3, includes a small Tsimshian basket with hooked devices and crosses, height 3" x diameter 4"; PLUS a Tlingit basket finely woven with hourglass designs and zigzags, height 6" x diameter 6.5"; AND a Tlingit basketry bottle with openwork weave and bands of color, height 10.75" x diameter 5".
early 20th century

Tlingit basket with some breaks around rim; bottle with hole in basket.
Sold: $470.00
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Yoruba African Mask
Lot # 354 - Yoruba African Mask
with carved pieces of wood and red wool hanging from lower part of face, length 14 in. x width 12.5 in. 20th century > Item Details
Group of Four Pueblo Pots
Lot # 161 - Group of Four Pueblo Pots
lot of 4includes one Hopi cylinder painted with feathers, height 5.25 in. x diameter 3.25 in.; PLUS a Santo Domingo bowl signed Petra G.G. (Garcia), height 4.5 in. x diameter 5 in.; PLUS a San Ildefonso redware bowl painted along shoulder with stepped and forked geometrics; signed Josephine C. Vigil... > Item Details
Northwest Coast Horn Spoon
Lot # 26 - Northwest Coast Horn Spoon
With reddish pigment on horn; handle incised with "x" design, length 11 in. early 20th century > Item Details
Nez Perce Corn Husk Flat Bag
Lot # 46 - Nez Perce Corn Husk Flat Bag
vertical designs on back and front executed using both Germantown yarn and dyed corn husk, length 8" x width 6.5". early 20th century > Item Details
Navajo Basket
Lot # 67 - Navajo Basket
designed with Spider Woman's motif, height 3.5" x diameter 12". > Item Details
American School (19th century)
Lot # 227 - American School (19th century)
Portrait of Indianoil on canvasunsigned13.25 x 17.5 in. > Item Details
Two Pairs of Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 290 - Two Pairs of Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
second quarter 20th century lot of 2 and both sinew-sewn, includes one pair beaded on commercially tanned hide and decorated sing colors of pink, blue, red, and yellow, length 10"; AND another pair with yellow pigmented hide and decorated using bead colors of light blue, translucent red, and white, ... > Item Details
Three Navajo Samplers
Lot # 194 - Three Navajo Samplers
lot of 3all woven in red, blue, cream, and browns; two samplers designed with whirling logs, 17.25 x 20 in.; 17 in. x 20.25 in.; AND a third weaving with a third phase chief pattern, 19.5 x 19.5 in. contemporary > Item Details
Ulayu Pingwartok (Canadian/Inuit, 1904-1978)
Lot # 223 - Ulayu Pingwartok (Canadian/Inuit, 1904-1978)
Young Owlstonecutsigned l.r. with artist's mark l.l.1967 l.r.numbered 36/5019.75 x 24.25 in. > Item Details
Plateau Beaded Moccasins
Lot # 50 - Plateau Beaded Moccasins
thread and sinew-sewn using light and dark blue, red white-heart, white, translucent green, and rose seed beads couched to form a floral pattern on vamps, length 10". first quarter 20th century > Item Details
Acoma Jar with Parrot by Vallo
Lot # 130 - Acoma Jar with Parrot by Vallo
beautifully potted and decorated with two parrots situated among flowers and geometrics; signed on base, height 9 in. x diameter 9 in. fourth quarter 20th century > Item Details
Museum of the American Indian, <i>Indian Notes and Monographs</i>
Lot # 256 - Museum of the American Indian, Indian Notes and Monographs
Skinner, Alanson. Lot of 5 includes: Volume IV 1921, 16 mo, tan cloth hard cover, red edge pages, 357 pp; includes notes on the medicine ceremony of the Menomini, Iowan, and Wehpeton Dakota with notes on the ceremony among the Ponca, Bungi Ojibwa and Potawatomi. Material Culture of the Menomini 1921... > Item Details
Hopi Route 66 Katsinas
Lot # 80 - Hopi Route 66 Katsinas
lot of 4.sizes range from 10.25 in. to 4 in.mid 20th century > Item Details
Roland Reed Platinum Photograph, <i>The Council</i>
Lot # 248 - Roland Reed Platinum Photograph, The Council
5.5 x 7.5", matted and framed in a 11.5" x 9.5" faux tiger maple frame. > Item Details
Hopi Redware Bowl by Myrtle Young
Lot # 108 - Hopi Redware Bowl by Myrtle Young
elegant design with no decorations except form; signed Myrtle Young, height 4 in. x diameter 9.25 in. > Item Details
Two Scarce <i>Rawhide Rawlings</i> Stories by Charles M. Russell
Lot # 271 - Two Scarce Rawhide Rawlings Stories by Charles M. Russell
Lot of two. Russell, Charles M. Rawhide Rawlings Stories and More Rawhides. Montana: Montana News Press, 1921, 1925, both 1st ed. Rawhide Rawlings Stories: 4to, tan paper wrap, 60pp. Signed on front Merry xmas to Harold from Levi, Dec. 25, 1951. Includes illustrations by author. More Rawhides: 4to, ... > Item Details
Pomo Gift Basket
Lot # 31 - Pomo Gift Basket
Ovoid-form and with redbud designs; enhanced with shell disks and beaded abalone drops, length 4 in. x width 2.25 in. second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Northern Plains Beaded Hide Gauntlets
Lot # 286 - Northern Plains Beaded Hide Gauntlets
With tall cuffs beaded to match floral motifs on top of hands. Beadwork colors include red, white, yellow, orange, green, silver, and baby blue combined with small accents of other colors. Gauntlets trimmed with fringe and pinked edges and lined in old gingham, length 14.5 in.third quarter 20th cent... > Item Details
Eskimo Lidded Baskets
Lot # 1 - Eskimo Lidded Baskets
lot of 2, includes a finely woven basket with pink and purple stepped diamonds decorating body, height 5.5" x diameter 7.5"; AND a larger basket with bands of salmon skin decorations, height 7.5" x diameter 9". > Item Details
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