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Salish Imbricated Baskets
Special Collection:American Indian & Western Art
lot of 2, includes one fully imbricated with domed lid, height 5.25" x diameter 6"; AND a miniature burden basket, with hide thongs, height 7.5" x diameter 7.5".
late 19th century

Lid may not be original to basket.
Sold: $293.75
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Northwest Coast Baskets
Lot # 16 - Northwest Coast Baskets
lot of 3, includes a small Tsimshian basket with hooked devices and crosses, height 3" x diameter 4"; PLUS a Tlingit basket finely woven with hourglass designs and zigzags, height 6" x diameter 6.5"; AND a Tlingit basketry bottle with openwork weave and bands of color, height 10.75" x diameter 5". e... > Item Details
Northeastern Quilled Birchbark Baskets
Lot # 302 - Northeastern Quilled Birchbark Baskets
lot of 3, includes one in the style of a handbag, height 3 in. x diameter 5.5 in.; PLUS two additional baskets with floral motifs, height 3.5 in. x diameter 4.5 in. AND height 2 in. x diameter 4.25 in. first quarter 20th century > Item Details
Mida Tafoya Santa Clara Blackware Bowl
Lot # 115 - Mida Tafoya Santa Clara Blackware Bowl
carved with Avanyu slithering around body; signed Mida Tafoya/ Santa Clara Pueblo, height 3 in. x diameter 5.5 in. mid 20th century > Item Details
Belt Axes
Lot # 310 - Belt Axes
lot of 2 includes one with a wood haft and diamond-shaped beak, length of haft 16.75 in., length of blade 8 in.; AND another with length 15 in., blade length 5.5 in. > Item Details
Tlingit Figural Halibut Hook
Lot # 27 - Tlingit Figural Halibut Hook
Carved of two pieces and connected with cotton twine; wolf face and seal head decorate one side; brass hook, length 12.25 in. first-second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Zuni Inlay Pendant with Scenes
Lot # 85 - Zuni Inlay Pendant with Scenes
Illustrating Monument Valley rock formations, diameter 1.4 in. Pendant includes chain, length 25 in. > Item Details
California Mission Basket
Lot # 38 - California Mission Basket
designed with a full fretted design, height 2.5 in. x diameter 6.25 in. early 20th century > Item Details
Central California Basket
Lot # 40 - Central California Basket
Created for utilitarian functions and coiled using one rod. Simple bands decorate basket, height 6 in. x diameter 15.5 in.second quarter of 20th century > Item Details
Pima Basket
Lot # 53 - Pima Basket
with zigzag motif on body, height 3.25 in. x diameter 10.25 in. ca 1940 > Item Details
Sioux Catlinite Pipe Tomahawk,
Lot # 292 - Sioux Catlinite Pipe Tomahawk,
blade incised with moon; spherical device connects to a multifaceted stem; red inked accession numbers, total length 17.25".ca 1900 > Item Details
Lot of Exploration Journals and early Explorers, Plus
Lot # 266 - Lot of Exploration Journals and early Explorers, Plus
Lot of 7. Includes: Clarke, Charles G. Men of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Biographical Roster of the Fifty-One Members and A Composite Diary of their Activities from All Known Sources, 2001, 2nd printing (1 of 500), hc, no dj. Chardon, F.A. Chardon's Journal at Fort Clark, 1834-1839, 1997, 1st... > Item Details
African Musical Harps
Lot # 365 - African Musical Harps
Lot of 2, made of wood and stretched hide; one has a double bentwood neck, length 32.5 in.; AND other with a single bentwood neck, length 21 in. 20th century > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Knife Sheath
Lot # 284 - Sioux Beaded Hide Knife Sheath
sinew-sewn on buffalo hide and beaded using colors of white, dark blue, green, and red white-heart, length 9 in. late 19th century > Item Details
Northern Plains Beaded Moccasins
Lot # 289 - Northern Plains Beaded Moccasins
thread and sinew-sewn hide lined with a polished cotton and with cuffs edged with a patterned cotton; black, light blue, translucent yellow, and rose for, U-shaped designs on vamps; hint of orange pigment on hide, length 9.5". ca 1900 > Item Details
Santo Domingo Fetish Necklace
Lot # 90 - Santo Domingo Fetish Necklace
With three graduated strands strung on fine brown heishi and with a variety of birds and animals carved in different stones including turquoise, pipestone, shell, and agate, length 27.5 in.fourth quarter 20th century > Item Details
Hopi <i>Powamui</i>, Bean Dance Katsina
Lot # 78 - Hopi Powamui, Bean Dance Katsina
painted in blue, red, yellow, and green; with separate dance bustle; written on back of doll The most important actor in the Bean Dance/ Powamui Kachina; mounted on base, height of katsina 15". second quarter 20th century > Item Details
Ed Morgan (American, b. 1943)
Lot # 232 - Ed Morgan (American, b. 1943)
Finders Keepersmultimedia on handmade papersigned and dated 1989 l.r.title and edition number 17/20 l.l12.75 in. x 12 in. > Item Details
Group Blackware Mexican Pottery Jars
Lot # 168 - Group Blackware Mexican Pottery Jars
lot of 3. Includes a large jar with flaring rim and incised diagonal slashes on body, height 8" x diameter 7"; PLUS a similar smaller jar, height 6.5" x diameter 4.75"; AND the last a jug with handle, height 6" x diameter 3.5". > Item Details
Museum of the American Indian, <i>Indian Notes and Monographs</i>
Lot # 256 - Museum of the American Indian, Indian Notes and Monographs
Skinner, Alanson. Lot of 5 includes: Volume IV 1921, 16 mo, tan cloth hard cover, red edge pages, 357 pp; includes notes on the medicine ceremony of the Menomini, Iowan, and Wehpeton Dakota with notes on the ceremony among the Ponca, Bungi Ojibwa and Potawatomi. Material Culture of the Menomini 1921... > Item Details
Mexican Religious Items
Lot # 175 - Mexican Religious Items
Lot of 5, includes a Mexican wooden cross inset with tin and with charms pined to facade, length 9.5 in. x width 8 in.; PLUS a small wooden hand with several layers of paint, length 3 in.; PLUS another hand from Guadalajara, Mexico with hole at elbow for attachment and layers of pigment; AND a Ecuad... > Item Details
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